Legislative Priorities

  • BSA: Base Student Allocation

    • Appropriate funding to halt further cuts. There has been no cost of living increase since 2011, other than one time additional funds. This has forced a large increase in class sizes.
    • Finalize school funding by March 1 so the Anchorage School District may plan budgets effectively, efficiently, and responsibly.
    • Adopt a hold harmless clause to prevent funding reduction by the current school size factor for the next five years if districts consolidate schools to achieve budgetary efficiencies.
    • Commission a new “School Cost Differential Factor” (SCD) study, as the 2015 ISER “Teacher Cost” study indicates current SCD is not accurate and favors some districts over others.
    • Amend current language in the Foundation Formula to include CTE, Gifted, and Special Education for correspondence students.



    • Maintain funding at an inflation-proofed level to avoid forcing districts to reduce classroom funding to pay for transportation.


    Bond Debt Reimbursement

    • Restore the funding reimbursement on existing and future bond debt to the former limits of 70/30 or 60/40 split to provide some fairness across communities statewide. Avoid necessitating the need for districts to use general operating budget funds for debt retirement.


    Issues considered by the Anchorage School Board:

    1. Status quo state funding does not account for inflationary costs
    2. PEAKS testing created a public loss of confidence in student achievement
    3. The freeze on bond debt reimbursement has had negative impact on the ASD’s ability to address deferred maintenance and other facility needs


    For copies of a presentation by the Anchorage School Board and Administration and supporting documents, you may request these and more from ASD Communications & Community Outreach.


    Email for requests: news@asdk12.org.

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