Wellness policy updated in 2015


Apple with nutrition label

Healthy choices

Snack and beverage criteria

<30% Total calories from fat

<10% Total calories from saturated fat

0 grams Trans fat

<35% Added sugar by volume/weight

<200 mg Sodium

Thanks to the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act, major improvements are being made across the country to transform school food to promote better nutrition and reduce obesity. The new school meals have more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables; low-fat milk; and less salty and fatty foods. The Smart Snacks in School regulation applies to foods sold during the school day a la carte, in the school store, fundraisers and vending machines.


  • Healthy choices are defined as no more than 30% total calories coming from fat with 10% or less of those coming from saturated fat and 0 grams of trans fat where added sugar is less than 35% by volume, and sodium is 200 mg or less.


Vending companies gave the district a list of products they carry that meet the new guidelines:



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