• Government Hill Elementary School is home to a Two-Way Dual Langauge Spanish Immersion Program. A two-way dual language program is based on the premise that two groups of students (each with different home languages, in the United States one being English) learn together in a systematic way so that both groups become bilingual and biliterate in the two languages.  In this program students spend half of their day in English and the other hald in Spanish.  Enrollment in this program is tied to ASD's online lottery system. To learn more about the Lottery Process go to: https://www.asdk12.org/lottery



    To apply for the Lottery, go to: https://lotapp.asdk12.org/apply/



    Government Hill Elementary School is also home to a Neighborhood Program. If you do not live in our school zone but work in our school zone or your child attends a daycare in our zone, you might be eligible for your child to enroll in the Neighborhood Program. To apply for a zone exemption you must also go through the ASD online Lottery system: https://lotapp.asdk12.org/.

    Need help finding out if you live in our school zone go to:  https://apps.asdk12.org/AddressBoundary/2018SchoolFinder.aspx.