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    Military families will find a warm welcome at Frontier Charter School


    Frontier’s APC* chairman (US Air Force), principal (US Army) and business manager (US Army) are veterans with a great understanding of what active duty life is like and have an enormous appreciation for those in uniform!

    Recognizing that a move to a new duty station is a big deal in the life of a military family, we are here to help with making your transition to Alaska go more smoothly:

    • We work with the education liaison office at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER).
    • We connect new-to-Anchorage families with local homeschool resources and educational vendors. This is especially important for military families who are new to the community.  
    • We provide a curriculum lending library so students can get started as soon as they arrive, without waiting for items to be shipped to Alaska.
    • We provide year-round support to homeschool households. Students who move to Alaska at various times of the year can enroll at Frontier and get started right away.


    A hallmark of homeschooling with Frontier is educational flexibility. We provide a student with the flexibility to learn almost anywhere: at home, at a library, on a trip to visit family in the Lower 48, or while on vacation, and not fall behind in their schoolwork.


    To better support our families, Frontier established a homeschool service center in close proximity to JBER, Chugiak, and Eagle River. The location of this branch office is 16707 Coronado Road, Eagle River, AK 99577.

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    Frontier Charter School

    Military Family Point of Contact

    Liz Hunt

    Frontier Academic Advisor (and Proud Sister of a Marine Corps Officer)

    (907) 742-1186 - office

    (907) 312-9646 - call or text


    Military Family Point of Contact


    Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) School Liaison Officers

    Adele Daniels


    Holly Warners



    Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission (MIC3) Website and Resources Link

    MIC3 Summary with Provisions Video

    MIC3 Article VII Graduation Video

    Percentage of military connected students at Frontier: 18% as of February 2023


    *Academic Policy Committee - a charter school’s version of a school board.