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    Frontier Charter School 2024 Graduation – Important Information
    *** Frontier’s 2024 High School Graduation Ceremony is scheduled for 7:00 pm, Thursday, May 9, 2024 at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium, UAA campus. Graduates should plan to arrive at 5:00 pm for practice; the ceremony will begin promptly at 7:00 pm. The Wendy Williamson Auditorium address is 2533 Providence Dr., Anchorage, AK 99508.
    *** Graduates should know what classes need to be completed by the end of spring semester in order to graduate in May. All Spring 2024 ILPs should be in SALTT and approved by an advisor by January 20, 2024.
    *** How would you like your name to appear on your diploma? Please email your advisor. Important, please note: If we do not hear from you, your full name, as shown in Q, will be used.
    *** Graduating senior final grades for spring semester courses must be submitted to your advisor or the Frontier office by May 3, 2024. The only exceptions are UAA and/or ASD courses.
    *** The deadline for ordering your cap and gown is April 1, 2024. Since our school colors are silver and black, we are requesting that you order a black gown and black cap (Frontier provides your silver tassel.) You can order your cap and gown online at www.jostens.com. Important: keep copies of your order and know where you will be picking up your cap and gown. The expense for the cap and gown is reimbursable through the student’s allotment. The maximum reimbursement for the cap and gown expense is $60.
    *** As part of our graduation ceremony we have a multi-media presentation of our graduates. Please submit six digital pictures of the graduate that signify memorable events in his/her life. Please, email full resolution size pictures. Social media pictures will not work due to their small size. All pictures should be submitted to your advisor by April 1, 2024.
    *** Please let us know approximately how many guests you will have attending graduation by April 1, 2024. A reception with light refreshments will follow our ceremony.
    *** Please return all books, CDs, software and reusable curriculum material that were purchased with Frontier funds. If there are outstanding materials, or any fines at other schools, your diploma will be held until your situation is resolved.
    *** Have you taken the ACT, SAT, or WorkKeys? These tests may be required for college admittance and/or scholarships including the Alaska Performance Scholarship. Some employers request Workkeys.
    *** Alaska Performance Scholarship: Students must fulfill requirements and parents are responsible for monitoring deadlines: http://acpe.alaska.gov/FINANCIAL-AID/AK-Performance-Scholarship Please Note: ACT or SAT scores must be sent to Frontier Charter School. Frontier’s school code is 020358.
    *** Official transcript requests for colleges/scholarships should be requested on-line: https://anchorageak.scriborder.com/ After graduation, colleges require a final high school transcript.
    *** Explore the Alaska Career Information System website: https://acpe.alaska.gov/PLANNING/AKCIS User name: frontiercs - Password: 4Student. Once logged on you can create a portfolio to save personal information (colleges, post high school training opportunities, scholarship searches, personal assessments, resume builder, etc.)


  • SAT and ACT Tests



     Go to  collegeboard.org for SAT registration or act.org for ACT registration. Remember to include Frontier’s school code to have your results sent to the Anchorage School District. Even if you live in Eagle River, choose Anchorage, since Frontier's main office is in Anchorage. If applying for the AK Performance Scholarship, this is a requirement. Frontier Charter School Code: 020358

    Scheduling WorkKeys® Assessments Schedule your test through the Alaska Job Center: https://jobs.alaska.gov/acrw-sched.html

    It is recommended that job seekers allow sufficient time to use the pre-assessment courseware program prior to taking the WorkKeys® assessments. WorkKeys Curriculum/KeyTrain is a self-paced courseware available at all Alaska Job Centers to prepare for the ACT WorkKeys® skill assessments. WorkKeys Curriculum/KeyTrain courseware allows job seekers to practice the foundational skills that are tested on the WorkKeys® assessments.




  • PSAT


    The PSAT will be in October, 2024. Contact your advisor to sign up!!!

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      Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS) https://acpe.alaska.gov/AKCIS

      The Alaska Career Information System is a comprehensive Personal Learning & Career Plans (PLCPs) resource for discovering national and Alaska-specific education and career opportunities.