Student Allotments

    Frontier Charter is happy to offer generous funding for our students. If you enroll before the first Friday of October for the current school year, your student receives full funding. What does this mean? It means that you will have access to an allotment in an account with Frontier. You can use this in 2 ways.


    The first is a requisition. You may use our online program (SALTT) to put in a supply order or use an Anchorage School District vendor. Our business office will order supplies for you and have them shipped to your home or the school's office. They can also pay ASD vendors directly. Please note, that requisitions cannot be used for month-to-month subscription services. This is the simplest way to get the educational items that you need.


    The second is a reimbursement. You can buy your own supplies, subscription services, or pay non-ASD vendors. Submit a reimbursement request through SALTT, then provide the proper documentation to receive a reimbursement of funds out of your allotment. This can be a check or a direct deposit. This takes a bit more effort and time but works great for things that cannot be requisitioned.

    For more details refer to our ACCOUNT FUND DOCUMENT.


  • Allotments for Full Time Students 24/25

    Grade      Student Funding
    K-8                     $3100
    9-12                   $4100
  • Funding Period for 24/25



    Count Funding Period






    July 1 - October 4






    October 5 - October 11






    October 12 - October 18






    October 19  - October 25






    October 26 - Beyond


      *Some funding available. To

    be determined by the advisor.

  • What can I use these funds for?

    non-religious curriculum

    up to $70 of your monthly internet bill


    technology (laptop, printer, electronic tablet)

    art supplies

    educational games

    STEM supplies

    online classes

    in-person classes

    lessons to facilitate PE

       For example: swimming lessons

                               rock gym





    As always, if you are unsure if you can use allotments on any item, please ask your advisor FIRST.