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    4th Quarter 2022



    Third graders had a great time sharing their Alaskan projects with second graders.








    First graders inquiring about actions to help those experiencing homelessness





    Second graders' inquiry about why rules help communities 





    Third graders displaying their inquiries into extreme types of weather





    Fourth graders using choice seating to help them focus





    A fourth grader writing reflections within a writing journal




    Fifth graders celebrating our IB Authorization...we are an official PYP World School!



    Sixth graders' practicing the concept of Connection to explain ecosystems and food webs




    A kindergartener expressing how she looks at the form of a turkey




    Second graders inquiring in a small group




    Sixth graders leading the class as teachers




    A third grader inquiring about the concept of support and expressing her written ideas



    Second graders receiving recognition for their learner profile attributes.