Strategic Plan: Board Goals and Guardrails

  • Through a series of steering committee meetings, community forums and listening sessions, several priorities for the direction of ASD emerged:


    • Improving reading proficiency
    • Improving math proficiency
    • Students should graduate with essential life skills and be college and/or career ready
    • Educational opportunities should be equitable for all students in the District
    • A diverse and highly professional workforce is essential for the success of all students

Board Goals

  • Reading Proficiency

    Beginning September 2020, the percentage of third grade students proficient in reading on the state summative test (currently PEAKS) will increase from 40% to 80% by May 2026.


    Learn more about Reading at ASD here


    Math Proficiency

    Beginning September 2020, the percentage of students in grades 3-9 proficient in mathematics on the state summative assessment (currently PEAKSwill increase from 40% to 55% by May 2026.


    Life, College, Career Ready

    Beginning with the Freshman Class in September 2020, the percentage of high school students Life Ready and College and/or Career Ready will increase from Spring 2021 to Spring 2026.


    Learn more about Life, College, Career Ready Here

Board Guardrails

  • Guardrails are based on the community’s values and are aligned with the vision and goals. A guardrail is an operational action or class of actions, usually strategic not tactical, the Superintendent may not use or allow in pursuit of the District’s student outcome goals.


    1. Superintendent will not leave student groups underrepresented in lottery/application-based programs.

    2. Superintendent will not operate without a diverse or culturally responsive workforce.

    3. Superintendent will not allow unsatisfactory employee performance to go unidentified or unaddressed.

    4. Superintendent will not operate elementary schools without mental health services.