Student Information System

  • Q/ParentConnection houses all student information, from vaccinations to transcripts, in one unified database. This system provides information 24 hours a day, seven days a week to parents and educators. If you need your PIN and/or password please follow the directions below or contact your school.


    Retrieve Window

    The ParentConnection login reminder page is available here.

    After selecting the link, enter your email address in the field provided and click submit. This will generate an email with your pin number and a link to reset your password to the email provided.


    Note: The email address provided in this field must match what is listed in your child’s enrollment record. If your email has changed, contact the school to update your contact information.

  • ParentConnection


    ParentConnection allows parents with active students to check school information about their students. Parents can use this tool to contact teachers, get class news and monitor their student's assignments, attendance and grades.


    Parents may have student information sent to them by email. See the "Notifications" tab in the upper right of the ParentConnection home Web page for email settings. Passwords are issued to parents who request Web access and provide an email address with their school. Contact your student's school if you have not received a password.

  • StudentConnection


    StudentConnection allows active students to see their assignments, attendance, grades and more. Students receive login information during the first two weeks of school.


    All information is available immediately after posting by the school or teacher. Report card and progress reports may not be available until teachers post and edit marks after the marking period ends.

  • Minimum Client System Requirements


    Browser Version
    Edge 40.x
    Google Chrome 59.x
    Mozilla Firefox 54.x
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x
    Microsoft Word/Excel 2007
    Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.x
    Apple Safari 10.x
    1280 x 960 resolution or higher