Dear Homeschool Educators:


    Frontier Charter School provides our home educators and students with the information to learn the skills needed to protect themselves and seek help for the potential physical, psychological and emotional harm that can occur from abusive situations. Frontier recognizes that sexual abuse and dating violence are sensitive topics and that speaking to your children about these topics can be challenging.


    Many states, including Alaska, have passed laws with the intent of increasing awareness of child sexual abuse and dating violence. You may have heard of this legislation under the more common name, Alaska Safe Children’s Act or Erin's and Bree’s Law.


    Frontier Charter School provides home educators with a student fund account that can be used to purchase training materials to address the topics specified in the Alaska Safe Children’s Act. Vetted materials are available for preview at both Frontier offices.  Additionally, the following online curriculum can be used free of charge. 


    • https://fightchildabuse.org/ offers resources designed to help facilitate conversations with children in grades K-6. The curriculum covers all of the topics specified in the Alaska Safe Children’s Act. Preview the resources to determine their appropriateness before using them with your children. 


    • The Alaska Department of Education & Early Development provides educators with courses to use with students grades 7-12. All courses are accompanied by teacher guides. Our homeschool teachers will find these resources at https://akclassroom.inquisiqlms.com/Default.aspx

    Additional Resources:


    Erin and Bree’s Law Defined / Alaska Department of Education Resources 

    Parent Resources On Keeping Kids Safe K-6 

    Fourth R Parent Resources (7th-12th grades)

    Dating Violence Fact Sheet

    From Darkness to Light