• Academic Policy Committee

    Frontier Charter School is governed by an Academic Policy Committee (APC), which consists of parents, teachers, and members of our community who have a vested interest in homeschooling at Frontier. These volunteers establish the mission for our school and ensure that the policies of the school are in line with this mission. They oversee the management, budget, and processes of our school, according to established bylaws. Additionally, APC members conduct an extensive rewrite of the charter and resubmit an application for renewal to the Anchorage School District and the State of Alaska every ten years. Parents and teachers serve three-year terms and other community members one-year terms. APC meetings are held at least four times a year and more often as needed.


    Frontier families and members of the public are invited to attend meetings.



    September 19, 2023

    1:30 - 3:30 pm

    Location: 16707 Coronado Rd., Eagle River, Alaska.

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    Powerful Practices

    In the spring of 2014, through the Advanc-ED accreditation process, the extern review team noted the following as a powerful practice:  "Frontier Charter School's Academic Policy Committee (APC) is a model of governance for APC's statewide. This exceptionally professional and effective group of volunteers strongly supports the mission of the school and promotes a culture that is student-centered and is aligned with the mission.  An educated and informed board that encourages stakeholder involvement results in improved professional practice and creates an environment for student success."


    2022-2023 Frontier Charter School APC Members apc ad

    Steve Darrell, Chair

    Cal Dunham

    Francis Schneider

    Gerald Finkler

    Jill Blackstone 

    Joyce Burke

    Kathy Houser

    Taylor Long


    APC Minutes:

    MARCH, 2023

    FEBRUARY, 2023

    JANUARY, 2023

    DECEMBER, 2022

    NOVEMBER, 2022

    OCTOBER, 2022

    SEPTEMBER 28, 2022  

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    AUGUST 24, 2022  

    JULY 27, 2022

    JUNE 6, 2022

    MAY 24, 2022  

    APRIL 30, 2022

    APRIL 11, 2022

    MARCH 16, 2022

    FEBRUARY 23, 2022

    JANUARY 12, 2022

    DECEMBER 15, 2022

    DECEMBER 7, 2022

    NOVEMBER 17, 2021

    OCTOBER 20, 2021

    SEPTEMBER 28, 2021

    JULY 12, 2021