McLaughlin Students Create PSA's for U.S. Forest Service


    During Summer School, select Mclaughlin School students had the opportunity to partner with the United States Forest Service to create local Public Service Announcements for the Chugach National Forest.  Virtual Guest Speakers presented information related to jobs within the U.S. Forest Service, safety protocols for outdoor recreation, and environmental concerns that impact our forests. 

    Students then collaborated with Wild Voices, a local storytelling non-profit, to learn the basics of writing their own PSA scripts as well as how to record and edit the PSA's using professional equipment and software.  The PSA's students created conveyed information about fire prevention and recreating responsibly on public lands.

    A special thank you to the Alaska Region of U.S. Forest Service, Wild Voices, Ms. Alexander, and MYC State Staff for enabling this opportunity!





  • Weather Station Set Up at McLaughlin School


    Weather Center.    Vantage


    McLaughlin Schools' Weather Center is now up and running!  Students in Mr. Jenkins' Science classes are now able to monitor atmospheric conditions in the Anchorage area to collect real-time data as they learn about concepts such as Dew Point, Barometric Pressure, Humidity, and more.  

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  • Select Students Participating in Digital Internships


    During November and December, McLaughlin School has collaborated with local storytelling groups, See Stories and Wild Voices, enabling select residents to create and produce their own digital narratives.  Residents who were selected for the internship opportunity have been provided with appropriate equipment as well as being taught vocabulary and concepts to create either their own short documentary film or podcast episode.  Throughout this process, residents have worked collaboratively in order to creatively interpret and tell a story of value to them, record and edit their own content, and will ultimately create their own podcast episode or short film product.   


    SeeStories .                                                Wild Voices

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