Our Programs

  • IGNITE: Including Gifted Needs in Today's Education

    The IGNITE program is an enrichment based pull-out program for gifted learners who have met the eligibility criteria under the Anchorage School District's Plan of Service for Gifted Students. The program is available to students in grades 2-6, offering enrichment opportunities that incorporate universal themes with classroom learning in alignment with the Common Core State Standards and goals. IGNITE students are in their regular classrooms for core instruction and attend IGNITE classes for a 2-3 hour session per week at their home school. 

    Students can be referred in two ways. Classroom teachers who see your child showing traits of a gifted student can refer him or her to our IGNITE teacher, Mr. Doug Weimann. Parents can also refer their child by arranging a meeting with the classroom teacher and Mr. Weimann. 

    For more information about Kasuun's IGNITE program, click Kasuun Ignite.

    English Language Learners Program: Bilingual Support

    The purpose of this program is to teach English-as-a-second-language and other academic needs to students who come from homes in which a language other than English is spoken. As one of the most culturally diverse school districts in the nation, there are currently over 5,400 students who speak 91 languages the Anchorage School District.

    At Kasuun Elementary, our Bilingual Tutors, Ms. Cheema and Ms. Golder, identify, assess, and diagnose the needs of bilingual students needing English-as-a-second language instruction. They work closely with classroom teachers to provide individualized (one-on-one) and small group tutoring in ESL and other content areas for bilingual students. 

    For more information about the English Language Learners Program and its resources, click English Language Learner