Elementary Gifted Services

  • Two Gifted Programs are offered in the Anchorage School District.

  • Including Gifted Needs in Today’s Education (IGNITE):

    The IGNITE program is an enrichment-based pull-out program for gifted learners who have met the eligibility criteria under the Anchorage School District's Plan of Service for Gifted Students. The IGNITE program addresses the academic and social needs of identified gifted students in grades 2-6. The program provides students with a higher level curriculum that offers project-based instruction, supplemental instruction, and Socratic Method discussions. Students are encouraged to use reasoning skills to provide support for their thoughts. The social and emotional needs of students are addressed through direct and embedded instruction of the 16 Habits of Mind (Costa and Kallick). IGNITE students are in their regular classrooms for core instruction and attend IGNITE classes for a 2-3 hour session per week at their home school.

  • Highly Gifted Program (HG):

    The elementary Highly Gifted Program is designed to meet the educational needs of those students identified as highly-gifted who require academic acceleration and enrichment beyond what can be provided in a standard school environment. It is designed to allow for student interactions with grade level peers who share similar educational needs. 


    The Highly Gifted Program at Rogers Park Elementary currently serves approximately 200 children in kindergarten through sixth grade. The HG program strives to meet the academic and social/emotional needs of identified highly gifted students in a self-contained classroom environment. 


    In order to qualify for the program, children need to be at least five years old, obtain at least a 98th percentile score on an achievement test, an ability standardized assessment score at the 99th percentile, and a score at or above the 99th percentile on an IQ assessment.