Spanish Immersion

  • The Spanish partial immersion program began at Chugiak Elementary in 1992, is the oldest Spanish immersion program in Alaska, and currently has a K-12 enrollment of roughly 500 students a year. Immersion differs from traditional instructional approaches in which second languages are taught as separate subjects, in isolation from core content. Immersion refers to learning core content through a second language. As a result, students not only master subject area content, but also become bilingual when doing so. The Chugiak program is a Partial Immersion program, where students are immersed in Spanish for two class periods at the Middle school level. Because this is a K-12 program and involves the unique challenges of learning in two languages, it is critical that parents understand the program, support its goals, and make a long-term commitment to its philosophy.


    Spanish Immersion Brochure (PDF)