• Are you in the driver’s seat of your child’s education?



    You can be in full control while homeschooling with Frontier.


    You can personalize your child’s schooling experience 

    You can teach according to your family’s values and goals

    You have the freedom to choose the instructional vendor that you want

    You will be a part of the very special moments in your child’s learning journey.

  • Frontier Charter School helps parents homeschool children successfully

    Here's our secret

  • We Care

    Our staff and board members are caring individuals and experienced homeschool parents.

    Our Vision

    We strive for every student to be prepared to navigate their own educational Frontier.


    To equip students by creating an ideal educational community linking homes, experts, and learners.

    Core Values

    Increasing academic opportunities and resources for your homeschool student. Student Allotments: 

    K-6      $2500

    7-8      $3000

    9-12    $4000

    Offering the greatest level of freedom to choose the curriculum that you want. Need an instructional vendor? At Frontier, you choose the vendor that you want.

    Helping parents help students take personal responsibility for their learning. 

    Frontier students enjoy flexible pacing and customized scheduling. 

    Providing homeschool families with new insights, best practices, and emerging innovations in the world of learning.

    Meet Our Principal  

    Jerry Finkler is a long-time Alaskan resident with 24 years of experience homeschooling his children. He understands the needs of the area’s homeschooling parents and is committed to providing resources, flexibility, and customer service. Retired Principal Scott stated, “We are excited about Frontier’s future. Jerry brings a depth of experience to the table from several important perspectives. He and his wife Shelley have homeschooled their children, and he has worked as both a resource teacher and administrator in a publicly-funded homeschool setting, so he ‘gets it’. Now, Jerry is thrilled to partner with parents to help each Frontier student meet their personal goals.


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