Student Activities

  • Activities at SAVE offer students the opportunity to participate in enriching life experiences outside of the classroom. The following are a sampling of our recent activities.

  • Career & College Fair

    Each year SAVE High School encourages students to attend the annual Career and College Fair usually held in October in downtown Anchorage, Alaska. Over 100 universities and colleges from around the United States are present, providing information as well as answering questions for students, teachers and parents. Also present are several vocational-technical and other specialty schools from most branches of the military.

  • Avtec Field Trip

    Alaska Vocational Technical Center, located in Seward, Alaska, is Alaska largest post-secondary vocational and technical training center. The Center provides skills training in a wide variety of industrial and technological fields, including some of the fastest growing industries in the state, such as mining, pipeline construction and healthcare. By visiting and touring the facility, students are able to see and learn about a variety of careers, and also have opportunities to talk to students who are currently enrolled. A lot of fear of the unknown is alleviated because students actually get to see the dorms, cafeteria, recreation areas as well as all of the training programs that are offered. Many of the students have never been to Seward so seeing the community is a bonus. This is a day-long trip and approximately 50 students participate.

  • Recycling Club

    SAVE High is proud to participate in the district-wide recycling program. Student volunteers gather classroom paper products and deposit them into our school’s designated recycling dumpster provided by Alaska Waste. In addition to paper products, students gather plastic bottles and aluminum cans and transport to the city recycling center every month.

  • Eagle River Nature Center

    This is a science field trip in Mr. Adkins class to the Eagle River Nature Center in the Eagle River Valley approximately 25 miles from Anchorage. Students are led on a hike by a naturalist to observe the valley’s geology, flora, fauna, salmon spawning grounds and an active beaver lodge. Students also eat lunch provided by S.A.V.E. teachers in a wooded setting while reading nature poems that they have written or chosen in their English class.

  • Ski & Snowbard Program

    Students with good ratings and excellent attendance are invited to participate in the ski and snowboard program. Six times during the winter, students head to Alyeska. Many students who have participated in previous years have never been skiing or snowboarding before. They begin with lessons and eventually make their way to the top of the mountain by the end of the program.

  • Salmon Egg Take

    This is a SAVE High School science project that is coordinated with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to collect Silver Salmon fry from nearby Cambell Creek. These fry are then incubated through out the school year in our science class. Students study topics such as the four developmental stages of a salmon, salmanoid life cycle, salmonoid habitat and the economic impact of salmon on local and state economies. Students will then release salmon fry in Taku Lake.