Parking Lot

  • Morning Drop-off:

    • The first bell rings at 8:50.
    • There will be no supervision prior to 8:50.
    • Students should not be dropped off at school prior to 8:50 am. 


    Afternoon Pick-up:

    • The dismissal bell rings at 3:30.
    • If you need to pick your student up prior to 3:30, please do not park in the fire lane; use a parking space come in and sign your student out. 


    Traffic Reminders

    Fire Lake staff park in the front rows in order to provide safer pick up and drop off. We do have limited parking and access. It is important we all work together to keep things running safely and smoothly!


    • NEVER leave your car unattended UNLESS you are in a parking space. Please don’t park in the fire lane and get out of your car.
    • NEVER park in the handicapped space unless you are licensed to do so!
    • NEVER block the handicapped space while waiting for your child.
    • PLEASE keep traffic moving by moving up and making room for others.
    • NEVER speed or drive irresponsibly! Please have patience!
    • NEVER smoke on school grounds!


    ALWAYS show courtesy and caring toward our parents, staff and students!


    Parking Lot

    School Map parking Lot