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Congratulations 2019 Fall Denali Award Winner - Mrs. Carol Tucker: Instructional Coach

Treasured by her colleagues and students alike, Ptarmigan Elementary School Instructional Coach, Carol Tucker's dedication to encouraging a collaborative, trusting, and engaging environment has set her entire school up for success.


Ptarmigan Elementary Principal commended Carol for her tremendous work creating a positive atmosphere for staff, students, and families. "Mrs. Tucker spent numerous hours creating a safe and welcoming environment where teachers wanted to come to her to ask questions and learn more about the Reach for Reading curriculum," her principal said.


Carol continues to set the bar high at Ptarmigan by being invaluable to her colleagues. One staff member said, "Despite the overwhelming amount of work that everyone has to do, Carol consistently finds ways to help coworkers, students, and especially substitute teachers with all their questions and needs. Carol is able to provide great details, and she consistently follows through to ensure understanding."


As an instructional coach for Ptarmigan, Carol spends much of her time supporting the staff. However, she goes above and beyond by working directly with students to identify their needs and ensure they are receiving the correct instruction so they can make the most of their academic growth.


One student said of Carol, "Mrs. Tucker is a great instructor, because now I know some new words. She is a great helper for everybody at Ptarmigan Elementary. She made this school better for everybody. She is a great leader for the teachers and students. She gives great guidance to everybody."


In a letter to Carol, another student wrote, "Thank you for teaching us so many things. You are so positive. I would like to be like you some day. You are a very nice and helpful teacher."