• 2019-2020




    Dear Central Middle School of Science Parents & Guardians:


         Central Middle School is designated a Title I school. Title I is a federal program that provides additional federal funds to support schools that have a high percentage of students who qualify for free and reduced price lunch. These funds can be used to reduce class size, increase school counselors, provide additional teaching assistants, provide before or after school tutoring, provide professional development, support teachers with instructional coaching and strengthen family engagement.


         The 2019-2020 school year is our first year as a Title I school. Our school wide plan included focus in the areas of: Behavior (to reduce the number of student in and out of school suspensions); Academics (to improve scores in math and English/Language Arts); and Attendance (to reduce the number of chronic absences - 90% or better attendance). School and family engagement strategies were developed to meet these identified needs within the Central TI School Wide Plan document.


         We understand family engagement in school is key to student success. At Central, in addition to our annual Spring Science Showcase, we purposely added a parent night in the fall to showcase every student’s first semester achievement. Attendance at our showcases has increased, and thus our students benefit from increased family support. We also developed and initiated quarterly Parent University family nights. In these evenings, parents participate in informational sessions focused on strategies to support students at school and in life. Key information regarding family engagement activities is shared via Facebook and website posts, email, robocall, school posters, and handouts at other events. Central also clearly shares student expectations and ways parents can support school success from home with the Central Handbook (an ASD document located on Central’s Overview page on the school website) and the Student Handbook (a student-friendly PDF located on the Central website Student Page).


         Planning and review of Central’s Title I School Wide Plan and the strategies initiated to reach our goals is ongoing. Leadership teams within the school routinely analyze data to inform our practice and support of students. Recently, the TI team met to plan and develop next school year’s (‘20-’21) School Wide Plan. As a school, Central extends an open invitation to families to share their input for school improvement and student success.


    Thank you for your continued support in all that we do at Central Middle School of Science,


    Joel Roylance

    Principal Central Middle School of Science