• Countdown to Kindergarten


  • The year before kindergarten is important in helping your child feel ready and confident in starting school. The resources below can support your family during this transition. 


    10 Ways to Get Ready for Kindergarten


    Countdown to Kindergarten

    Upcoming Events




    Passport to Kindergarten




    November 10, 2021


    JOIN LIVE on 11/10

    7:00 PM

    Focus: Measurement & Counting

    **Please try to have the following materials available.

    However, please join us even if you have some, but not all of the following items:

    1-2 pieces of 8X11 construction or other paper

    Child scissors

    Markers or crayons

    If easily available:

    Yarn or string

    Measurement tools: Ruler, yard stick, measuring tape



    December 4, 2021


    Loussac Library




    December 11, 2021


    JOIN LIVE on 12/11




    For more information about Countdown to Kindergarten, contact:

    Kerry Reardon, reardonscher@gci.net or

    Elsa Aegerter, elsajess@gmail.com

    Emily Robinson, robinson_emily@asdk12.org


    To provide feedback on C2K events, click below:

    Countdown to Kindergarten Feedback Form

5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF

  • Five February: Visit Our Schools

    Check out what Educational Options are available in ASD and visit schools! School tours are offered at every school on Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. during the month of February.



    four March: Decide on Your Child's School

    Parents interested in having their child attend their neighborhood school do not need to sign up until school registration, held during the last week of July. Parents interested in having their child attend a school other than the neighborhood school must complete an online lottery application.



    three April: Attend Kindergarten Round-Up at Schools

    All schools will host a Kindergarten Round-Up for families in the spring. Come meet the school principal, staff, kindergarten teachers, and other families. Learn about school routines, expectations, and curriculum. Visit classrooms and tour the school. Check the ASD website in late March for specific dates and times for all Kindergarten Round-Ups.



    two May-June: Explore Kindergarten Resources

    Visit your child’s school playground over the summer so your child becomes familiar with the school site. Check out fun summer programs and activities in Anchorage for children. Think about what would be best for your child and family as you make this transition.  



    one July-August: Get Ready for School

    Visit Welcome to the ASD page for current information on enrollment, registration, school start times, bus routes, and important school updates. You can also download the ASD mobile app to stay up to date. After enrollment look for information on Fall Kindergarten Orientation.


    Blast Off BLAST OFF!
    Welcome to Kindergarten





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