• Conflict of Interest

    Immediate family is defined as:

    • The spouse, child (including a stepchild and an adoptive child), parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, or uncle of the person
    • A parent or sibling of the person's spouse
    • Any member of the person's household.

    Employment in the Anchorage School district is a privilege entrusted by the public.  Employees of the District “must adhere to the highest levels of ethical conduct to preserve the integrity of the governmental process and avoid conflicts of interest.”*  All ASD employees are responsible  for reading and complying with the information addressed in ASD School Board policy with regard to conflict of interest (ASD Code of Ethics and section 1.15 of the Anchorage Municipal Code).


    It is also imperative that immediate family members (see box at right) inform an ASD employee of any intent of their employer to do business with the Anchorage School District so that the ASD employee may attend to any potential conflict of interest issue.


    * Anchorage Municipal Code


    School district policy

    See the following policy sections for detailed information:

    AR 3311.1(e).1

    Ethics and Conflicts of Interest

    AR 3311.1(e).2

    Waiver for Board Members and Employees


    All Personnel - Codes of Ethics

    BP 3310

    Purchasing Procedures

    Forms, publications and municipal code

    Annual filing is required

    Conflict of interest documentation must be filed annually by employees (fiscal year is July 1 - June 30).



    Disclosure Statement

    Disclosure statements must be filed when an immediate family member wishes to do business with the Anchorage School District or the Municipality of Anchorage.


    Request for Waiver (Form A)

    Request for Waiver (Form A) applications must be filed when an ASD employee/Board Member owns a sole proprietorship, or is a partner in a partnership, or is an officer, director, major shareholder (five percent (5%) or more of the outstanding shares) or has management control in a corporation that wishes to do business with the Anchorage School District.


    Request for Waiver (Form B)

    Request for Waiver (Form B) application must be filed when an ASD Employee wishes to sell or receive royalties on books or other materials he/she has authored.


    Request for Waiver (Form C)

    Request for Waiver (Form C) application must be filed on those occasions where a teacher has been tutoring a child who transfers to a new school or class or advances to a higher grade and the child becomes a student in the class being taught by his/her tutor.





    Gift Disclosure

    If the value or nature of the gift requires it, a Gift Disclosure form must be filed within 10 days of receipt of the gift.


    Contemporaneous Employment

    Regular employees who have or intend to have contemporaneous service or employment, including self-employment, must report that service or employment.


    Municipality of Anchorage Code of ethics Section 1.15

    (follow left menu path to Title 1 General Provisions / Chapter 1.15 Code of Ethics)

    Note: All Anchorage School District employees , whether a certificated employee or a classified employee, full time or part time, temporary or permanent, excluding elected members of the Anchorage School Board are also considered Municipal employees for the purposes of the Anchorage Municipal Code 1.15.