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Tayy Tarantino Performs at McLaughlin

Sunday, December 5th, local songwriter and hip hop artist, Tayy Tarantino, performed his "most important concert" at McLaughlin Youth Center on STX.  Select youth have been working with Tayy over Zoom for multiple weeks during a Shakespeare & Hip Hop class.  The class is a collaboration between MYC, the non-profit See Stories and McLaughlin School.  As part of the course, students learned how to write sonnets, understand the similarities between sonnets and hip hop, and write and record hip hop songs.  
On Sunday, youth were surprised and excited to meet Tayy in person. Tayy spent time between each song in his set to give positive messages to the youth.  He encouraged them to always remember where they came from, but as they move forward to work hard and focus energy into people and passions that will make them a better version of themselves for the future.