• Waterford

    Do you have a child that is 4- or 5-years-old, not attending in an ASD preschool or Kindergarten program? Keep reading for an online learning opportunity and to apply for a student account for your child!


    Waterford is an engaging, online early learning program that helps children learn early literacy skills. 


    Children spend 15 minutes per day on the program.

    • Improves child cognitive outcomes
    • Empowers parents as their child’s first teacher
    • Engages the whole family


    Parents receive program updates, messages, and resources to keep parents empowered, involved, and equipped to support their child.

      • Messages let parents know how to support their child.
      • Parents know exactly how their child is progressing.
      • Supplemental activities help parents be involved.


    • Social-emotional learning activities for the whole family.


    See what your child will experience HERE.


    Ready to Sign Up?

    Children must be 4- or 5-years old, not yet in kindergarten and not already enrolled in an ASD preschool program.


    To apply for an account, click the link below!

    Waterford Reading Program Account Request - ASD Preschool