Benny Benson Alternative High School

  • Benny Benson is an alternative school for high school students. Students behind in credit attend to catch up and either graduate from Benny Benson or return to their home school at semester. Students' schedules are designed to support their individual circumstances. Credit opportunities include, but are not limited to: required core academic classes, elective"intensives", pre-vocational exploration and work experience. Benny Benson Alternative High School students are referred from Bartlett, Chugiak, Eagle River, or East High Schools. Students from other ASD schools are considered on a case-by-case basis.

    The motivation for Benny Benson students is that they are committed to getting on track for graduation. The purpose of the program is to provide an encouraging environment for students and to give them the support they need to graduate with a high school diploma. Benson combines teacher direct instruction, individualize class assignments, and individual contracts. .25 credit elective "intensives" are offered throughout each semester. Students must meet the same graduation requirements, Benny Benson goes through the same accreditation process as the comprehensive high schools in the district.

    Course work is divided into assignments and assessments. As work is completed, teachers will award points for work accomplished at a mastery level. When a student has earned 90 course points, a grade is given for the appropriate academic subjet and a .5 credit is recorded on his or her transcript. With extra work at home, students can complete course work at a faster rate than at a traditional school. 

    Benny Benson Alternative High School prides itself in being an inclusive

    Community where student

    Achievement and

    Responsibility are emphasized.