• ASD serves a diverse population and takes pride in our sensitivity to the various cultures that live in our community. As a public school system we are required by the U.S. Constitution to maintain religious neutrality. We should neither encourage nor discourage religious activity. 

    The following guidelines and resources are an attempt to more clearly articulate current policy and offer assistance to ASD employees in determining the appropriateness of school activities as they relate to important events and activities around religious holidays and cultural dates of significance.

  • Dates on which activities* cannot be scheduled

    In order to maximize student involvement in school activities and to accommodate the needs of students and families, no after-school activity shall be scheduled or hosted by the district on the dates listed below.


    *Activities include but are not limited to: sports team competitions, school open houses, academic competitions, dances, student performances, retreats and student government conferences. This prohibition does not include regular practices or regular club meetings.


    The following are days on which activities shall not be scheduled. The board may add or subtract from this list at a single board meeting as long as the action is on the agenda and properly noticed in advance. [Anchorage School Board policy 350.2]


    U.S. holidays Observance

    Thanksgiving Day

      Nov. 22, 2018 
    New Year's Day   Jan. 1, 2019 
    Religion Observance


      Dec. 25, 2018 
    Good Friday March 30, 2018  April 19, 2019 
    Easter April 1, 2018  April 21, 2019 
    Christianity/ Orthodox


    Jan. 7, 2018  Jan. 7, 2019 
    Easter/Pascha April 8, 2018  April 28, 2019

    Eid al Fitr (Breaking of Fast)

    June 15, 2018+  June 4, 2019+ 
    Eid al Adha (Feast of Sacrifice)   Aug. 21, 2018+ 


    Rosh Hashana (New Year)

      Sept. 10ˆ-11, 2018 

    Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)

      Sept. 19, 2018ˆ 
    Pesach (Passover) March 31ˆ- April 1, 2018  April 20ˆ- April 21, 2019 


    ˆThese holidays begin at sundown the previous day. Passover lasts seven days (while some observe eight), however our local Jewish community considers the first two days the most important for seders.


    +These holidays begin at sundown the previous day. The Islamic calendar is based on lunar observation. Dates may vary based on local lunar sightings; visit www.alaskamasjid.com for more information.