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Attendance Guidelines


To help facilitate reporting absences, requesting a blue pass or attendance corrections, please follow the steps below:

Report an Absence / Tardy

  • Call Attendance Line at 742-1832, leave a message is necessary
  • Leave Students Name, Student ID Number, Date of Absence and Reason for Absence/Tardy
  • Spelling Students Last Name is Alwasy Helpful

Request a Blue Pass (Please request at least 45 Minutes in Advance)

  • Have your student bring a signed note from home to the main office first thing in the morning, stating date, time and reason
  • Call 742-1832.  Please again, leave a message if necessary, with Students Name, Grade and Time of Pick-Up
  • Blue Passes will not be delivered after 1:45 PM, so please plan accordingly.

Pre-Arranged Absences

  • Pick up Absence form from the Main Office and return it at Least 4 days in advance of absence

ALL REQUESTS MUST BE FROM A PARENT/GUARDIAN, AS IDENTIFIED ON Q AND MUST ORIGINATE FROM AN AUTHORIZED PHONE NUMBER.  If a call comes from a phone we do not have in the system, we will attempt to verify the call, and if we are unable to contact Parent/Guardian, the absence will not be excused and/or the Blue Pass will not be created.  Please contact the Main Office regarding absences the day of the absence or as soon as possible.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.