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Misc. School Information


Headphone & Earbud Policy - No Headphones or Earbuds are allowed from the time students enter Bartlett until the final bell at 2:00 PM.  Violation of the policy will result in the headphones/earbuds being confiscated.  Multiple confications will result in the parent having to come in to retreive the item.


Hoodies - Ball caps and knit hats are acceptable, hoodies may be worn, but the hoods must remain down during the school day.  Please remember to remove you hood when you enter the school and leave it down until after the final bell at 2:00 PM.


PLC - Professional Learning - Every Monday, students are released from class at 1:10 PM, and can report to various areas throughout the school to work on homework, etc.  If students elect to leave campus, they may only return through the Student Parking Lot Doors.  Freshman are not allowed to leave campus without prior approval from Parent/Guardian.  Students who do leave campus and wish to ride their bus home at 2:07, must be back on campus by 2:00 pm. 


Attendance Procedure - 742-1832 (Attendance Office) - Please call anytime your student is going to be absent the whole day, arriving late or in need of a Blue Pass to excuse your student early from school.  When calling for a Blue Pass, please call at least an 45 minutes prior to the time the student needs to leave.  When calling for any of these three things, please identify yourself, your student (spelling the last name is helpful), student ID number, the date you are calling and the reason for the absence, or time the student needs to leave on a Blue Pass.  Blue Passes will not be delivered after 1:45 pm, so please plan accordingly.   ALL REQUESTS MUST BE FROM A PARENT/GUARDIAN, AND ORIGINATE FROM AN AUTHORIZED PHONE NUMBER.  If a call comes from a phone number we do not have on the system, we will attempt to verify the call, and if we are unable to contact the Parent/Guardian, the absence will not be excused and/or the Blue Pass will not be created.


Parking Permits - Seniors and Juniors must purchase a parking permit to park at Bartlett.  Sophomores will need to get permission from the Student Services Principal before applying for a parking permit.  Student vehilcles parked at Bartlett without a permit, or parked in a non-designated parking area, are subject to ticketing.  Parking permit application forms are available from the Student Services Secretary.  Please complete your application and bring the following to Student Services:  Parent/Guardian Signature, Car Registration, Proof of Insurance, Student Drivers License, Student Signature, $55/Semester or $110/Full Year (Payment can be made online in Parent Connect, if paid online, please bring proof of payment.  Forms can be found in the Links Section.