About Spring Hill

  • Spring Hill Elementary School

    Spring Hill Elementary is a K-6 school that provides a complete educational program for students in our neighborhood. We work together as a school community to provide a learning environment where students focus on academic achievement, developing self-discipline, positive decision-making and exercising good interpersonal skills. We encourage students and parents to be active participants in the learning process. Spring Hill continues to focus on supporting reading instruction in the classroom. This support includes a strong focus on phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. Our focus on building reading skills continues through all grade levels. We help our students learn to read so that as they grow older, they can read to learn. Our school helps students succeed through quality staff, parent involvement and community partnerships.


    Parent Involvement

    Parents play a crucial role in establishing school goals and making sure their children do well in school. Principals are required to share their school achievement data with parents and they actively seek parents’ suggestions, comments and participation in setting annual school goals. For schools that did not make Adequate Yearly Progress, principals will also work with parents and staff to develop detailed school improvement plans. Contact your school’s principal for information on how parents can become involved in these activities.