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Sick Leave Payout

Members of the EXEMPT, APA, and AEA employee groups may be eligible to cash out accumulated sick leave days into their established supplemental 403(B)/457(B) retirement plans serviced by Empower.  Please review the attached guide for instructions and links to all forms.  The deadline is fast approaching.

Eligible members include the following groups and must have sufficient sick days accrued.

  • AEA members who are a part of TRS Tier III Defined Contribution Plan
  • APA members who are a part of TRS Tier IIII Defined Contribution Plan
  • EXEMPT members who are a part of TRS Tier III and all PERS tier

Form Links:

2024 Sick Day Cash Out Request (Only the digital PandaDoc form will be accepted)

ASD 403(B) Retirement Plan Enrollment Form (No digital signatures)


ASD 457(b) Deferred Compensation Enrollment Form (No digital signatures)

Please email for support.