Former ASD Students Eligible to Receive Diplomas

  • The Alaska State Legislature passed HB278 which allows school districts to retroactively award diplomas to students who passed all required coursework and earned the needed credits, but had not yet passed all three portions of the High School Graduation Qualifying Exam.


    According to ASD records, there are still former students who are eligible to receive their diploma under this legislation. All of these students received a letter in the mail. If you are eligible, or if you have questions, please call Secondary Education at 742-4256.

    Read the letter.

Graduation Requirements

  • Language Arts — 4 credits

    English I, English II, English III plus 2 semesters of approved English coursework during grade 12.


    Social Studies — 4 credits

    Alaska Studies (9), one semester of a Social Studies elective, World History (10), U.S. History (11), one semester of United States Government (12), and one semester of Economics (12). Students may waive the .5 credit social studies elective requirement by completion of Level III of a world language (Latin, French, German, Japanese, Russian or Spanish); immersion students may waive the .5 social studies elective requirement by completion of Japanese for Fluent Speaker II or Spanish Immersion: Vistas Juveniles del Mundo Hispano.


    Mathematics — 3 credits

    Six semesters of Mathematics electives. In order to satisfy the algebra requirements, students must complete one of the following options: Algebra I, semester 1 and 2; or Algebra Survey, semester 1 and 2; or Credit-by-Choice Challenge by Examination. 


    Sciences — 3 credits

    Three years (six semesters) of science credit are required. Two semesters must be life science. Two semesters must be physical science.

  • Physical/Health Education — 1½ credits

    Three semesters of physical/health education are required. A wide variety of courses are offered at each school. Elective credit must be earned to replace a Physical Education/Health Education requirement that is waived.

    1. Students may obtain a waiver of .25 of the physical education graduation requirement for each full season of ASAA-sanctioned sports participation within the Anchorage School District.
    2. Students may also waive physical education requirements through Credit By Choice, correspondence, or college coursework.
    3. A maximum of 1.0 waiver of the physical education requirement is available upon successful completion of 2 years (four semesters) of JROTC.


    Electives — 7 credits

    Fourteen semester courses have not been specified so as to provide students an opportunity to pursue individual educational goals. Electives may include additional courses in Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Fine Arts, World Languages, Physical Education and Career Technology.

  • Note

    A student may be considered for graduation when he or she has acquired a minimum of 22.5 credits after grade 8 in required and elective subjects. 


    Seniors entering the ASD for the first time may graduate by meeting requirements of their previous school when the ASD requirements create hardship.