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  • Spotlight on America Sullivan at Executive Assistant, Anchorage School Board

    Thank you, America, for going above and beyond to make the Denali Awards a success. In addition to her regular role in preparing for the Denali Awards, America went above and beyond to secure the Government Hill neighborhood Anaya Latin Dance group to perform during the event. the dance group includes students from Government Hill Elementary, which made this event extra special, as one of the Denali Award winners this year was Government Hill ELL tutor Kyong Leavens. Thank you, America, for going above and beyond to make the event special!

    Lisa Miller, peer

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Previous Spotlights

  • Spotlight on Cristobal (Toby) Carrillo at Bartlett High School Dance Teacher!

    Thank you, Toby, for organizing the Bartlett dance crew to perform at the 2024 Denali Awards ceremony held May 21 at the Ed Center. Toby and crew volunteered to perform, arrived early and prepared, and gave a great performance. The event took place during the last week of school so it was a busy time for Toby and his students, but that didn't stop them from bringing their A game. Toby, I appreciate you going above and beyond to take the Denali Awards celebration to the next level. Thank you!

    Lisa Miller, peer


    Spotlight on Lem Wheeles at Dimond High School!

    Thank you to Lem Wheeles and the SAB students who volunteered their time at the 2024 Denali Awards held May 21 at the ASD Education Center. The Denali Awards are the highest honor given to employees at the District, and thanks to the help of ASD SAB student volunteers, the event was one of the best yet. Thank you Amelia, Emerie, and Marcus for taking time out of your busy schedules during the last week of school to help behind the scenes to make this event run smoothly. The students jumped in to help pass out awards, set up and break down the event, and welcome guests to the event. I appreciate SAB for going above and beyond!

    - Lisa Miller, peer


    Spotlight on Rob Holland, Imtiaz Azzam, Sean Prince, and Corey Young at Administration!

    Thank you, Rob, Imtiaz, Sean, and Corey for your contribution to the Denali Awards as a volunteer. You all are in demanding roles and I appreciate your time given to make this event special for the award recipients. Thank you for thoughtfulness and expertise!

    Lisa Miller, peer


    Spotlight on Janet Hayes at ASD Communications!

    Thank you, Janet for your efforts to make the 2024 Denali Awards amazing. Janet plays a key role in the event planning and managed many of the day-of needs that made this event run smoothly. Janet- I appreciate your organizational skills, your attention to detail, and your efforts to make the Denali Awards a great event for those being honored. I appreciate you!

    - Lisa Miller, peer

  • Spotlight on Anne Paolucci at Special Education

    A special thank you to Anne Paolucci for all her support during this school year. She not only provided our staff professional development, but she also supported us at the end of the school when we were trying to close out. Her support and guidance has been appreciated and noticed. We are looking forward to working together next year!

    Carol Tucker, Peer

  • Spotlight on MJ Thim, Cassie Jeremias, and Pam York at Communications, Publications and External Affairs; Superintendent's Office and Publication Services

    MJ, Cassie and Pam helped me honor a colleague who is an amazing advocate for the students she supports. I emailed MJ asking if it was possible to get a picture taken by his staff of her with students at graduation. He could have just emailed a file, but he went the extra mile. Two days after our conversation, with the efforts of Pam at the ASD Publication Services and Cassie in the Superintendent's Office, I had a large, beautiful print with a special ASD Shine Bright border to share with my colleague before she left for the summer. Her students shine bright thanks to her efforts, so it was so very fitting. It takes a village to support students and each other, and I am thankful to be part of a team that includes MJ, Cassie and Pam.

    Laura Fenoseff, ASD employee

  • Spotlight on Harold Yutuc at Benefits!

    A big thank you to Harold (and the rest of the Benefits Department) for all the hard work put in throughout the year - and particularly during open-enrollment.

    I've worked with Harold on the Health Benefits Task Force, but he is always very helpful, compassionate, and very responsive to questions or concerns, both in-person and via e-mail. In a time where everyone feels stretched thin, it is refreshing to have such knowledgeable and quality customer service in what can be a very daunting process.

    Jamie Hobson, Employee

  • Spotlight on at Ptarmigan

    Mrs. McRoberts is the kindergarten teacher that all parents wish their child has. Parents often request their child to be in her classroom because she sets high academic and behavior standards for all students. Thank you, Mrs. McRoberts, for all the years of being a dedicated educator and positively impacting the future!

    Kelly Ramey, Supervisor

  • Spotlight on Laura Fenoseff at Chugiak High, ERHS

    Laura has been an incredible resource to the Chugiak-Eagle River Migrant Education population this year, and has been an absolute dream to team with as a fellow Chugiak/Eagle River Drama, Debate & Forensics coach. She is an asset to our community and we are grateful to her.

    Mackenna Handeland, Coach/Teacher


    Spotlight on Ashley Bailey at Chugiak High School!

    Ashley is a dedicated and caring member of our security team. She also served as our Prom Coordinator this year with fellow educator Tori Metzger and absolutely knocked the event out of the park. Chugiak is lucky to have her.

    - Mackenna Handeland, Teacher

  • Spotlight on Lisa Jackson, Stanley Bolling, Karen Tornfelt at Hanshew Middle School

    Karen Tornfelt, Stan Bolling, and Lisa Jackson have been amazing long term subs for Hanshew Middle School for about 2 years or more. These educational professionals have dedicated themselves to supporting our students and families. They have learned new curriculum, embraced positive behavioral practices, made connections with students, and stepped up to volunteer for sports, activities, and other evening and weekend events to provide students with opportunities. We would not have been as successful this year without them! We appreciate you so much!

    Lakhita Hodge, Supervisor

  • Spotlight on Celso Escobero at Wonder Park Elementary School

    He is a hard working BPO. He really does his job and is friendly to all the staff. I’m really thankful to him.

    Eunice Manalili, Special Education Teacher


    Thank you to our phenomenal school's BPO for always going above and beyond! Your dedication and hard work do not go unnoticed. We are so grateful to have the best BPO supporting our school community. Thank you, kuya Celso!

    -Danica Rose Tongol

  • Spotlight on Corey Allen Young at Hanshew Middle School

    We want to thank Corey for being the speaker at the NJHS Induction ceremony and providing students with such a positive and profound message. Corey challenged the new inductees to think about their futures and how they would continue to embody the 5 attributes of NJHS. We appreciate you Corey and our district is grateful that you joined our team!

    Lakhita Hodge, Peer

  • Spotlight on Celso Escobero at Wonder Park Elem!

    Wonderfully individual to have working with all of us here at Wonder Park including the all the students who love him.

    Glen Gionson, Parapro-Gen Ed

  • Spotlight on Shanna Williams at SPED

    Shanna has been instrumental in ensuring that our school is intentional about connecting with our families and students in our special education program. She has made meaningful connections with our team and supported our efforts to be in compliance and accountable despite our nationwide staff shortages. We appreciate her positive and infectious personality and are so glad that she is our assistant director!

    Lakhita Hodge, Peer

  • Spotlight on Armando Gonzalez at Maintenance/CP&C!

    Armando Gonzalez with Maintenance/CP&C used part of his lunch break to reunite a lost item he found at a local retail store with its owner who also happened to be an ASD employee. Thank you, Armando for your kindness and for going out of your way to assure a fellow ASD employee was taken care of.

    Allie Paskin, Secretary

  • Spotlight on Yvette Edwards & Team at ASD Transportation Department

    Yvette Edwards, Amy Burson and the ASD Routing Team work tirelessly to help schools and families with different needs as they pertain to student transportation. The team is consistently prompt and supportive while keeping safety at the forefront of their work. Thank you for your commitment to our community; North Star Elementary appreciates all that you do!

    Lisa LoSordo-Santo, Assistant Principal

  • Spotlight on Michael Andrews at Talent Management

    Michael Andrews is truly AMAZING! He is always ready to offer assistance and gives quality attention with a positive attitude to every question or encounter. Michael is an efficient and effective communicator which greatly contributes to the ease of navigating district policies and procedures for Talent Management. Thank you, Michael! You are appreciated!

    Brenda Cheathon, Principal

  • Spotlight on Wonder Park Multicultural Committee at Wonder Park Elementary!

    Words cannot express the outpouring of positivity that occurred last Tuesday night at Wonder Park's 2nd Annual Multicultural Evening Event! The celebration of cultures through music, dance, food, singing and students' cultural projects made for a wonderful evening! A huge shout out to the staff who volunteered to make the event run smoothly for the 200+ parents, students and staff who attended! Thank you!

    Lisa Johnson, teacher

  • Spotlight on Celso Escobero at Wonder Park

    Thank you for being an amazing BPO to our school. You are always willing to complete whatever task that is handed to you. Thank you for being kind to the children. Thank you for your endless presence in making sure our school looks amazing and clean. Thank you for allowing the 4th graders to clean the cafeteria with you.... They look forward to helping you. We appreciate you.

    Sophia J, Teacher

  • Spotlight on Celso Escobero at Wonder Park

    Mr. Celso does such a great job keeping our building and ground clean and ready for children. He is a great person to have on staff!

    Maggie Slaight, teacher


    Spotlight on Celso Escobero at Wonder Park Elementary, BPO

    Mr. Celso goes above and beyond his duties. He works with a smile on his face and always says good morning to everyone. Wonder Park is lucky to have him as part of the team!

    - Crystal Akagi, Teacher

  • Spotlight on Mr. Celso, BPO at Wonder Park Elementary!

    Mr. Celso came to our school as a new BPO and has stepped up to help the students and staff with the everyday things in an elementary school! He is so supportive and is willing to help where ever he is needed! I appreciate his attention to the areas outside of the building to make sure students, staff and parents are safe with snow and ice keeping the walkways clear! He also cleans up our playgrounds by gathering trash keeping our children safe!

    Lisa Johnson, teacher


    Spotlight on Celso Escobero at Wonder Park Elementary!

    Celso joined our school family mid-year and has been a WONDERful addition to our community. He works hard, is friendly and kind to staff and students, he always has a smile on his face. We are so lucky to have him and want to let him know that we appreciate him!

    - Elena Brossard, Classroom teacher


    Spotlight on Celso Escobero at Wonder Park Elementary BPO!

    Celso has been an excellent BPO. We were without a BPO prior to his arrival mid-year. He jumped right in and worked tirelessly to care for our students, staff, building and grounds. He is prompt, courteous and kind. Thank you, Mr. C for all you do!

    - Jennifer Mabry, RN, School Nurse

  • Spotlight on Charlsea Bailey at Government Hill Pre-k

    Mrs. Bailey and I have been working together for over 6 years, teaching a developmental preschool classroom. Mrs. Bailey is an incredible coworker. She brings a positive attitude to our work every day, enjoys working with our young preschoolers, and truly makes a difference in our school community.

    She is kind, helpful, and very creative! Thanks for being AWESOME and contributing to making our workplace a better place. Let's keep rocking it together!

    Patty Whited, Teacher

    Spotlight on Ryan Harris at Government Hill!

    I just wanted to express my gratitude for your hard work and dedication to our school. You consistently go above and beyond to create a positive working environment, and it truly means a lot to all of us.

    Your commitment to our students' success shines through in everything you do, from reading to my preschoolers to participating with such enthusiasm in our school activities. Your positive attitude is infectious, and it makes a world of difference.

    Thank you for being such a valuable member of our school community!

    Patty Whited, Teacher

    Person Recognized: Charlsea Bailey
    Role: Teacher
    School: Government Hill Elementary
    Supervisor: Julie Santaella

    Suggestion: Mrs. Bailey and I have been working together for over 6 years, teaching a developmental preschool classroom. Mrs. Bailey is an incredible coworker. She brings a positive attitude to our work every day, enjoys working with our young preschoolers, and truly makes a difference in our school community.

    She is kind, helpful, and very creative! Thanks for being awesome and contributing to making our workplace a better place. Let's keep rocking it together!

  • Spotlight on Kyong Leavens at Government Hill

    I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the incredible work Ms. Leavens does at our school. Her commitment to our students' success is truly remarkable. Her dedication to the growth and development of our students is evident in everything she does for our school—she supports different school events, volunteers her time, and shows great commitment in all her endeavors!

    Thank you for being such a valuable member of our school! Government Hill is very lucky to have you!

    Patty Whited, Teacher

  • Spotlight on the Academy Coaches at ASD High Schools!


    Amy Habberstad, Melissa Carey, Kirby Senden, Adam Wartman, Maureen Cronin, Tarna Armstrong, Leah Kellerby, Tony Lewis at South, Service, Eagle River, Chugiak, Bettye Davis East, West, Bartlett, Dimond

    These eight Academy Coaches took a huge risk with a job change this year that would launch a transformation for high schools, making a massive positive difference for students in ASD. Change is not easy for any of us, but these eight educators saw the potential in this work, the potential for teenagers to grow and learn in ways that they have not in the past, and took the chance with their careers in support of the school board goal. Their work this year has been phenomenal and benefited their schools, this district, and the community.

    Larissa Wright-Elson, colleague

  • Spotlight on Mackenna Handeland at Chugiak High School

    Taught me all year, E-sports Coach, supported me outside of school.

    Rudolph Stewart, Student

  • Spotlight on DeAnna Dunn at Ptarmigan

    I would like to take a moment to thank Mrs. DeAnna Dunn for all the hard work she has done for Ptarmigan Elementary. She not only is a dedicated educator, but takes time to give back to our community. Over the 2 years she has been at Ptarmigan she has worked with local businesses for numerous donations to to support our family engagement evenings. She also started our Community Care Closet that will help Ptarmigan families that are in need. Thank you Mrs. Dunn for all of your hard work.

    Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Spotlight on Patrick Colinet at O'Malley

    M. Colinet brings an infectious energy to the school that gets students excited about learning. He also does a fantastic job teaching evening French classes to immersion family parents so we can share in our children's target language learning, bringing more French into our children's home lives.

    Megan Peltier, Parent

  • Spotlight on Brenda Lannen at Secondary Education / Online Lottery

    Brenda Lannen and the Online Lottery Team are an amazing asset to ASD. They are the reason that families in Anchorage are able to easily access school programs other than their neighborhood school. Our community is very lucky to have this dedicated and caring team.

    Sylvia Biondich, colleague

  • Spotlight on Laura Ingham at East High School!

    I am the oldest staff member at East High and one of the longest-serving teachers. I first met Laura when she was a student at East High in the 1990's. I have known her as a basketball player and basketball coach, guest speaker in my class, security guard, foster parent of my students, and friend.
    I have tremendous respect for her integrity. She is bluntly honest to a fault and cares deeply for our students, staff and school. She puts in numerous extra hours working for her teams and our school.
    Laura is the most effective security guard we have had since I started working at East. She can calm a fight with a word and quickly settle a raucous crowd. Also, she is incredibly fast on her feet and stronger than many football players.
    She lives in the neighborhood and knows many East High families. Students come to Laura with their problems, their successes and their needs. East is a better school with Laura working here.

    Trudy Keller, East High Teacher

  • Spotlight on Sean Schubert at King Tech High School!

    Sean Schubert serves as King Tech High School’s Career & College Resources Coordinator and is an invaluable asset to the Anchorage School District. His tireless enthusiasm toward assisting students with discovering their vocational talents is unparalleled. Students excitedly seek Sean’s guidance, wisdom, and industry experience to help navigate their pursuit into the adult workforce. Thank you, Sean, for all that you do for students. We are honored to work with you.

    Dayna Durr (colleague)

    Dayna Durr, colleague

  • Spotlight on Laura Ingham at Bettye Davis East Anchorage High School!

    Laura Ingham is the girls basketball coach for BDEAHS, an Alumni of East High and she works security at East. Laura's high school basketball jersey hangs on the wall of our gym; talk about a T-Bird Legacy! As the teacher of newcomer students here at East, I had the joy of seeing Laura's impact on students. Laura coached several of my newcomer girls who just moved here from other countries. She made sure they had shoes to wear, she made sure they had transportation to and from practice and she checked on them regularly though out the basketball season. I just want to thank Laura for the fantastic job she has done both as a security in our building and as a coach for our students. You are seen and you are appreciated.

    Lydia (Chamene) Milton, Peer

  • Spotlight on Elizabeth Tupper-Wilson at Lake Hood!

    Lake Hood is truly so fortunate to have Elizabeth as our Admin Assistant. She is always welcoming to every person that comes into the office, goes above and beyond to help everyone and always with a smile. She is so dedicated to Lake Hood and strives to ensure that our “plane” has a smooth flight each and every day. Thank you Elizabeth for all that you do!

    MojoB, Colleague

    Spotlight on Katera Seybert at Lake Hood!

    Katie stepped into her classroom this year with strength, ambition and a deep understanding that we all need to grow and learn each day to continue having a positive, long lasting impact on our students. She has worked steadily to continue to learn, not only ask for guidance, but also implement what she was given. The positive changes in her classroom have not gone unnoticed. We are so proud of her efforts and know she will continue to impact her students in the most positive way possible. Keep up the strong work Katie!

    MojoB, Colleague

    Spotlight on Sondra McCotter at Benny Benson Crossroad Counselor!

    I had the pleasure of working with Mrs Sondra McCotter this weekend at Becca’s Closet. She is simply awesome! She embodies an unwavering commitment to her students and an enviable level of respect and regard to support their social/emotional needs. She coordinated with our Anchorage Becca’s Closet Director to offer several of her students unique and discreet support as they prepared for a first ever prom. When the details were worked out, she accompanied them for several hours on a Saturday to help guide the students as they made decisions on which dresses to choose. Her caring efforts resulted in all of the ladies being outfitted with a complete prom ensemble without stress or worry. Actions such as these are a testament to the professionalism, empathy and value of our school district counselors and the work they do everyday. Thank you Sondra!!

    Keith Coulter, Anchorage Becca's Closet Program Director

    Spotlight on Linda Simmons at Lake Hood!

    Linda has been such an amazing addition to our Lake Hood School. Her kindness, never miss a beat can do attitude has helped our school in so many positive ways. She stepped in at the beginning of this year in the Counselor position and shined. Linda has helped many students to feel safe and valued. She is always one of the first to step up to help us out. Thank you Linda for all that you have done and continue to do.

    MojoB, Colleague

    Spotlight on Mr. Richard Harris at Dimond High School!

    My son is very fortunate to be a student of Mr. Richard Harris. A lot of my son's development and skills are due to Mr. Harris's invaluable patience and understanding. We extend our sincerest wishes for Mr. Harris's continued happiness and prosperity.

    S. Khan, Parent

    Spotlight on Dr. Travis Mills at Lake Hood!

    The first thought that comes to mind when I think of Dr. Mills is that he is a team player. He stepped seamlessly into his role as our SBBS counselor, and he has had a positive impact on the well-being of our students already. He knows intrinsically how to build rapport with students and helps them to see that they are valued, matter and he helps them to strive for success daily. Thank you, Dr. Mills for being an integral part of our SBBS team.

    MojoB, Colleague

    Spotlight on Michael Ireland at Security and Emergency Management!

    Mr. Ireland is dedicated to his job as a Technology Specialist. He always comes to our rescue to ensure our security cameras and equipment are functioning. Mr. Ireland always responds quickly with a smile. Thank you for making a difference at Homestead and keeping us safe!

    Aimee Kahler, Principal

  • Spotlight on Erica Duke at Ptarmigan Elementary

    Erica Duke has been a mentor and coach in the special education department, providing support and expertise to resource teachers and families. Thank you for being a constant source of useful advice, encouragement and best practices in special education. We appreciate you!Meg, Peer

  • Spotlight on staff, families, and students at Bowman Elementary

    I recently completed an administrative internship at Bowman Elementary. The staff, families, and students were so welcoming. Even though my time at Bowman was short, I felt like a member of the community. Everyone was so helpful and kind. Bowman is a community that truly shines in ASD.Lisa Bunag, Peer

  • Spotlight on Ms.Mosely at Puffin Heights

    Thank you Ms Mosely for being my teacher for those few weeks. I Really enjoy you being my teacher ad understanding my humor and sharing those laughs and smiles with meAlyvia, Student

  • Spotlight on Siobhan O'Hara at Service High School - Art Department

    The Counseling department would like to nominate Siobhan O'Hara for all the wonderful things she does to encourage students to explore the arts. We appreciate the ways she meets students where they are - as beginner artists to nearly professionally skilled ones - and inspires them to refine their abilities in new ways. We are also delighted to hear about the ways she promotes art in the classroom, our school building and the community as a whole.

    Ms. O’Hara

    • Accommodates
    • Build interests and teaches students that they can be successful – she meets them where they are at
    • Work with all levels of skills and thinks outside of the box
    • Goes above and beyond
    • Sponsors the National Art Honor Society
    • Supports our PTSA who sponsors a contest The Reflection Program which is over 50 years old and involves over 300.000 students nationwide – Service has 7 students advancing to the state level with their art submissions
    • Promotes the Arts - Service has art displayed in the:
      • Capitol for the month of March
      • Youth Art Show at the Anchorage Museum
      • Wildlife Conservation Center
      • ASD Ed Center
      • Youth Art Month brochure - A Senior and AP student has his work selected to be on the brochure to represent the district for Youth Art Month Mark Kay Denkewalter Gallery at the 5th Ave mall, Loussac Library, and other locations around Anchorage

    Her efforts to support all students are noteworthy and deserving of this recognition.- Cycelia McMorris, Peer


  • Spotlight on Chelsea Galloway at Service High School

    Service High School is simply blessed to have Chelsea Galloway working at Service High School. She makes everyone's job a lot easier. Her job is a thankless job that is not easy. Her experience, work ethic and personality makes Service High School an amazing place to work.Rick Stone, Assistant Principal

  • Spotlight on Peggy Benton at Ptarmigan Elementary

    Mrs. Peggy Benton is a creative and passionate music teacher committed to creating inclusive spaces for students to explore, practice and perform music. Ptarmigan music performances include choreography, instruments and vocal performance. Students have access to a culturally responsive experience in the performing arts that frequently highlights the beauty and history of Alaskan Native culture. The school community is fortunate to have Mrs. Benton's talent and expertise.Meg, peer

  • Spotlight on Julie Hinkle, Tiffany Kinder and Andrew Schweistal at Chugiak Elementary

    They planned and held a community STEM night at our school that was awesome! We had almost 200 folks come an enjoy the activities. They gave up their time outside of school, to bring smiles and provide learning opportunities for our young learners. Thank you, the kids loved it.Beth Senchantixay, Colleague

  • Spotlight on Ms.Trawicki at Mears middle school

    Even though its only the first year of Ms Trawicki's teaching here at Mears middle she has taught me alot in her home ec period i learned how to hand sew,make breakfast burritos,smoothies and stuff. Thank you ms Trawicki You rock!alyvia, student

  • Spotlight on Julie Craft at Ptarmigan Elementary

    Julie is a kind, friendly and hard-working school nurse who supports student needs beyond the scope of her role. Willing to collaborate and problem-solve, Julie helps every child feel valued and cared for at school. Her reliability and consideration for staff, students and families makes her an invaluable member of the school community.Meg, peer

  • Spotlight on DeAnna Dunn at Ptarmigan Elementary

    Mrs. DeAnna Dunn engages families and staff in building an inclusive learning environment focused on accommodating and challenging every student. Mrs. Dunn's commitment to individualizing learning is exceptional, and she models formal and informal leadership in her classroom and the broader school community. As a peer, Mrs. Dunn is a reliable and creative problem-solver who makes herself available to support colleagues and families whenever needed. Thank you for everything you do to create the best possible outcomes for students.Meg, peer

  • Spotlight on Karen Johnson and Anina Felise-Fogamomi at Ptarmigan Elementary

    Karen and Anina build strong relationships in the school community. Their commitment to supporting everyone sets a positive tone daily. Resourceful and organized, Karen and Anina help staff with every aspect of their roles while maintaining kindness and flexibility. Students and families are welcomed by Karen and Anina, and this warmth creates a feeling of safety and belonging.Meg, peer

  • Spotlight on Cherry Smith and Heather Huddleston at Ptarmigan Elementary

    Cherry and Heather have been invaluable leaders in the special education department at Ptarmigan Elementary for years. Thank you for coordinating meetings, services and programming for staff, students and families. Your collaboration has supported the special education teachers, paraprofessionals, classroom teachers, related service providers and families to better understand and implement current special education practices. Ptarmigan is greatly supported by your leadership, hard work and genuine care for the success and well being of our students.Meg, Peer

  • Spotlight on Ms. T. Rae (Juselandrea Tajale) at Ptarmigan Elementary!

    Ms. T. Rae is a talented, dedicated and professional educator who centers the needs of students in all communication and collaboration. A model of professionalism and integrity, T. Rae holds herself to a high standard to help every student meet their greatest potential. Compassionate toward others, T. Rae models empathy, cooperation and a remarkable work ethic. Thank you for graciously assuming leadership roles within our special education team.Meg, Colleague

  • Spotlight on Lori Kroening at O'Malley Cafe

    February 9th, was the first day of hot meal service at O'Malley ES. This school has been dark for almost two years!! Lori Kroening, having been an SCA at Spring Hill for five years, took on the role as the cafe' manager. The staff and students have been so warm and welcoming. We have heard many exclamations such as "I haven't had hot lunch since I was in kindergarten" and "Lunch was DELICIOUS!" Students are so excited to have hot food and chocolate milk!! Thank you Lori for taking on your new role and brightening the atmosphere at O'Malley!!Nannette Giroux, Lead Supervisor, Student Nutrition

  • Spotlight on Sarah Thomas at Government Hill

    This is Sarah Thomas' first year as our counselor at Government Hill, and she is an awesome addition to our community. She has made many connections with our students and their families. She is a strong advocate. She always has a smile on her face and is always looking for solutions. She is always ready and willing to offer help around the school. This winter, she collaborated with our librarian to create a special celebration for our Neighborhood classrooms. We are very lucky to have Sarah Thomas at our school.Julie Santaella, Principal

  • Spotlight on Kaltenborn, Bowes, Best, Smith, R. McNeil, C. McNeil at Rogers Park Elementary!

    Thanks so much to the 5/6 teachers at Rogers Park for coordinating and hosting the middle school transition meeting last night at school. It was such helpful information for families to have in a presentation format (along with handouts for further review!). It was also a great opportunity for families to ask questions and connect with one another. I appreciate ALL that you have been doing to support your students through this big transition process, including locker combo practice, elective selection, guest speakers and middle school field trips. You have also been working with them all year on building executive function skills including planning and organization, responsibility for their materials (including Chromebooks) and ownership over their grades and work. This is a very big step for students (and their families), and I feel just a little more confident that my 6th grader will leave Rogers Park with the tools he needs to succeed in middle school. Thank you again for all that you do. We are so very fortunate to have this team of teachers.Anna S., Parent

  • Spotlight on Bowes, Best, C. McNeil, Smith, R. McNeil at Rogers Park Elementary 5th&6th Grade Team!

    Thank you for hosting a 5th & 6th Grade Middle School Transition Parent Information Night. The presentation was organized, straight-forward and provided a time for families to come together and prepare for the transition. The elective forms, elective descriptors and overview was much appreciated.Kaiya K., Colleague, Parent

  • Spotlight on Kasey Callison at Homestead Elementary!

    Kasey performs her job duties with extreme thoughtfulness and has the safety of children always in mind, even when these children attend different schools. With our cold snap we are currently experiencing, Kasey saw a child who was not dressed for the weather, standing on a sidewalk crying. Without giving it a second thought, she stopped and contacted the correct ASD staff who could take care of the situation. Kasey cares about all children and she has incredible character traits which we benefit from on a daily basis. I could write pages of amazing things that Kasey does for Homestead Elementary and the Anchorage School District.Tina Victory, peer

  • Spotlight on Helen Coker at Chester Valley Elementary!

    Ms. Helen Coker is an essential part of Chester Valley Elementary. She manages the front office with efficiency and composure while supporting the school community to ensure the success of all members.Donna Moats, Assistant Principal

  • Spotlight on Kirby Kaufmann, Jonathon Cannamore, and Justin Somaduroff at Kirby/West HIgh, Jonathon/Bartlett High, and Justin/South High!

    These three individuals were instrumental during the High School Band intensive this past weekend. They helped set up, tear down, and organize a wonderful event for 120 of our ASD band students. I appreciate my colleagues very much!Christopher Lubken, teacher/colleague

  • Spotlight on Laura Ann Hulsebus at Airport Heights Elementary School!

    Ms. Hulsebus is the 6th grade teacher at Airport Heights. She comes in every day with a smile and positive attitude. She supports students in various ways at Airport Heights that includes supporting after school activities, planning family lunches with her students for their families, and Folding Fridays. Ms. Hulsebus supports an after school tutoring club to help students that are struggling with Reading. She also works with students in her class to invite their families into the school building the 1st Friday of the month for lunch. Ms. Hulsebus works with her students to create a menu and plan the event. She also works with a Math group in New York that is known as Folding Fridays. They work together on Zoom to support students with Math concepts. We are very thankful for Ms. Hulsebus at Airport Heights!Carol Tucker, Assistant Principal

  • Spotlight on Helen Coker at Chester Valley Elementary!

    Ms. Helen Coker is an essential part of Chester Valley Elementary. She manages the front office with efficiency and composure while supporting the school community to ensure the success of all members.Donna Moats, Assistant Principal

  • Spotlight on Kirby Kaufmann, Jonathon Cannamore, and Justin Somaduroff at Kirby/West High, Jonathon/Bartlett High, and Justin/South High!

    These three individuals were instrumental during the High School Band intensive this past weekend. They helped set up, tear down, and organize a wonderful event for 120 of our ASD band students. I appreciate my colleagues very much!Christopher Lubken, teacher/colleague

  • Spotlight on Laura Ann Hulsebus at Airport Heights Elementary School!

    Ms. Hulesbus is the 6th grade teacher at Airport Heights. She comes in every day with a smile and positive attitude. She supports students in various ways at Airport Heights that includes supporting after school activities, planning family lunches with her students for their families, and Folding Fridays. Ms. Hulebus supports an after school tutoring club to help students that are struggling with Reading. She also works with students in her class to invite their families into the school building the 1st Friday of the month for lunch. Ms. Hulebus works with her students to create a menu and plan the event. She also works with a Math group in New York that is known as Folding Fridays. They work together on Zoom to support students with Math concepts. We are very thankful for Ms. Hulebus at Airport Heights!Carol Tucker, Assistant Principal

  • Spotlight on Gerald Ramos, Anh Sharpe, Nick Caudell at College Gate Elementary

    I want to give a huge shout-out to the three staff members who took the initiative to clean and organize two of our messy Chromebook carts. It is so important that our school technology is taken care of so that our students can be successful - especially during this busy time of testing and diagnostics. Thank you for stepping up!Kelly Anderson, Library Media Specialist

  • Spotlight on Erisa Lena at Ptarmigan Elementary

    I wanted to take a moment to highlight the amazing contributions Mrs. Lena has provided to our school. She has stepped right in to the Timberwolf family and volunteering on the leadership committee and Family Nights. She has grown as an educator and I am excited to see her continue her teaching journey.DeAnna Dunn, Student Teacher Mentor

  • Spotlight on Wendy Stewart at Wonder Park Elementary School

    Wendy Stewart welcomes students, staff, and visitors to Wonder Park Elementary School with a warm and friendly demeanor. Her commitment to creating a safe, welcoming environment that fosters lifelong learning and personal responsibility is evident in her words and actions. She is a dedicated and valuable member of both the school and the community.Donna Moats, Assistant Principal

  • Spotlight on Trey Carpenter at Lake Otis

    Trey has done a wonderful job supporting the students and staff at Lake Otis Elementary School. He is a team member that we all enjoy working with on what is best for students. His work makes a huge difference at Lake Otis. Thank you Trey for all that you have done for Lake Otis! We appreciate your positive and professional attitude!Carol Tucker, Peer

  • Spotlight on Cherry Smith, Jeanine Smith, and Anne Paolucci at SPED Academic Services!

    We would like to thank this wonderful team for their support of Lake Otis! Their positivity, professionalism, and focus makes a huge difference for our students and staff. We have enjoyed working with them and look forward to continuing this work next semester. Thank you for all that you are doing for the Anchorage School District!Carol Tucker, Peer

  • Spotlight on Olga Piekarski at Turnagain Elementary

    Ms. Piekarski is an exceptional educator who inspires students to engage in learning by incorporating music, dance, poetry, and lots of visuals to assist students with their language immersion experience. Ms. Piekarski ensures every student has multiple opportunities to practice their new language skills daily. Her classroom is filled with joy, energy and excitement! Спасибо!Christine Dennis, Supervisor

  • Spotlight on Julie Doepken at Turnagain Elementary

    Ms Doepken is an incredible asset to our learning community! As our librarian, she continues to provide multiple opportunities for our students to fall in love with reading - from hosting read-a-thons, facilitating book fairs, coaching Battle of the Books, spotlighting student performances at Barnes and Noble, to inspiring schoolwide literacy projects. She supports staff members by sharing instructional strategies, collaborating on lesson planning, and providing valuable intervention support. She builds positive connections with students and staff, and is always willing to lend a helping hand - we are grateful to have her here at Turnagain!Christine Dennis, Supervisor

  • Spotlight on Arlene Chico at Hanshew Middle School

    Arlene Chico is an amazing ELL teacher and colleague! Our students at Hanshew Middle School make huge academic and social gains each year because of her tireless efforts and support! We have students every year to complete the ELL program because she gives them such a strong foundation in English Language Arts. Arlene ensures that all of our students feel welcomed, supported, and integrated into the school culture. In addition, she supports new teachers and substitutes as the building induction liaison, serves as an informal interpreter for our families and staff from the Philippines who speak Tagalog, and is always willing to help where needed. We appreciate Arlene and could not be as successful without her!Lakhita Hodge, Principal

  • Spotlight on Rachel Juliussen at Willow Crest Elementary School

    Coach Rachel is an amazing substitute teacher and after-school coach. Her positivity, advice, skills and techniques are outstanding. She goes above and beyond for her students and their families.Maria McWilliams, Parent

  • Spotlight on Pete Johnson at Highland Academy Charter School

    For being a wonderful teacher and dealing with hard kidsShadariya, Student

  • Spotlight on Jack Klauschie at Highland Academy Charter School

    For being such an amazing teacher for their subject of teaching and for their patience.Shadariya, Student

  • Spotlight on Juselandra Tajale, Mirakristell Khu, and Keeshia Pepito at Ptarmigan Elementary

    I would like to thank, Juselandra Tajale, Mirakristell Khu, and Keeshia Pepito for their sharing their Filipino culture and information about education in the Philippines with the Ptarmigan Staff. You detailed presentation helped the Ptarmigan staff expand our knowledge base and understanding of numerous students and families within our community.Kelly Ramey, Supervisor

  • Spotlight on Turnagain Elementary faculty and staff at Turnagain Elementary!

    I appreciate the contributions of each of the faculty and staff at Turnagain Elementary. We love our neighborhood school and appreciate the teachers and administrators that make it a wonderful place to learn.Jonathan Briggs, Parent

  • Spotlight on Ashley Cross and Peggy Benton at Ptarmigan Elementary!

    A big thanks to both Peggy Benton and Ashley Cross for organizing the Ptarmigan Elementary Talent Show. Not only did they spend time preparing the students who performed, but also they also taught our student body how to properly appreciate a performance.Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Spotlight on Ms Karen and Ms Anina at Ptarmigan Elementary!

    They are literally the backbone of Ptarmigan. Their hard work and dedication and passion could move mountains! They always make themselves available and have speedy replies with any and all questions. Their hard work is very much appreciated!Vaitohi Family, Parent

  • Spotlight on Marty Imhof at Ptarmigan Elementary!

    She's an amazing teacher and a great person to work with. She always addresses any and all concerns and very fun to be around! Thank you Mrs Imhof!Vaitohi Family, Parents

  • Spotlight on Kristen McRoberts at Ptarmigan Elementary!

    She is an amazing teacher!! She puts her whole heart in her job and it shows! She taught my daughter so much in kindergarten and she became family! We love Mrs McRoberts!Vaitohi Family, Parents

  • Spotlight on Ashley Cross and Peggy Benton at Ptarmigan Elementary!

    A big thanks to both Peggy Benton and Ashley Cross for organizing the Ptarmigan Elementary Talent Show. Not only did they spend time preparing the students who performed, but also they also taught our student body how to properly appreciate a performance.Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Spotlight on Ms. Karen and Ms. Anina at Ptarmigan Elementary!

    They are literally the backbone of Ptarmigan. Their hard work and dedication and passion could move mountains! They always make themselves available and have speedy replies with any and all questions. Their hard work is very much appreciated!Vaitohi Family, Parent

  • Spotlight on Reyna Cruz Garcia at Wonder Park Elementary!

    Reyna was at work early, plowing and shoveling to make our walkways safe for those who had to come into the school building.Donna Moats, Assistant Principal

  • Spotlight on Riannon Magsayo and Cassie (Cassandra) Potter at Ptarmigan Elementary!

    I love the opportunity to acknowledge two amazing paraprofessionals that work in my classroom everyday, all day. Miss Riannon is a kindergarten paraprofessional. Miss Cassie is a special education paraprofessional providing push-in support for my most intensive behavior students. Miss Riannon and Miss Cassie have basically kept this kindergarten ship sailing since August. They are so supportive with behavior and are always cheerful and friendly. Both are firm, but caring with some of the youngest students at Ptarmigan. They are on our Leadership Team, to boot! I appreciate them in countless ways!Kristen McRoberts, peer

  • Spotlight on Dave Whiting, Senior Director at Purchasing & Warehouse!

    Anchorage STrEaM Academy thanks Dave Whiting and his team of Fatou Jagne and Lisa Young, for all the support and hard work they have invested in our school lease amendment and renewal. They made the process easy and efficient. Dave was prompt, professional and thorough. STrEaM could not have completed this process without Dave and his team supporting us so well. Thank you!Adam Mokelke, Peer

  • Spotlight on Ky Hollingsworth at AK Choice Virtual!

    Ky consistently goes above and beyond to support the AK Choice Virtual staff and ASD students. She approaches new tasks with a smile on her face and a growth mindset that his inspiring to everyone around her. She always reminds us that all of our students deserve the best support and care. Thanks Ky!Amelia Johnson, ASD Colleague

  • Spotlight on Christine Harrington at Alaska Native Cultural Charter School!

    Christine Harrington is an outstanding educator and instructional coach at ANCCS. She has tirelessly provided guidance and support through the many changes that have occurred this past quarter. Most importantly even while navigating the initiatives this past quarter her number one priority has been to make sure students are provided with the most supportive academic instruction to help them grow to their fullest potential. Her example as an educator is inspirational due to her focus on student achievement. Quyana!Pamela, Peer

  • Spotlight on Mandy McConnell at Kincaid Elementary!

    She went above and beyond to make her student, my daughter Charlotte in her class, feel valued and loved by spending her Saturday evening cheering for 3 of our Kincaid students in their pageant.Sara Rasmussen, Parent

  • Spotlight on Nicole Sommerville at ASD Education Center!

    Nicole is an excellent leader! She has guided us through the CKLA implementation. I appreciate Nicole's collaboration with the CKLA Immersion group and her willingness to always share her knowledge. Thank you Nicole!Cherry Galloway, Principal O'Malley

  • Spotlight on Dawn Offrink at Creekside Park!

    Dawn is always willing to share her vast instructional coach knowledge. She helps those outside her building and is always friendly and kind. I appreciate Dawn always willing to help! She collaborates across schools to improve student outcomes. Thank you Dawn!Cherry Galloway, Principal O'Malley

  • Spotlight on Jessica Blakenship at Susitna Elementary!

    A huge thank you to Jessica and her willingness to always answer questions via email, phone, text, etc. Jessica always has a positive attitude and goes the extra mile helping those outside of her building. Thank you Jessica!Cherry Galloway, Principal O'Malley

  • Spotlight on Reyna Cruz Garcia at Wonder Park Elementary!


    Reyna was at work early, plowing and shoveling to make our walkways safe for those who had to come into the school building.Donna Moats, Assistant Principal

  • Spotlight on Dave Whiting, Senior Director at Purchasing & Warehouse


    Anchorage STrEaM Academy thanks Dave Whiting and his team of Fatou Jagne and Lisa Young, for all the support and hard work they have invested in our school lease amendment and renewal. They made the process easy and efficient. Dave was prompt, professional and thorough. STrEaM could not have completed this process without Dave and his team supporting us so well. Thank you!Adam Mokelke, Peer

  • Spotlight on Ky Hollingsworth at AK Choice Virtual

    Ky consistently goes above and beyond to support the AK Choice Virtual staff and ASD students. She approaches new tasks with a smile on her face and a growth mindset that is inspiring to everyone around her. She always reminds us that all of our students deserve the best support and care. Thanks Ky!Amelia Johnson, ASD Colleague

  • Spotlight on Rahim Ali at Service High

    We have two kids at Service High currently and two Service graduates. There's always at least a bit of stress when you have to call a kid out for whatever reason, but Mr. Ali's friendly, easygoing demeanor makes it less so. He is very caring. Quyana Mr. Ali!Bill Richardson, Parent

  • Spotlight on Heather Philp and Courtney Dresser-Bardwell at Transportation

    Heather and Courtney went above and beyond to ensure that a student who is experiencing some life-altering events is still able to access transportation and attend school every day! It was so clear to me that every decision these ladies make about transportation is child-centered to ensure that every student has the opportunity to be successful. Thank you! Proud to work with you both.Jillian Gates, Peer

  • Spotlight on Ms.Roberts at Mears Middle School

    I'd Like to take a moment to recognize Ms Roberts for her excellent teaching skills either for social studies or history of american cinema she makes me look forward to her class 6th period because she just puts a smile on my face and everyone else face. Thank you Ms Roberts! You Rock!Alyvia, peer

  • Spotlight on Carol Johns, Celerina Peake and Jared Ricker at South Anchorage High School

    Carol and her staff have been beyond helpful and accommodating this year while we are going through staffing issues. Together, Carol and Celerina run the kitchen for both breakfast and lunch, while Jared subs in at other schools. It can be hectic, it can be crazy, but they make it work and the children are fed every day!! Thank you Team South!!!!Nannette Giroux, Lead Supervisor, Student Nutrition

  • Spotlight on Jennifer Hoeldt at Ptarmigan

    Mrs. Hoedlt is a 3rd grade teacher that works extremely hard both inside and outside the classroom to support Ptarmigan Elementary. She serves our school as the Building Technology Coordinator, supporting staff with all their technology needs and challenges. She also supports our staff as the Site Based Specialist in the area of Math and is a vital member of our Leadership Team. Thank you, Mrs. Hoeldt, for giving your all to not only your students but to our school as a whole.

    Kelly Ramey, Supervisor

  • Spotlight on Liza Tran at Dimond High School!

    Ms. Liza Tran has the difficult responsibility of teaching my child with special needs. I was able to receive effective communication from her which resulted in my child getting adjusted to school. A lot of times teachers don't want to deal with a child with special needs and do whatever they can to get them suspended or expelled.

    I believe Ms. Tran has gone above and beyond simply by trying to understand how my child is different and may need a different approach.

    She has informed me that my son is thriving in her classroom and I believe that is due to her greatness, and I would like everyone to acknowledge her greatness. We overcame a difficult time due to her greatness.Stacie Khan, Parent

  • Spotlight on Ms. Curry, Mr. Allen, and Mr. Goetz at Kincaid Elementary 5th Grade Teachers!

    Ms. Curry, Mr. Allen, and Mr. Goetz are an amazing 5th grade team! They are going above and beyond to prepare the 5th graders for middle school and making sure their last year of elementary is memorable. I can not say enough how much I appreciate them!Amanda Foster, Parent

  • Spotlight on Amber Myers at Romig!

    Thank you, Amber! You have gone above and beyond our classroom walls to give our students opportunities to connect with our community and the current global and local issues that surround us. You have found opportunities to make their learning relevant, alive, and meaningful. They are thinking critically, passionately, and learning to problem-solve while appreciating the perspectives of others. Yesterday's World Affairs Council field trip was like a banana split for their brains. Our students are so fortunate to have you as their social studies teacher. It is a joy for all of us to work with you!Cheers,Traci Stanley, Ben Walker, John BruceTraci Stanley, Peer

  • Spotlight on Keoni Quilinderino at Chugiak Elementary!

    Thank you to Keoni for being awesome and helping collect milk cartons during lunchtime. Your extra effort has put smiles on so many students here at Chugiak Elementary. Plus, it's given our art class a cool boost, showing off those recycled art philosophies and proving that even the most unexpected materials can be turned into masterpieces. You rock!Carol Turner, Peer

  • Spotlight on Ian Milliman at ASD Publication Services - King Tech!

    Thank you Ian, for your proficiency in troubleshooting technical challenges, offering solutions, and providing guidance on printing best practices. You are a true asset to our district. Your dedication has made a noticeable impact at Chugiak and Birchwood ABC Elementary.Carol Turner, Peer

  • Spotlight on Joyce Schnese and Jessica Butts at Records Management!

    Thank you to Joyce and Jessica in records management for always being cheerful, helpful and through! I appreciate all you do and feel lucky to have your support and guidance! You are amazing!Colleen Morris, Front Desk Winterberry

  • Spotlight on Cherry Galloway at O'Malley!

    Principal Galloway has been an extraordinary leader. She has offered helpful guidance and has gone above and beyond to support the Immersion CKLA team. We couldn't have done it without her leadership. Thank you! Quyana !Beth Senchantixay, Teacher

  • Spotlight on Shelley Cooper at South Anchorage High School!

    The reason why I'm nominating this teacher is because Ms. Cooper brightens every student everyday with amazing energy and constructive criticism. She truly cares about her students and it shows, going out of her way to provide material and professional in her work. She is inclusive and understanding of differences in her students, and is great at teaching or helping us learn our subject. Thank you Ms. Cooper!Connor Avara, Student

  • Spotlight on the Electrical Craft Department!

    A big shout out to Electrical Craft Team My classroom lights took on a mind of their own. We put in a work order and the team did everything they could as fast as they could. There wasn't an immediate fix, however, they were able to adjust things so I could teach in the room until they could complete the actual fix. Not only did they fix the lights but where proactive and ordered a new box in case the fix wasn't what was needed. BONUS! They came to my classroom the next day to check in and make sure that we were good to go for the day. Their customer service and professionalism is electric! (pun intended)Laurie Rodgers, Teacher

  • Spotlight on Sara Paulson at Bowman Elementary!

    Ms. Paulson always goes so far beyond for the kids at Bowman. Even amongst amazing and dedicated teachers at an incredible school, Ms. Paulson stands out for her absolute dedication to her kids. From being involved with everything at Bowman, to the countless hours she puts in after school, to spending her weekend cheering on cross-country runners, I have never seen a teacher give more, and I'm a teacher as well. On top of all her above-and-beyond activities, she's a wonderful educator (and crossing guard) and, as my son says, "almost certainly the silliest person at Bowman." Thank you for everything Ms. Paulson!Noah Zogas, Parent

  • Spotlight on Karen Johnson and Anina Felise-Fogamomi at Ptarmigan!

    Ptarmigan Elementary has an amazing office staff! Ms. Karen and Ms. Anina make all students, their families, and staff feel welcomed and appreciated. They make my job as the principal easier because of all the work they do behind the scenes to make Ptarmigan a great to be!Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Spotlight on Jamie Phan at Teaching and Learning!

    In just a short time, Ms. Phan has created positive relationships with the staff at Ptarmigan Elementary and is helping all of grow and learn. She has personally helped me dive deeper into our new CKLA Reading curriculum and learn how to increase my effectiveness as I conduct walk throughs and observations.Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Quyana to Danica Caldwell at Transportation!

    Danica is such a positive spokesperson for the Anchorage School District. She shared with me her positive experiences as a bus driver for ASD, and I have to believe that this is reflected in her relationships with the students and families she serves.Diane Hoffbauer, community member

  • Quyana to Katie Parrott at Sr. Dir Management / Budget!

    Katie Parrott makes everything easier for schools! She is amazing and supportive with complicated budget and finance work. We appreciate her at Anchorage STrEaM Academy!Sylvia Biondich, peer

  • Quyana to Heather Cummings at Bayshore Elementary School

    I wanted to extend gratitude to Heather Cummings for doing such a great job with acclimating my son to school while he recovers from a Brain Tumor Surgery. Mrs. Cummings is receptive to my advice and makes my son feel confident during the school day - all while being safe. In addition, Mrs. Cummings has taken most of the fears/worries away for my son coming back to school and is making it fun for him. My son continues to come home and brag to family about his day and we appreciate Mrs. Cummings for making this possible!Nina Carter, Parent

  • Quyana to Heather Johnson at IT/Service Desk

    With all of the back-to-school madness, enrollment, and registration, Heather has helped me with all of my issues and shows nothing but kindness and grace. She is always patient and helpful and solves all of my IT issues. Quyana Heather!Laurie Nusbaum, School Secretary

  • Quyana to Sally Laret and Kelly Heppner at Eagle River High School

    Both Sally and Kelly helped to get my son's freshman schedule on track for a successful start to the school year. They were open, kind, and communicative. I'm excited for my son to have great support in his new school.Lisa Bunag, Parent

  • Quyana to Jessica Blankenship at Susitna Elementary

    Jessica was extremely helpful, patient, and full of knowledge in regards to summer school front office procedures. She answered all of my question in detail and always was cheerful. This was my first summer working summer school and we all would not have gotten paid if it wasn't for Jessica guiding me through payroll. Quyana Jessica for all that you do.Laurie Nusbaum, School Secretary Fire Lake Elementary

  • Quyana to Angela Grant at Payroll

    After some back and forth over payroll's email ticket system, there was still some confusion over a needed document. Angela took the time to reach out to get in contact with me. She then made sure I knew how to get the document and even resent it in case it was an email error. Thanks so much, Angela! You are appreciated.Lisa Bunag, Peer

  • Quyana to Cherry Smith at Special Education

    Ms. Cherry Smith is a dedicated Special Education Department Chair that supports Ptarmigan Elementary. This summer alone she has worked supporting students of need to complete testing, and write ESERs and IEPs that will support students as they come back to school. I truly appreciate the dedication she has to her job and how she supports Ptarmigan students and staff.Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Quyana to Michael Andrews-Alward and Julie Logan at Talent Management - Eagle River/JBER Generalists

    From applicant eligibility to general questions about job requisitions, Michael and Julie have been extremely helpful in answering all of my questions or guiding me in the right direction. If they don't know the answer, they will find the answer. Julie always answers her phone with a cheerful greeting and Michael will answer emails quickly - no matter what time you send an email to him. You are very much appreciated!Margaret Jones, Principal, Aurora Elementary

  • Quyana to Nicholas Sura at Wendler Middle School!

    Mr. Nicholas Sura's passion in teaching math is evident in the way he shares resources with colleagues. I've had the opportunity to teach summer school with Mr. Sura. He is a dedicated teacher who contributes to a positive summer school culture and climate. I enjoy teaching with Mr. Sura and the other teachers in the Summer Learning Program at Hanshew Middle School. Qusos! ~ Hamimah Bjorkman (Retired 06/30/2023)Hamimah Bjorkman, Teacher

  • Quyana to Monnikha Banks (KoKo) at Wendler Middle School!

    I am grateful for having Ms. Banks as my colleague at Wendler Middle School. Ms. Banks is professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated. Her passion and dedication towards the profession makes huge impact on students' behavior and academic performance. Ms. Banks is more than a teacher, she is a role model to her peers and students.Hamimah Bjorkman, Teacher

  • Quyana to Dr. Lakhita Hodge at Hanshew Middle School!

    Quyana to Dr. Hodge and her summer school staff members! This is a team of efficient, professional and collaborative educators. Dr. Hodge creates a professional, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere that leads to a positive summer school culture and climate. I enjoyed teaching the summer school under the leadership of Dr. Hodge. - Hamimah BjorkmanHamimah Bjorkman, Teacher

  • Quyana to Leslie Clark, Elle Gillespie, Tammie Smith-Scott, and Jeremy Bryan at Community Services/Rentals

    A huge thank you to Leslie, Elle, Tammie, and Jeremy for helping 1300 ASD students meet author/illustrator Raina Telgemeier. This amazing team at Community Services & Rentals made organizing a large, three day event at two locations easy. From reserving the venues to providing tech services for our guest speaker, the entire process was well organized and professionally executed. Tammy and Jeremy had everything ready to go at the auditoriums and were great to work with. I couldn't have asked for a better team!Lisa Sam, ASD staff

  • Quyana to Amanda Pelkola at ECE/Volunteer

    Amanda went above and beyond helping our school with all our volunteer forms. We have a field day today and there were alot of last minute submissions that she worked through over the weekend. Your amazing Amanda !!!- Karrie Loffredo, Peer

  • Quyana to Erin Binek at Government Hill Elementary

    I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for all the collaboration and support you have provided. Your contributions to Government Hill Elementary have been invaluable. The positive impact you made on the teachers and students is evident and greatly appreciated. Without your presence and active involvement in helping our school navigate online resources, staff trainings, and general information gathering, we would not be the same. Your passion for your work shines through, and it is evident in the positive outcomes we see in our students. It is an honor to have worked alongside you and witness the impact you made each day.Once again, thank you. Your contributions are truly appreciated, and the entire team at Government Hill Elementary is going to miss you. Good luck at your new Job!With gratitude,Preston Whited, M.Ed.Special Education Resource TeacherGovernment Hill ElementaryMr. Whited, Colleague

  • Quyana to Maya Dunham at Government Hill Elementary

    I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for all the collaboration and support you provide. Your contributions to the special education team at Government Hill are invaluable. The positive impact you make on the team and the students is evident and greatly appreciated. Without your presence and active involvement, our school would not be the same. Your passion for your work shines through, and it is evident in the positive outcomes we see in our students. It is an honor to work alongside you and witness the impact you make every day.Once again, thank you, Maya. Your contributions are truly appreciated, and the special education team at Government Hill Elementary is fortunate to have you.With gratitude, Mr. WhitedMr. Whited, Colleague

  • Quyana to Hasaan Herrington, Amanda Foster, Hunter Barger, Mike Fleckenstein, Julia Melson, Jack Johnson, Leslie Clark at Rentals and IT

    This team of excellent people helped us organize an East Anchorage town hall at Chester Valley when the volcanic eruption threatened to interrupt our plans. When asked for help on a Friday afternoon, they stepped up without hesitation. Myself and others are immensely grateful for their help.Senator Bill Wielechowski, State Senator

  • Quyana to Julie Logan at Human Resouces

    Shout out to Julie Logan for doing an exceptional job regarding paperwork and the process. She can multi-task and can do the job efficiently. Thank you for helping all the staff members.Joan A, Community Member

  • Quyana to Dorothy Jacobs and Tania Dennis at Birchwood ABC Elementary

    Thank you to Dorothy Jacobs and Tania Dennis for their flexibility and assistance with the Student Council this year. Their willingness to let students out of class and work within time constraints is deeply appreciated and allows me and the students to do something we enjoy with little stress.Carol Turner, Peer

  • Quyana to Aschtyn White at Turnagain!

    Quyana to Aschtyn White who has provided our school site with exceptional dedication throughout the school year. Ms. Asch serves on our site-based leadership team, coordinates our noon supervision efforts, assists with breakfast and provides intensified instruction to several students as our special education paraprofessional. She continues to build meaningful connections with students, helps students step into their potential, and supports their learning efforts throughout the day. Ms. Asch is willing to step in and lend a helping hand when needed, seeks to learn more about the profession, and emanates a positive demeanor. We are grateful for her time, dedication and caring efforts in our Turnagain learning community.

    Christine Dennis, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Nannette Giroux at Student Nutrition

    Nannette is my coordinator. When I need assistance and call her, she always answers, whether by calling me or emailing me. If she doesn't know the answer, she will find out and let me know. I appreciate having her as my coordinator this year and so do the SN workers here at South.Carol Johns, SN employee

  • Quyana to Emy, Missy, Penny & Payroll Dept at Payroll Department

    Thanks for keeping us paid!! The Payroll Department continually tries to ensure we all get paid correctly and on time. We know that we can always contact these ladies to help answer questions or help correct our timecards! Thanks for keeping us in the green!Tudor Staff, Payroll Recipient

  • Quyana to Lynn Roering at Transportation

    Lynn is ASD's finest juggler! In her position, she constantly has to arrange and rearrange transportation requests for our school district. She performs her job in a professional and supportive manner while trying to ensure all transportation and field trip needs are met. Thanks Lynn for keeping us moving!Gail Patarini, Admin Assistant, Tudor Elem

  • Quyana to Jonathan Munger at Rabbit Creek Elementary

    Gratitude and blessings to Jonathan Munger, Administrative Assistant at Rabbit Creek Elementary. It is with dedication and kindness, Jonathan responds and assistant with many tasks at Rabbit Creek. It is obvious to all that his heart is to be helpful. Given Jonathan's wide range of knowledge and expertise, he often helps in areas outside the "front office". The day goes smoother at Rabbit Creek because of Jonathan Munger.Quyana to Jonathan for his hard work, kindness and care for students, staff and families.Christy Hoffman, Peer

  • Quyana to Bree Dolph at O'Malley Elementary

    Thank you to Ms. Dolph for always staying up to date on grading papers, entering grades into Q, and sending them home in a timely manner. It makes it much easier for me to keep tabs on how my child is performing and to intervene while topics are still fresh. She also provides concrete answers any time I ask for ways that I can help my child improve in a given area.Megan Peltier, Parent

  • Quyana to Sophie Littee at O'Malley Elementary

    Thank you to Mme Littee for keeping her Canvas site updated every day. If my student misses school or needs some extra practice, everything we need is at our fingertips. It's extra helpful for my immersion kiddo to be able to hear French while at home. Also, thanks for the little notes about good behavior that are sent home regularly. It's always nice to hear when your kid is doing well.Megan Peltier, Parent

  • Quyana to Aubrie Davidson at Begich Middle School

    During a busy time of year for all of us, Aubrie went so above and beyond putting together an amazing Mental Health Fair for her students at Begich Middle School. She brought community and district support providers together in one place and got students excited to explore different ways of managing stress, helping them feel empowered! Aubrie's efforts made supports accessible and fun, removing stereotypes and bringing joy to her school community. This was especially powerful considering the challenges and losses the community has faced the last few years. We are all so proud of her and see all the hard work she does for her school community!(please let me know if you'd like photos- she even wrangled a volunteer photographer for the occasion!)Kristen DeYorio, peer/ district employee

  • Quyana to ASD Migrant Ed Team at Migrant Ed

    Thank you for providing opportunities for all my kids to explore, learn, and grow! The programs offered, student success couches, guidance, free books and materials, and more are all so beneficial in the academic growth and success for all those enrolled. The entire Migrant Ed team are fabulous, friendly, and accommodating providing opportunities at all ages! They are passionate about conserving our cultures and recognizing our lifestyles and backgrounds. If you haven't enrolled your child(ren) or see if they qualify- DO! Game changer!Lindsey Shangin, Parent

  • Quyana to Chris Zundel at Bear Valley Elementary!

    Mr. Z is such a solid PE teacher! He's always got a smile on his face and something positive to say to his students and their parents. We feel lucky that our kids are learning how to be healthy and stay healthy from such a caring teacher in an active, fun, and healthy learning environment!Ayme Johnson, Parent

  • Quyana to Joan Haskell at Lake Hood

    Ms. Haskell takes time out her busy days to check on the front office staff to see if we need a break and steps in when support is needed!Elizabeth Tupper-Wilson, Peer

  • Quyana to Julie Hinkle at Chugiak Elementary School

    Julie is our dedicated and enthusiastic health teacher. She also organized our science fair this year and coordinated with community volunteers to participate as judges. Julie has infectious energy and is committed to getting kids excited about health and science! She has a special talent of connecting with people and making each one feel seen, valued, and brilliant. May she know how appreciated she is!!Sharyl Steiding, colleague

  • Quyana to Dawn Fischer-Peters at Mears Middle School Cafeteria Manager

    Dawn has been running the kitchen with no permanent staff, only one wonderful sub. She has kept the kitchen running smoothly while sticking to the menu. She is dedicated with perfect attendance and always showing kindness to the students. Her kitchen is immaculate and she does everything with a little extra love. Thank you for the fantastic job!!!Tanya Krause, Supervisor for Student Nutrition

  • Quyana to Angelina Fleckenstein at Information Technology

    Angelina's expedited and thorough assistance on a data pull, Angelina was able to help capture the complete picture needed using data to assist in creating an informed decision on a project.Thank you for your assistance on this!!!Derrick Kubosh, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Nicholas Houston-MacDonald at Whaley School

    Nicholas had gone that extra mile to keep the school nurse informed about menu changes and the nutritional content of our meals. He recently gave the nurse a printout of all the dietary offerings and their nutritional value. He has saved the nurse a lot of time and effort. Always pleasant when the kids come up for their meals....Thanks, Nick.Nancy Bale, Whaley School Nurse

  • Quyana to Mike Welge at Mirror Lake Middle School!

    Mr. Welge is a fantastic assistant principal. When dealing with student choices and consequences, he remains calm and respectful. He shows a true desire to partner with families to do what's best for kids. I appreciate his sensitivity and compassion when it comes to middle school students.Lisa Bunag, Parent

  • Quyana to Janee Adams at Special Education Itinerate Intervention Coach!

    I could write a book about all the incredible things Janee has done for kids! She has consistently gone above and beyond to support teams by implementing behavior interventions during challenging situations. She has done this while keeping the needs of school team members and students front and center. Janee prioritizes collaboration with myself and school team members to best identify the needs and support of students. Furthermore, she has taken on additional duties with data collection and graphing to lighten the load of school teams. I have been lucky enough to have Janee assist with four of the schools I support and I look forward to working with her more!Kathryn Bakker, Special Education Teacher Expert

  • Quyana to Laura Eastham at Turnagain Elementary

    Laura Eastham is truly at the heart of Turnagain Elementary's community. She organizes or leads many important community building events including Lego League, 6th grade events and fundraisers, STREAM day and Girls on the Run. I love her collaborative nature! She often shares her triumphs and challenges so that we can all do our best for our students and community. She also steps up for many roles beyond her teaching responsibilities. Above all she cares deeply for her students! Quyana, Laura!Linda Stamm, Peer

  • Quyana to Lori Petty at Talent Management

    Lori, thank you for being such a bright and positive presence in the Talent Management office! You are always showing how much you care for your coworkers and all of our current and prospective employees. And you're always smiling! Thank you for being a wonderful role model!Lucy Teaford, Peer

  • Quyana to Hasaan Herrington at IT!

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your support of principals, teachers, and students when it comes to Technology and Teaching/Learning. Your commitment to providing the best possible technological solutions for our educational system is truly commendable. I especially appreciate the appreciation and awareness of the delivery of learning for students and the andragogical support of educators.Your dedication to helping our educators and students succeed is invaluable. Your efforts have enabled us to make great strides in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Your commitment to our educational system is greatly appreciated.Arthur Sosa, Principal

  • Quyana to Thomas Johns at Purchasing

    I am fairly new to my position, every time I have a question regarding purchasing, and reach out to Mr. Johns, he is always extremely helpful and goes out of his way to assist. It is really nice to have such a knowledgeable and supportive contact.Thank you Mr. Johns, you are a GREAT asset to ASD!Elizabeth Tupper-Wilson, Peer

  • Quyana to Karen (Katie) Moss at Bettye Davis East High

    I want to recognize Katie for being an exceptional educator and gatekeeper! At a time when all educators are dealing with SO MUCH and feeling SO OVERWHELMED, she took notice of a significant and important change in a student's behavior and then she reached out for help for that student. Considering all the students that she has to keep track of on a day to day basis, and all the other activity going on in our large and busy school, the fact that she took notice of this important change and then said something really made a difference! It made a life saving difference!! Thank YOU, Katie for all the ways you are WONDERFUL and all the WONDERFUL things you do for your students!!Margaret McDonagh, School Counselor

  • Quyana to Lori Cheek and Anne Paolucci at SpEd Teacher Experts

    These two beautiful women have contributed to really putting time into Mountain View Elementary School Aspiring SpEd Team. They make sure we are receiving our professional development as well as following laws, procedures and guidelines. They have went above and beyond when it comes to the tireless paperwork that is important to accomplish, leading meetings, having hard conversations and just being the awesome mentors that they are. I am eternally grateful to Anne and Lori. I am blessed that they have given us their time and that they have sowed seeds to be to be the best I am going to be when I become official.Rozlyn Grady, Long Term Sub for SpEd Primary

  • Quyana to Mike Teilborg, Kym Dixon, Christy Von Kirchmeyer, Jamie Kragt, Erin Hamilton, Morgan Hooe, Autumn Browning, Emma McMullen, Mary Ahonen, Lisa Gordon, and Greg Eschenlohr at Service High School

    Thank you to these wonderful humans who reside in or frequent Lower G Hall at Service High School! You all have been so supportive this year during some truly difficult times and have done a fabulous job supporting and encouraging many students (and myself) to do their best. It is an honor to work and laugh with this amazing group of people!Lindsey Honemann, Peer

  • Quyana to Rachel Arvelo and Julie Spath at Birchwood ABC Elementary Front Office

    Julie and Rachel are out of this world fantastic! Their support of my Student Council members and me goes far beyond their daily job responsibilities. They mentor students on how to intake funds, manage expense accounts and inventories, create event flyers, aid in parent communication, and much more. Their patience and generosity make Birchwood ABC one of the luckiest schools in the district. As our office support team, they make everyone feel welcome and heard. They are a model of positivity and energy to colleagues, and I hope they know how greatly they are appreciated.Carol Turner, Peer

  • Quyana to Steven Ring at Rabbit Creek Elementary

    Helps volunteer for our after school activities. Student council, craft club, teacher liaison, PTA etc.Amanda Fowler, Parent

  • Quyana to Mrs. Penni Traxler at Rabbit Creek Elementary

    Ms. Traxler has been incredibly kind, supportive and encouraging of our son who is academically gifted. She looks for opportunities to give him challenges and to support his emotional development as well. We appreciate what a team player she is, as well as her compassion and creativity.Martha Tansik, Parent

  • Quyana to Leon Leal at East High School - Security!

    After being unable to locate the BPO and being informed of how icy it was outside near our loading dock, and that one of our co-workers had already slipped and fell, he quickly went and brought us back 2 boxes of ice melt so that we could safely exit the building after work, ensuring that no one would get hurt. it was not specifically his job to do, but a need seen is an assignment given, and he took care of it for us. Thanks so much!stacy ostlund, peer

  • Quyana to Nicole Crosby at Highland Academy Charter School

    Nicole Crosby is a true force of nature! She is always positive, professional, organized, and consistently inspires her colleagues. She goes out of her way to set others up for success, and works tirelessly behind the scenes to provide a safe and productive learning environment.Ms. Crosby has strong relationships with the students at Highland Academy and supports them in meeting their goals. She always remembers to celebrate the good things going on with our students, and builds leadership capacity with them.She truly models the way for everyone who has the pleasure to work with her.Quyana, Ms. Crosby! You are amazing.Amelia Johnson, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Melissa Belt at Airport Heights

    Melissa is an intermediate special education teacher. Melissa works very hard to give her students the best academic experience. She has a way of making her students feel very important and special. She goes above and beyond to meet her student's academic/emotional needs. Melissa is a very talented and gifted teacher.Pamela Martin, peer teacher

  • Quyana to Megan Mucha at Fire Lake Elementary

    Mrs. Mucha does so much for her students. And she has immersed herself into our Student Council. Putting in a lot of time and effort with the kids, helping to make our school a safe and happy place.Laurie Nusbaum, School Secretary

  • Quyana to Sandra Buchwald at Fire Lake Elementary

    Sandy does so much for her students. And she has immersed herself into our Student Council. Putting in a lot of time and effort with the kids, helping to make our school a safe and happy place.Laurie Nusbaum, School Secretary

  • Quyana to Donna Young at Lake Hood Elementary

    When you walk into Ms. Donna’s room there is this amazing, powerful energy that circulates the room. The children are smiling, fully engaged, and the interactions between Ms. Donna and students are always positive and encouraging. Ms. Donna has a very special gift when it comes to her teaching style. She builds a strong rapport with the students not only in her classroom but throughout the school. Children's faces literally light up when they see her coming. They know she genuinely cares about each one of them and makes each one feel valuable. It is such a joy to see how students thrive in her classroom. Ms. Donna is an invaluable asset to the teaching profession and is admired for her enthusiasm, authenticity, hard work and love of her job. We are so PROUD of you!MojoB, Colleage

  • Quyana to Courtney Dresser-Bardwell at ASD Transportation

    Thank you, Courtney, and our amazing transportation team for moving mountains. Your super quick response in getting a bus over to Chinook in regards to a specific student was so helpful. You are amazing and we appreciate your dedication. You make a difference and are appreciated!Chinook Team, Peer

  • Quyana to Kirby Kauffman and Justin Somaduroff at Kirby-West High. Justin- South High

    Justin and Kirby contributed greatly to our combined South, Service and West bands intensive workshop this past weekend. They are always putting students first and without their organization and preparation this event would not have been possible. They are true professionals and our district is fortunate to have them.Christopher Lubken, colleague

  • Quyana to Nina Bingham, Rochele Turner, Tamara Gagnon at Hanshew Middle School!


    Nina, Rochele, and Tamara have been extremely dedicated and hard workers. They serve the families, students, staff, and community every day from our front office at Hanshew with a smile and grace. They are kind, considerate, and professional which is not always returned. We appreciate them and applaud their dedication to ASD and Hanshew Middle School. They are the face of our school and they represent us well! Thank you for all you do for all of us, we appreciate you so much!Lakhita Hodge, supervisor

  • Quyana to Franklin Pinchbeck at Maintenance CP&C (Senior Locksmith)!

    We want to thank Frank for being such an amazing and professional locksmith. Every time we put in a work order for a new key or repair, Frank is always prompt, professional, and courteous. He goes above and beyond to educate us about out school locks and even spent time training our new BPO on the magnetic lock door system. He is such a kind and patient person and we appreciate him at Hanshew Middle School!Lakhita Hodge, Colleague


  • Quyana to Cycelia McMorris, Deborah Badertscher, Crystal Heath, Scott Bauer, Abel Peca-Medlin, Josh Gumlickpuk, Colette Moring, and Kelly Byers at Hanshew Middle School!

    Thank you for an amazing job planning, preparing, and executing Hanshew's first annual career exploration! This committee was instrumental in making the career expo a success! With the support from Corey Allen-Young, Joe Zawodny, and Mayor Dave Bronson, we had over 35 businesses/organizations, including the Municipality of Anchorage departments, and our school business partners to participate and share insights with our middle schoolers about their selected careers fields. In addition, we had former NFL player Nathaniel Rivers and former NBA player Mario Chalmers to talk to students about the academic, behavioral, and athletic grit it takes to be a professional athlete!Lakhita Hodge, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Darcie Sherrick at 21st Century Program

    I want to thank Darcie Sherrick, Administrative Assistant for the 21st century Program. I have had the pleasure of working with Darcie this school year on several occasions as I offer after-school training to 21st Century teachers. She is such a gem; always positive, ready to lend a hand, and gets things done! I recently presented at the 21st Century Symposium for teachers after school and Darcie was incredibly helpful with getting materials ready, room space, set up and anything else I needed. She works above and beyond her work day and goes the extra mile to make the 21st Century Program run smoothly. Thank you Darcie!!!Audrey Drew, CSF Facilitator

  • Quyana to Wonder Park Staff Secret Santa at Wonder Park

    Through all the trials and tribulations that Wonder Park Elementary staff, students and parents have experienced these last few months, the spirit of the generous community continues to grow within our hallowed halls! With gratitude and heartfelt thanks, we the teachers of Wonder Park wish we knew who our Secret Santa was! This kind soul brightened our day, so that we can continue to do the same for our students!Lisa Johnson, 2nd grade teacher

  • Quyana to Priya Lindeen at Bear Valley Elementary

    Mrs. Lindeen has created an amazing learning environment in her classroom. Her positive energy is contagious! Our son knows that she has his best interest in mind and she has high expectations of him, with layers and layers of support and encouragement.Thanks for everything you do to provide a positive learning community, Mrs. Lindeen!! We feel lucky to be on this journey with you!Jim & Ayme Johnson, Parents

  • Quyana to Shane Noyes at Homestead Elementary

    Mr. Noyes is an exceptional super substitute teacher for Homestead Elementary. He comes in everyday, with a smile, ready to support classrooms. He is truly a team player, going above and beyond for our school. Mr. Noyes helped with snow removal during the snow days by bringing his own snowblower from home, clearing our path to school. We can always count on Mr. Noyes to do what's best for kids, staff, and families at Homestead Elementary.Aimee Kahler, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Haley Hakala at Alaska Native Cultural Charter School - CITC Riding the Waves SEL - Prevention Coordinator

    Haley Hakala engages Alaska Native Cultural Charter School students (5th-8th grades) in rich culturally relevant social emotional learning every week. She has a unique bond and connection with our ANCCS young adults. Haley inspires and teaches students to self-regulate their emotions, work together as a school family, build coping skills, and give back to others using traditional values of respect, caring for others, and "upteq" (getting ready) for life. Haley offers after-school, Native craft opportunities for students and parents, including making jewelry, fur ornaments, and qaspeqs. Haley also focuses on the 8th grade students, helping them prepare for high school with an understanding of who they are, where they come from, and how to be confident, Indigenous students regardless of where they go to high school. Haley is loved and respected by staff and students at ANCCS! Quyana for your passion and dedication to our students and school!Danielle Riha, Middle School Math Teacher - 2019 Alaska State Teacher of the Year - National Finalist

  • Quyana to Erin Leighton and Julia Tantillo at Lake Hood

    Ms. Erin has been such a wonderful and positive addition to our Lake Hood team. She is friendly to everyone and is a wonderfully collaborative colleague. She has embraced many school-wide projects and has shared many of her own amazing ideas. Ms. Erin has a dynamic personality and her students respond positively to set up for success mindset! The students and teachers at Lake Hood are very fortunate to have her as a part of our team!

    Mrs.Tantillo is new to our Lake Hood team, however has blended in seamlessly with her many talents! Mrs. Tantillo is extremely welcoming to everyone and builds positive relationships with staff and with her students. When you walk into her room you can immediately feel the positive energy that comes from her fabulous learning environment. She has been wonderful to collaborate with and really brings out the best in her students. We are so grateful to have her here and to see the inspiring progress she makes with her students.- MojoB, Colleague

  • Quyana to Sandra (Sandy) Roys at College Gate Elementary, Indian Ed. Student Support Specialist

    Sandy is a shining light at our school. She makes it her goal every day to bring a smile to the students and staff around her, and has been a huge support for me as I transitioned to librarian this year. Her words of encouragement and enthusiasm for her job as a student support specialist are inspiring and helpful during the dark Alaskan days. We are so grateful for Sandy!Kelly Anderson, K-6 Librarian

  • Quyana to Afa Ulufanua at Student Services - Bettye Davis East High

    Afa is working hard to provide for our students in his work as a Security Guard. He is our Samoan ambassador and helps with translations and anything we might else need for any student. We thank him for his work! Quyana!Janeen Wilkins, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Tiffiney French at Bear Valley - 1st Grade

    Mrs. French has gone above and beyond in supporting and building a rapport with our son. She is always so positive and has created a cohesive and engaging learning environment. He loves school, his teacher, and his classmates, and this is all because of her positive energy. We are so lucky!Ayme Johnson, Parent

  • Quyana to Lynn Roering at Transportation

    Ms. Roering provided amazing, kind, and thorough collaboration. She also went above and beyond in her support for our school in our most recent need of field trip transportation.Melissa Bassham, AA - Huffman Elementary

  • Quyana to Kasey Callison and Suzie Mauro at Homestead Elementary

    Kasey and Suzie are always going above and beyond for our students, families, and staff. They are both kind, helpful, and make the front office an inviting place for everyone at Homestead Elementary.Aimee Kahler, Principal


    Quyana to Eric Elliott at Government Hill Elementary

    Mr. Elliott is the epitome of a perfect teacher. He does the work of 4 teachers. He teaches a combined class of language immersion 2nd/3rd grade and does it proficiently in both languages - English and Spanish. That is one person covering two grades and two separate languages. Anyone visiting his class or seeing him in the school hallway will instantly notice how much students adore him. Parents love him too, because kids look forward to learning and attending school since he makes it fun for them. He always advocates for what's best for his students. He volunteers by staying after school several days per week to run a chess club for students. Scores of students sign up for it. Recently, there was a mix-up on a chess club sign-up form, and it was accidentally overbooked by dozens of students due to its popularity. Gracias, Mr. Elliott, on behalf of all your students and their parents.Christopher Sis, Parent
  • Quyana to Bernadette McLaughlin, Laura Eastham, and Morgan DuClos at Turnagain Elementary School

    Bernadette McLaughlin is a patient and caring first grade teacher at Turnagain Elementary. She is in her first year serving our students; yet her enthusiasm and dedication to helping students step into their potential has had a positive impact on our learning community. Her calm and consistent demeanor continues to contribute to her success in developing the classroom climate and foster relationships with students. She is a reflective educator that strives to maximize her professional skills and strategies - know we value and appreciate you. Thank you, Ms. McLaughlins for helping our Turnagain Tigers R.O.A.R.!

    Morgan DuClos is an exceptional Migrant Education Student Success Coach, who continues to be an asset to our learning community. She is diligent with her family communication, forming intentional relationships, and supporting students throughout their learning journey. Morgan is that caring adult whom students trust, and go to for support and kind words of encouragement. We are fortunate to have your positive influence on our students. Thank you Ms. Duclos for your continued dedication to our Turnagain Tigers!


    Laura Eastham is a dedicated and innovative sixth grade teacher at Turnagain Elementary. She continues to contribute her time, energy and talents above and beyond. Ms. Eastham focuses on building students’ leadership skills and strong habits of mind. She utilizes hand-on learning projects, infuses technology instruction, and assists students with planning for their futures. Thank you for continuing to provide multiple opportunities for our sixth graders to develop into the strong and confident scholars they are today. You are helping our Turngain Tigers transform into future-forward students, who are preparing themselves for continued and future success. Thank you for making the learning journey a memorable, enjoyable, and meaningful experience!- Christine Dennis, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Julie Sataella at Government Hill Elementary

    I am a weekly volunteer at Government Hill Elementary School, and I am always impressed by Ms. Santaella’s dedication to her staff and students. I notice that she is rarely in her office, but is usually either in the halls greeting or helping students, on the play ground or parking lot interacting with parents and students, or in classrooms supporting teachers and their students. When my youngest grandson started Kindergarten, he was thrilled to get to have lunch with the Principal and felt so special. That’s what she does for all her students, and we are so lucky to have her!Andi Nations, Grandparent and volunteer

  • Quyana to Thomas Johns and David Whiting at Purchasing

    Both David and Thomas came quickly to the rescue helping me with some Business Plus assistance. Thomas had a smile during the entire impromptu training. Both are outstanding and appreciated!Heather Philp, peer

  • Quyana to Julie Santaella at Government Hill Elementary

    I am consistently amazed by how dedicated Principal Santaella is to her job. She is an excellent communicator, providing information through various channels to make sure it reaches students and families effectively. She demonstrates a deep commitment to making Government Hill a wonderful school and community. She works hard to get to know the students. She is always coming up with creative ways to make the school a stronger community. She can often be found outside in the mornings, no matter the weather, making sure students are getting where they need to go safely. For example, this morning she was the crossing guard. I will never forget something she did for one of my kids a few years ago. He forgot his lunch at home and was upset about it. In the midst of everything that was going on in the cafeteria, she somehow saw what was happening with him, invited him to her office to eat his hot lunch with her, and called me to let me know and so I could talk to him. We are so fortunate to have Principal Santaella at Government Hill!Lara Nations, Parent

  • Quyana to Jim Anderson at ASD Ed Center

    Quyana to ASD CFO Jim Anderson for his tireless efforts and sympathizing with so many who are affected by the cost-reductions recommended to the ASD School Board. It is not easy to visit each devastated community who are at-risk of losing their beloved neighborhood school. I saw a man speak passionately to families and community members at the recent Nunaka Valley Town Hall. The District administration should be proud that someone like Jim is (unfortunately) stepping up to be the face of the District's dire fiscal situation.Anonymous, Community member