Talent Management


    Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. | Phone: (907) 742-4115 | Email: talentmanagement@asdk12.org
    Address: 5530 E Northern Lights Blvd. Anchorage, Alaska 99504


    Need to get something to us? ASD Talent Management accepts scans of documents, just email it to your region team or talentmanagement@asdk12.org. Your school likely has a copier or other scanner, and many smartphones can make scans of documents. This site has instructions on how to scan with a smartphone. You may also take a picture to send us as long as it is clear and readable.


    Address changes: Current and former employees requesting to change their mailing address with ASD can complete the address change e-signature form. It will be delivered to us automatically upon completion.

Services Offered

    • Recruitment and Hiring
      • Certificated personnel
      • Classified personnel
      • Substitute personnel
      • Temporary personnel
    • Customer Care
      • Assistance in-person at our front counter
      • Assistance via phone
      • Assistance via email
    • Substitute Dispatch and Temporary Hire
      • Application processes/IT support
      • Supervisor, teacher, and substitute support
    • Professional Growth Opportunities for All Staff
      • Preparing Staff for Success IRL (In Real Life)
      • Skills of Success video series
      • Office Support Academy
      • Required Trainings
      • Non-AEA Evaluations
      • Classified and department professional development
    • New Employee Onboarding
      • Classified and Certificated Orientations
      • New employee onboarding handbook

Senior Director

Department Overview

  • The Talent Management Department’s mission is to recruit, hire, support, and retain a high performing and diverse workforce. Through strategic partnerships and collaboration,  we work with all employee groups: certificated, classified, temporaries, and substitutes, in a spirit of continuous improvement, efficiency, and due diligence to meet the challenges of a large and progressive school district in a global community.