• "The greatest asset of a company is its people" - Jorge Paulo Lemann


    Employee Engagement is not a simple, straightforward topic… and definitely NOT a box check!


    It should be no surprise that employee engagement is linked to lower turnover, increased productivity, improved performance, and better job satisfaction; however it needs to be strategic, meaningful and a priority.


    That is why this new initiative -

    “Preparing Staff for Success IRL” is important and a priority, especially in this time in our district, and in our real lives. 


    We are committed to moving the needle on engagement for all staff!

Share Your Success at IRL@asdk12.org

  • Picture of Training

    New Training for Hiring Managers and/or interview panelists.

    Access Here

  • Skills of Success

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    These short videos include quick guides to help you develop or improve your confidence with certain skills needed to navigate real life.    


  • ASD Supervisor Academy

    CANVAS modules containing information to assist new supervisors.  Enroll Here