Public Information Requests

  • The Anchorage School District is committed to the guiding principles of openness, transparency, accountability and responsiveness. Consistent with Alaska Public Records Act and the Alaska Administrative Codes 2 AAC 96.200- 2 AAC 96.240, the District is committed to providing the public access to records concerning the administration and operations of the district. Such access promotes important public policy, maintains public confidence in the fairness of governmental processes, and protects the community’s interest in the control and operation of its common school district. At the same time, the District desires to preserve the efficient administration of government and acknowledges the privacy rights of individuals whose records may be maintained by the district.  


    Although most activity undertaken by the schools, the district and/or the School Board are matters of public record, certain matters are not subject to disclosure in that they are confidential, or disclosure would be contrary to the public interest as defined within applicable statutes or the release of that information is prohibited by law. (AS 40.25.120, FERPA)


    The District must make records available for inspection and copying in the format in which they are maintained.  The District is not required to compile or summarize its records in response to a request for public records. Further, the District is not required to manipulate its data to create new records in response to a request for public records. ( 2 AAC 96.210)


    How to Make a Public Information Request: 

    Before making a request, look to see if the information you are interested in is already publicly available through the Anchorage School District web site. If the information is not available, you may submit a written Public Information Request to ASD using the following methods:

    1. Email your request to
    2. Mail your written request to:

      Anchorage School District
      Department of Communications and Community Outreach
      5530 E. Northern Lights Blvd
      Anchorage, AK 99504

    3. Utilize the request form below for online submission.


    2 AAC 96.240 provides that agencies may charge a fee for providing copies of public records.  As such, the District has determine the following fees will apply; Paper and Faxed Copies - $0.35 per page.


    The District follows 2 AAC 96.325 which provides the required response time limits for furnishing all records that may be disclosed. Typically, responses will be received within ten (10) business days. For extensive records requests (those exceeding five (5) personnel hours to search for and duplicate records), the District will require the requester pay the personnel costs necessary to complete the research, review, and duplication of records.  The District will provide an invoice based on the estimated costs to fulfill the request. The requestor will have the opportunity to pay the fee and proceed, to amend the request, or to cancel the request.