Parking Lot Info

  • Parking Lot Info

    Klatt Elementary is committed to providing our students with a safe and secure learning environment.  This commitment includes the safe drop off and pick up of our children.  To safely and efficiently accommodate all of the vehicles, buses and pedestrian traffic, the following protocol has been designed.

    • Student drop-off between 8:40-9:00am
    • Student pick-up between 3:30-3:45pm
    • Drop off and pick up is at the right-hand curb only
    • Pull all the way forward to the bumper of the vehicle in front of you
    • Cell phone usage while driving is not permitted
    • Unattended vehicles are subject to tow

    Student Drop off/Pick up in Private Vehicle

    During both drop-off and pick-up times, drivers should enter the school parking lot, the second right off of Puma St., and pull as far forward as possible on the right-hand curb.  Please have students prepared to exit the car from the right side only, and drivers should remain in the car.  After students are clear of the vehicle, please pull to the left and exit the parking lot.  Drivers should not pull behind cars in designated parking spots to drop off or pick up students.

    Parking and Escorting Children to School

    When escorting a child to school, please park in the parking lot, and walk with your child to their designated entrance area. Staff members, wearing reflective vests, will be in this area to assist you as needed.

    Disabled Parking

    Vehicles with a government issued disability plate or placard may park in one of the designated spots available in the parking lot.

    Buses and Other Public Transport

    Buses will use the bus loop for am and pm student transportation needs.

    Private vehicles are not permitted in this area during the following times:



    Entrance/Exit for parking, drop off, and pick up.