Middle School Learning Workshop

  • Daily; 2:10 PM - 3:00 PM


    The purpose of the Learning Workshop is to create a space for middle school students in grades 6 - 8 to develop classroom skills as well as personal growth skills. This will allow students to find success both academically and socially as they learn to navigate the Polaris secondary community. The Learning Workshop will provide students a space to grow leadership skills and to practice our mission; including developing a love of life-long learning and striving to be their personal best. Students find more success with stability in instruction and will be assigned a team of two teachers in Q and will remain with their teacher teams throughout the school year, with students rotating daily.


    On alternating days, students will have the opportunity to learn both classroom skills and personal growth skills. - On classroom skill days, teacher teams will support students in developing classroom skills including grade checks, time management, and structured time for homework. As a reminder, this class is not a dedicated time for homework and students may still need to continue assignments as needed at home. - On personal growth skills days, teacher teams will support students in developing skills including study skills, conflict resolution, community building, and building healthy relationships with their peers.


    This is a Pass/Fail course. Grades are determined by:

    • Engagement in mini-lessons
    • Engagement in activities
    • Utilizing their time to complete homework, projects, silent reading, etc.