• Waterford

    Do you have a child that is 4- or 5-years-old, not attending in an ASD preschool or Kindergarten program? Keep reading for an online learning opportunity and to apply for a student account for your child!


    Waterford is an engaging, online early learning program that helps children learn early literacy skills. 


    Children spend 15 minutes per day on the program.

    • Improves child cognitive outcomes
    • Empowers parents as their child’s first teacher
    • Engages the whole family


    Parents receive program updates, messages, and resources to keep parents empowered, involved, and equipped to support their child.

      • Messages let parents know how to support their child.
      • Parents know exactly how their child is progressing.
      • Supplemental activities help parents be involved.


    • Social-emotional learning activities for the whole family.


    See what your child will experience HERE.


    This program was absolutely wonderful for my son! He enjoyed it immensely and although we weren't super strict about doing it every single day, it was a good part of our typical morning routine. He was able to understand the instructions and didn't need to be supervised the entire time. When I'd sit in to watch or listen, I was pleasantly surprised at the level he was accomplishing. I think it was a great way for him to gain experience using the computer and following instructions from someone other than myself. 

         - Parent of a preschooler using the Waterford program


    Ready to Sign Up?

    Children must be 4- or 5-years old, not yet in kindergarten and not already enrolled in an ASD preschool program.


    To apply for an account, click the link below!

    Waterford Reading Program Account Request - ASD Preschool