ASD Student Teaching/Counseling Opportunities

  • internships The Anchorage School District partners with universities in and outside of Alaska to place student teachers and counselors in classrooms with master teachers.  


    Application Windows
    Spring placements: September 12 through October 14, 2022

    Fall placements: January 30 through March 17, 2023


    Practicum Students and Principals
    To arrange university practicum or observation hours, please contact the principal directly at the school. Principals will facilitate practicum placement within their buildings. There is a maximum of 80 hours per semester. 


    Student Teacher/Counselor Interns
    You are about to embark upon an amazing journey, and we are excited to support you in your endeavors! Student teaching is the capstone of your university program. Now is the chance to solidify your philosophy of teaching, try out new strategies to help students learn, and experience first-hand the inner workings of a classroom community. You are steps away from being part of a profession that influences and impacts student lives forever. 


    Interested in a student teaching or counseling internship with the Anchorage School District? Click here for the application instructions. Or, go directly to our application page. 

    If you require assistance with your application, contact our Customer Care team at or 907-742-4115.

    For additional information about student teaching with us, contact our team at


    Thank you so much for sending your student teachers our way. You have prepared them with the art of teaching and now you hope they discover the heart of teaching under the watchful eye of a master host teacher. The Anchorage School District is proud to work alongside a growing number of local and outside universities in a partnership to train pre-service teachers. We look forward to the challenge. 

    Any university that has revised its pre-service teacher program or is placing pre-service teachers for the first time in the Anchorage School District should complete our university survey here


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