Cultural Regalia

  • Written with consultation from the Native Advisory Committee, Student Advisory Board, ASD Secondary leadership and high school principals, Native Leadership clubs, Multicultural Education Concerns Advisory Committee, and Alaska Native cultural experts.


    Graduating students are expected to wear the attire customarily worn for the graduation ceremony at their school, with the specific exceptions outlined below.


    A student may adorn the cap, gown, or stole customarily worn at their school with traditional objects of tribal regalia or recognized objects of cultural significance.


    Furthermore, a student may choose to replace the graduation cap with cultural headwear.


    For the purpose of this protocol, the following items have the following meanings:

    1. “Adornment” means something attached to, or worn with, the cap, gown, and stole customarily worn at school graduation ceremonies.
    2. “Cultural regalia” means formal wear used in recognized practices and traditions of a certain group of people.


    Adornments shall not include any alphabetical letters other than the student’s name(s) or numerals other than the graduating class (e.g. Class of 2022). Other written statements, phrases, or slogans are not permitted as adornments.


    Students who are not participating in cultural regalia adornments are not permitted to have writing on their caps or gowns.



    • Honor the heritage of our students
    • Respect the diversity represented in our District
    • Trust in families to honor your heritage
    • Celebration of cultural achievements that have shaped our high schools’ identity


    • Do feel free to adorn your cap and gown with formal cultural attire.
    • Do feel free to replace your cap with a formal cultural headpiece.
    • Don’t wear disruptive or appropriated cultural attire


    • ASD High School Graduation Ceremonies


    For a successful and inclusive commencement, respectful observance of Board Policies and Administration Regulations pertaining to Cultural Regalia is a shared responsibility of schools, families, leaders, and cultural ambassadors.


    Nothing in this administrative regulation shall be construed to limit the school district’s discretion and authority to prohibit an item that is likely to cause substantial disruption of, or material interference with, the graduation ceremony.

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