2020/21 Course Schedule

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  • Dear Polaris Secondary Parents and Guardians,


    This year, all Polaris Secondary students will complete online course requests for their next year’s classes. For assistance in completing your child’s Request Form, please work with your child’s advisor during their Zoom office hours (times and codes are listed in Advisory Google Classrooms) and/or School Counselor Susy Gullickson during scheduling office hours: Friday, May 1 from 11a-4p and Saturday, May 2 from 3p-6p and by appointment.


    Susy's Scheduling Office Hours 


    Meeting ID: 934 8857 3983
    Password: Polaris


    There are several tools to use with your child in identifying the best course options for them:

    • 2020/21 Course Schedule

    • Polaris Program of Studies: Graduation requirements, self-directed learning opportunities and detailed course descriptions will help you understand the unique course options at Polaris

    • Grade-Level Scheduling Checklists will help you determine which classes are appropriate for your child

    • High School Credit Check can be used to verify graduation progress. Advisors will also use these in helping students plan


    Additionally, advisors have copies of transcripts and math recommendations to assist with determining which classes are needed. Middle School students need only to complete the “Middle School Request Form” to select electives. High School students should complete their grade level Scheduling Checklist before filling in the “High School Request Form”.


    We are here to support you and your child in completing these forms! 


    Finally, if you would like to learn more about next year’s schedule and changes, please join our Secondary Family Zoom meeting on Thursday, April 30 at 6pm.


    Secondary Families Zoom Schedule Meeting


    Meeting ID: 934 8857 3983

    Password: Polaris


Course Request Forms