• Attendance Phone: The attendance phone number is 742-1832. A Student Parent and/or Guardian should try to notify the attendance office by 10 a.m. on the day of the absence.  Parents, please leave your name, the students full name, student's ID # along with the date/reason for the absence. If it is not possible to call before 10:00 am, please contact the school as soon as possible.  


    Blue Passes:  PLEASE CALL 907-742-1823 FOR ALL BLUE PASSES.  When calling in for a Blue Pass the office will need your name, the students name and ID#, the time the student needs to leave the building, whether they will be returning and the reason for the absence.  Requests must be received at least 30 minutes prior to the release time to enable the office to get the pass processed in a timely manner.  Parents may also provide the student with a note to bring to the office when they arrive in the morning, to have a Blue Pass prepared.  The note needs to include the parents name, signature, phone number, student's name and ID#, as well as the reason for the pass and the time the student will be leaving the building.  Please note that blue passes need to be received before 2:45 pm. This is to ensure the office staff has enough time to deliver pass. No blue passes will be delivered between 3:00 to 3:15 pm.


    Pre-approved Absence: A pre-approved absence is simply a contract between the student and each of his/her teachers to satisfactorily complete an agreed upon schedule of assignments. All work is due upon returning to regular classes. When any known absence is to exceed three (3) days, the pre-approved absence is mandatory. A pre-approved absence requires the signature of the student, parents and the Assistant Principal-Student Services. Pre-approved absences count toward attendance notification, probation, and withdrawal of credit.


    Chronic Illness: Students with a chronic medical problem may apply for a waiver of the attendance standard for absences related to the medical problem. A medical doctor must attest to the medical problem. ONLY those absences due to medical issues WILL NOT count towards the attendance standard. Examples of a chronic medical problem include: chronic asthma, chronic severe migraine headaches, diabetes, severe emotional stress, and other medically verified medical conditions. Parents and students should apply for a chronic illness waiver at the onset of the illness. All absences up to the date of the application for the chronic illness waiver will count towards the attendance standard. If parents anticipate absence to exceed 25–30 days in a semester, they are recommended to contact their counselor for information on alternative educational programs.


    Leaving Campus:  Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 may leave campus at lunch. They are responsible for returning to campus in time for their next block class. Any tardiness will result in disciplinary action. Students in grade 9 are not allowed to leave campus at lunch. Students gathering outside the fenced areas will be in violation and disciplinary sanctions will result. 


    Tardiness - Promptness is a quality respected by all. Be on time and this policy will never apply. All tardies (Excused or Unexcused) apply towards this policy. Bartlett’s tardy policy consists of the following consequences for tardies: 

    1. On the 6th tardy, the student will be issued "Thursday School", (3 hours of after school detention)
    2. On the 12th tardy, the student will be issued one (1) day of In-School Suspension.
    3. On the 18th tardy, the student will be issued two (2) days of In-School Suspension.
    4. The 24th tardy, will result in the student receiving three (3) days of In-School Suspension.
    5. On the 25th, the student will meet with the Assistant Principal and will be assigned 3 days of In-School Suspension and will may be considered for withdrawal from Bartlett.

    Late students will not be admitted late to In-School Suspension or Thursday school.  They will be reassigned once. Additional tardiness to In-School Suspension or Thursday school will result in progressive discipline.

    Tardy counts reset at the end of every quarter. 


    Truancy is defined as an absence from class or school without prior knowledge or consent of the parents or school personnel (e.g., failure to obtain a blue pass, skipping one or more classes.)  A student will be considered truant if they are more than 15 minutes late to class.  If a student is not making a reasonable effort to get to class, i.e. heading out to their car to leave campus, they are considered truant, whether or not, their class is still in session.  Additionally, a student who abuses a pass or has attended a portion of a class and leaves without the teacher's permission, may also be considered truant.  At each confirmed truancy, parents will be contacted.  Each teacher may assign a grade of "F" or "0" for any class work missed or due on the day of the truancy.  Disciplinary action for truancy will be taken as follows:

    1. Upon the first truancy by a student, the school may issue a one (1) day In-School Suspension and will notify the student's parents/ guardians of the situation.
    2. Any additional truancy after warning and parental notice may result in in-School Suspension of up to three(3) days.
    3. Further truancies may result in additional suspensions for the remainder of the grading period. Truancies accumulate throughout the semester.
    4. The student will be designated as habitually truant after four (4) processed truancies in a semester.  After the designation by the school of a student as habitually truant, the provision of notice of the designation and a determination of a lack of cooperation from either the parents/guardians, and/or student in remediating the situation, the habitually truant student and/or parents/guardians of the student may be cited under AMC 8.05.445.  Truancies count through the entire semester

    Students who arrive at school late must go immediately to class.  The students' attendance will be marked with a "U" for an unexcused absence if they are more than 15 minutes late for class.