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    Must Be A Pregnant Or Parenting Teen Girl 

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    a school for pregnant & parenting teens

    located at Benny Benson High School

    Crossroads is an alternative high school designed to meet the needs of pregnant and parenting teens in the Anchorage School District.  Crossroads provides a supportive environment that encourages students to continue and complete their high school education without the loss of credit or time. In addition to supporting academics, Crossroads will provide education around having a healthy pregnancy and becoming a good parent, both through our curriculum and the connections we facilitate with community resources.



    Frank Reuter, Principal                        Pamela Christianson, Crossroads Counselor               

    Brandy Butcher, Registrar                   Karen Hobart, Benny Benson Counselor

    Diane Bixby, AA                                    Jennifer Latva-Kiskola, Nurse

    Yadi Ramos, FSSC



    Crossroads is located at the Benson Secondary School, located at 4515 Campbell Airstrip Rd Anchorage, AK 99507.

    (907) 742-2424 Crossroads confidential voicemail

    (907) 742-2050 Benny Benson

    (907) 742-2060 Fax


    ADMISSION POLICY:    Students with a verified pregnancy (a doctor’s verification is required) or have given birth (a birth certificate is required) may complete a referral with their counselor or nurse.  When the referral application is complete, students and/or guardians will meet with Crossroads staff to put together an individualized schedule based on the needs of the student.  The school takes new students throughout the academic year.  When possible, students are encouraged to complete semesters at their home school for maximum credit opportunity. 


    SCHOOL HOURS:  Students attending Crossroads at Benny Benson, have many options to choose from to help them stay on track for graduation.  Options include: full day attendance, 8:20am-2pm; half day morning or afternoon and Tuesday Night School from 6pm-8pm.


    ATTENDANCE POLICY / MATERNITY LEAVE:  Attendance is important for school success!  Guardians or students are required to call in all absences.  Students are allowed to miss 5 school days for vaginal delivery and 10 days for a cesarean.  Students will be encouraged to keep on track with school work during that time.


    CHILD CARE:  Students may have their newborn babies, ages 0-4 months’ attend school with them. Babies must have current and up-to-date immunizations if they are to be onsite. It is recommended to arrange care for babies before 4 months. If your baby is turning 4 months at any time during a semester, you must have care arranged prior to the beginning of that semester.  For safety reasons and to assist you with your educational process, cooperative childcare will be initiated. Students, however, are the primary care givers for their babies while in attendance at Crossroads.


    CREDITS AND GRADES:     Crossroads School utilizes a letter grade and point system.  Students in grades 9th&10th receive direct instruction in a traditional semester calendar.  Students in 11th & 12th grade earn points in our accelerated program.  Course work is delivered using classroom instruction, online classes, independent study, designated activities, workshops, mentoring, and other staff-approved methods.  Crossroads offers credit for a student’s job, work hours, and community experience.



    • The same rights and responsibilities as other Anchorage School District schools bind students at Crossroads. Drug use, fighting, weapons possessions/use, harassment, and gang-like behavior will warrant exclusion from the program for a determined amount of time decided by the Principal with input from staff.
    • Students are expected to maintain a positive and productive attitude while attending Crossroads.
    • No clothing may be worn that promotes tobacco, alcohol, sexual activity, memorials, sadistic worship, or anything that is inappropriate in a school atmosphere.
    • Bandanas are not allowed at any ASD school.
    • Smoking is not allowed here – EVER. No students can smoke in view of the school, regardless of their age.
    • Students are expected to be making academic progress and earning credit while enrolled.
    • Students are expected to call in the morning when absent from school.


    BEHAVIOR AND ATTENDANCE INFRACTIONS:  When a student chooses to break the rules, the principal is alerted and appropriate actions are initiated as needed.  If the behaviors continue, or are severe enough, a “Plan for Improvement” contract will be developed by the staff, the principal, and the student.   These contracts specifically describe the inappropriate conduct, present a plan of action, and the consequences for failure to follow the contract.  Contracts are in effect for a specific length of time.  Failure to follow this plan may result in a decision by the Principal for exclusion from Crossroads.


    TRANSPORTATION:  Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from school.


    MEALS:  Free breakfast and lunch are provided daily. Our school is a “closed campus,” which means students may not leave, nor have people join them at lunch. Crossroads has a no soda policy.  Pregnant/breastfeeding mothers may not drink caffeinated products on school grounds.


    CLEAN UP:   Please clean up after yourselves.  This is our home away from home – please treat it kindly!


    TELEPHONE AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES:    The telephones at Crossroads are for school business.  Students are not to use the school number for the delivery of personal messages.  If you have an emergency and need to use a school phone, talk to your teacher.  Cell phones, and other electronic devices can be used at the following appropriate times: before school, during teacher-given breaks, at lunch, and after school.  We need your full attention when you are here so please keep these devices out of sight.  Guardians and daycare providers can call and/or leave messages in the case there is an emergency on the main school line.