Benny Benson Alternative High School

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  • Mission Statement

    The mission of Benny Benson Alternative HighSchool is to provide students with alternative opportunities to build solid foundations for lifelong success.


    Benny Benson is an alternative high school for students in 9th-12th grades. Our school focuses on students that are behind on credits and students that struggle in a traditional setting.  We help our students by designing schedules that support their individual circumstances.


    We do this through a variety of credit and program opportunities included, but not limited to: required core academic classes, mentorship class, elective "intensives", pre-vocational exploration, night school, project based instruction, online courses and work experience.


    We provide an encouraging environment for students and give them the support they need to graduate with a high school diploma. Many students work at their own pace and can complete coursework at a faster rate than at a traditional school. Benny Benson Alternative High School prides itself in being an inclusive Community where student Achievement and Responsibility are emphasized.


    In 2015 Benny Benson became a TITLE I school. Title I is a federal program under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that provides supplementary funding to improve academic achievement for low-income students. This funding is funneled to states, districts, and eventually schools based upon the number of low income students. The focus is on closing the achievement gap between high and low performing children, especially the disadvantaged children and their more advantaged peers. Schools are provided Title I supplementary funding based upon the percentage of students in their attendance area who qualify for free or reduced lunch. 


    Benny Benson Alternative High School students are referred from Bartlett, Chugiak, Eagle River, or East High Schools.  Students from other ASD schools are considered on a case-by-case basis.


    Community Involvement

    We invite parents, family members and our community to be involved in helping our students succeed as they commit to achieving their Graduation Goal. Let’s partner together to build a stronger foundation in our youth. Join our leadership team and be an active witness of their success! Contact our school and learn about our schoolwide plan and all the ways you can make a difference in our youths lives.