• Q ParentConnection

    Q is the database that houses virtually all Anchorage School District student information. Parents/Guardians can receive a PIN and password to access ParentConnection in Q if web access is requested. ParentConnection can be used to contact teachers, get class news and monitor student's assignments, attendance, and grades. It can also be used to view or add a balance to a student's Cafeteria Meal Plan (lunch account) using a credit card. Contact the Front Office to receive a PIN and/or password.  

    School Communications

    We communicate with our Kasuun families via the Anchorage School District's School Messenger program. This program is used to send automated phone calls (robo calls), emails, and SMS texts. Please make sure that email address and phone number information is current at all times. 

    • Robo-calls You will receive automated calls or robo-calls on occasion with important announcements and reminders. Most of these calls will come directly from from Kasuun; however, on occasion, you will receive important information directly from the main Anchorage School District office.
    • SMS Texts ASD uses SMS texts to communicate school closure information and general district news. They will only be sent to people who opt-in to receive texts. Users can opt out at any time. For more information about text updates or to sign up to receive this service, click here.
    • Newsletter Our school newsletter, The Kasuun Knight News, will be sent approximately every two weeks. The newsletter contains an Upcoming Calendar as well as information about events and activities in our school and community. It is sent out via email and is also viewable here.
    • Facebook 'Like' the Kasuun Elementary School Facebook Page  for information, pictures and video status updates.