Frontier Charter School is governed by an Academic Policy Committee (APC), which consists of parents, teachers, and members of our community who have a vested interest in homeschooling at Frontier.


    During the past year, this exceptionally effective group of volunteers reinvigorated our educational program by writing a new charter contract with the school district. On March 16, 2023, the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development approved this charter renewal for a 10-year term.


    Frontier Charter School is proud of, and grateful for, the efforts of our current and former APC representatives. They have created a healthy school environment since our inception in 2003. In 2014, an accreditation review team noted, "Frontier Charter School's Academic Policy Committee is a model of governance for APC's statewide."


    The Frontier Way

    • Offer the greatest level of freedom to choose the curriculum that you want.
    • Allow freedom to choose the vendor that you want.
    • Provide resources in support of your educational values and goals.


    Frontier Charter is a School with Heart: 


    • Honesty, Integrity, Fairness and Friendliness in all that we do; 

    • Every family will experience meaningful customer service;

    • Admiration, appreciation and genuine respect for homeschooling parents and students; 

    • Responsive staff aiming to making a homeschooling parent’s job easier;

    • True flexibility to genuinely customize an education plan.


    ways to learn

    Ways to individualize education at Frontier Charter School           


    • Hands-on parent-led learning
    • Teacher-led online courses

    • In-person teacher-led courses
    • Independent online learning


    Our focus is to make the parent's job easier


    • Our primary focus is to increase academic opportunities and resources for students.

    • Students receive generous funding for P/K-12 educational expenses. We offer one of the highest student allotments in the state.

    • Providing more curriculum and vendor choices

    • Less paperwork


    Full-Time Student Funding


    2022-23 school year, enrolled before October 7th. For detailed information about allotments, see the "About Us" tab then "Allotments".

    K-6     $3000

    7-8     $3100

    9-12   $4100