• ******** Change in Warehouse Hours & Delivery Location Until Further Notice*********

    All Deliveries must be brought to:

     ASD Purchasing/Warehouse, 4919 Van Buren Street, Anchorage, Alaska 99517.

     Hours:  07:00am to 02:00pm Monday thru Friday

    No Appointment Needed

    Contact:  Bart Kendall

    Contact Number:  907-830-8525

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     Main Phone: Purchasing: (907) 742-8621; Warehouse: (907) 742-8646 | Fax: Purchasing: (907) 243-6293; Warehouse: (907) 742-8648
    Location: 4919 Van Buren Street Anchorage, Alaska 99517

Services Offered

    • Purchase of Supplies & Services
    • Management of Leases
    • Receiving & Distribution
    • Coordination & Distribution of Surplus
    • Management and Distribution of Stores Inventory
    • Management of District Archives
    • Compliance Office for Procurement Policy
    • Compliance Office for Conflict of Interest

Senior Director

Department Overview

  • Our mission is the purchase and delivery of all required supplies and services to the schools and business units of the Anchorage School District, in compliance with all applicable statutes, regulations, and policies. These purchases provide the District with the proper resources to execute the District’s initiatives as outlined by the Superintendent.