• About Us

    Kasuun Elementary School is a neighborhood school. In addition to our traditional K-6 education program, our school provides bilingual support and fulfills gifted education needs. 

    We are committed to providing a safe and engaging environment for our students' success. Our well-rounded academics incorporate technology, art, music, and character-building. We stress a strong commitment to the relationship between home and school and encourage our families to become involved at school. By working together, this approach will set up our students to become life-long learners.

    Front Office 

    Phone: (907) 349-9444

    Fax: (907) 349-9402

    Kori Engstrom, Principal

    Tyler Glaser, Assistant Principal

    Brooke Schmett, Administrative Assistant

    Tim Lewars, Secretary

    Linda Korevec, Nurse


  • Kasuun Elementary building



    Facts about Kasuun

    • "Kasuun" is an Athabascan word meaning beautiful place.
    • Kasuun Elementary opened in the fall of 1996.
    • Initially, the mascot was the Kritters. In 2007, the student body voted to change the mascot to the Knights.


    Kasuun Elementary Motto:

          Kids finding their voice
          Noble leaders
          Inspiring greatness
          Good citizens
          Honoring individuality
          Together accomplishing
          Striving for success