• Attendance

    Attending school on-time on a regular basis is critical to academic success, and therefore, progress towards graduation. 

    Contact the Attendance Office: (907)742-2169

    (Attendance Office Location: Entrance off Bragaw Street, closest to the stained-glass window.)


    Excusing Your Student:

    • Using Parent Connect is the best way to make sure that your student's absence is correctly excused.
    • Go to Q Parent Connect, https://parentconnect.asdk12.org/ to “Report Absence”.

    Open Campus at Lunch:

    • Students may leave campus at lunch. They are responsible for returning to campus in time for their next class. Any tardiness may result in disciplinary action.

    Blue Passes:

    • When parents/guardians need their students to leave during the school day, a blue pass releases their student from class to leave at a scheduled time.
    • You can contact office staff, send a note, or have a parent/guardian be present stating the time and reason (i.e. appointment, illness) the student needs to leave.
    • Please note that blue passes need to be received before 1:30 pm. This is to ensure the office staff has enough time to deliver passes.
    • No blue passes will be delivered between 1:45 - 2:00 pm.


    General Attendance Guidelines

    Missing too many class sessions FOR ANY REASON will impact learning. However, it is important that you contact the school to excuse absences that should be excused! Bettye Davis East Anchorage High School will make various efforts to notify you if your child is truant, so that the situation can be corrected.

    • Any student who is absent from school for ten (10) or more consecutive days without parent contact may be dropped from the ASD enrollment. Prior to withdrawal for non-attendance, parents will be involved in the attempt to remediate the attendance problem. Reasonable effort will be made and documented to return that student to scheduled classes.

    Prior to Withdrawal:

    • Meeting with Student/Parent/Guardian contact.
    • Absentee Postcard sent to Parent/Guardian.
    • Notification of (10 day) probation absence letter sent to Parent/Guardian requesting meeting with Attendance Principal.
    • 15th day of consecutive unexcused absences: Parent/Guardian notification. Student withdrawn for the semester.

    Please see sections I-11 to I-13 in the ASD Student Handbook for further information.