Bell Schedule

  • 8:40 - Drop off begins.

    Supervision on the playground begins.  Bus students should walk directly to the playground.  Students dropped off by car should walk directly through the school to the playground.  Students may not stay in the building before 8:50 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    8:50 bell - Students may enter the building and go to their classrooms.

    9:00 bell - School begins.

    Students arriving after the 9:00 bell must check in at the office and obtain a tardy slip.

    3:30 bell - Dismissal bell.

    Students should walk directly to the bus or the pick up drive through.

    Parents and guardians must check their student out in the office prior to 3:30.

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Recess & Lunch

Lunch Menus & Payment

Drop off and Pick Up Expectations

    • Walk
    • Keep hands and feet to self
    • May not play tag, throw balls, rough house, etc.
    • Never walk through any parking lots unless with an adult