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About Title VI Indian Education

‌‌‌ASD's Title VI Indian Education program has staff in schools across the district who concentrate their efforts on academic assistance, counseling and ‌cultural enrichment. We receive funding from two sources: The U.S. Department of Education under Title VI - Indian, Native Hawaiian and Alaska Native Education, and from the Anchorage School District for Native Education.


Title VI positions Youth Development Tutors in schools across the District serving as advocates for students while providing supplemental academic assistance and facilitating dynamic cultural enrichment activities. In addition, we have community counselors offering academic assistance, career and college guidance and crisis intervention. 



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Summer Enrichment

Summer Enrichment Registration is now open!

Session I will be held from June 5-22, 2017, Monday through Thursday, 12:30 to 5:30 PM, and Session II will be held from July 10-27, 2017, Monday through Thursday, 12:30 to 5:30 PM. Apply online here.


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We are excited to begin accepting applications for the 2017 Summer Enrichment Program! Summer Enrichment is a three-week day camp organized by Title VII Indian Education. Each year we offer students Alaska Native language instruction, cultural and culinary art classes, literature and science enrichment, and physical activities, all in a culturally responsive setting. 


Alaska Native and American Indian students entering first through eighth grade who have a complete 506 form on file with our department are welcome to apply. The program is free, and lunch and transportation are provided.



Alaska Native Cultural Identity and School Success Survey

The Alaska Native Cultural Identity and School Success Survey (ANCIS)

Students in grades 5-8

This is an online survey given to Alaska Native Students to help the district understand the impact of the U.S. Department of Education funded cultural enrichment programs.  The survey results will be used by the ASD’s Title VII Indian Education program to support a positive cultural identity for Alaska Native Students and increase success in school.  After the results are analyzed reports are provided to the director of ASD’s Indian Education program and used in annual reports to the U.S. Department of Education to track success of the ASD program that if funds.  Results for individual students are never reported.  

Under Alaska law, AS 14.03.110, and School Board policy:

Parental permission is required for surveys that inquire into personal or private family affairs of the student not a matter of public record or subject to public observation.

· Parents/guardians may provide annual permission for their student to participate in anonymous surveys requiring parental consent.

For all surveys requiring permission parents will be provided notice and a survey opportunity to review the survey at least two weeks in advance of the administration of the survey.  The ANCIS survey can be viewed here and will be administered the week of June 19th during the Title VI Summer Programs.


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The meeting will feature:


  • Data Presentation from the Anchorage School District's Assessment and Evaluation Department on the academic progress of Alaska Native and American Indian students.
  • Overview of the current Title VII services, the ARISE coalition, Anchorage School District's Destination 2020, and current Title VII program proposals.


If you are unable to attend we have provided a comment box here, which will be available until April 20, 2017. If you have any questions please contact our office at (907) 742-4445.



Program information

Icon depicting two feathers side by side Title VI offers a variety of programs and services for Alaska Native and American Indian students enrolled in the Anchorage School District and their families.


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icon depicting a native Dreamcatcher weaving Title VI integrates Alaska Native and American Indian values into a variety of programs to create an enriching connection for students and their families.


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Icon of a graduation cap Title VI staff provide a variety of academic supports to eligible students within the Anchorage School District that are specific to their grade and academic level.


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Project Ki'L

kil logo of man dancing

Project Ki’L addresses opportunity gaps faced by Alaska Native Students in select project schools by encouraging academic and cultural success.

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icon signifying committee or gathering of minds The Native Advisory Committee is an advisory committee to the Title VI program and Anchorage School District that is comprised of volunteer citizens.


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icon of some mountains Title VI works closely with the local community and our community partners in order to provide supports and services which meet the needs of the families we serve.


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