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Celebrate your Cultural Heritage at Graduation

  • Anchorage School District recognizes how important it is for students to celebrate their tribal identity or cultural heritage during high school graduation ceremonies. The entire District is eager to continue this tradition, as we plan for in-person graduation ceremonies this year. While students will not be able to replace their cap and gown, they will be able to attach or wear appropriate cultural regalia in addition to the customary graduation attire.


    Students and families interested in adorning their graduation cap and gown should complete a notification form, providing as much detail as possible about what they wish to wear and how it will be worn. The deadline for students to provide regalia notification is April 15. Prior notice is required for administrators to evaluate the notification for consistency with regalia guidelines.


    Contact your school for more information and guidelines



    Read more about the AR 5127 (b) on Board Docs.


    Graduation Notificaton of Intent Form

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