• Quyana to Neal D. at Transportation

    Neal took the time to write a "Good Conduct Report" for one of our students who had excellent behavior on the bus. With the many things on a bus driver's plate, taking the time to acknowledge the positives is greatly appreciated. This allowed our school to be able to celebrate a fabulous young lady!Kristina Peterson, Principal

  • Quyana to Jim Bell, Dave Little, Imtiaz Azzam, Joel Carter, Morgan Hooe, Shanita Randolph at Service High School

    The above-named administrators and security were instrumental in the safety of our school during an active bomb threat received on Wednesday morning. They were faced with many obstacles and unique circumstances but the incident was resolved quickly.During the incident, they communicated with staff in the building immediately with updates to share with our students to keep everyone calm. They were all well-oiled machines that worked seamlessly with APD to secure the building and all students and staff.We are so proud of them.Chelsea Galloway, Shayne Wright, Peer

  • Quyana to Tad Wellman at Counselor, Bartlett High School

    Mr. Wellman has been incredibly supportive for a few things we have needed for my son over the past few years. He always calls back quickly, has bent over backwards to help with class selection, and has helped guide us through forms for a study abroad as well as a military request for Senior Deferment. While he is now no longer my son's counselor, he still took my call and got me to where I needed to go, with documents sent the same day. I don't think people get enough credit for the good things they do, and I just wanted to take a minute to share my appreciation and gratitude.Shannon Jones, Parent

  • Quyana to David Hall at Chinook

    Thank you, David Hall, for all of your hard work and dedication coaching Chinook Cross Country Running Team, Coordinating South ANC Jamboree, and being an amazing emcee at the Jamboree event. You make a difference!Lori Rucksdashel, Principal

  • Quyana to Alyson Giammalva at Ptarmigan

    A big thanks to Mrs. Giammalva, our Librarian, for sharing her gift of literacy by teaching both a Reach for Reading group and a WIN group. Her knowledge and experience is just what our students need to grow academically.Kelly Ramey, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Chris Fortaliza at Rilke Schule German School

    Chris cares about students and works hard to keep our school beautiful, clean and safe. We all notice how carefully he maintains our hallways and stairwells throughout the winter, keeping them safe and dry. We appreciate his attention to detail. Thank you, Chris!Sasha Ringgenberg, Peer

  • Quyana to Brian Rios at Bus Driver

    I would like to thank Brian Rios for doing an amazing job with our kiddos! Brian has made a positive impact with several of my students over the past month. He always has a positive attitude, a smile on his face and is very patient and kind. Thank you Brian!Joni Hedman, Teacher

  • Quyana to Chad Robinson at Maintenance

    This morning has been a but chaotic, Chad has been really patient as we navigated the start of the day and stepped up by making sure staff were able to get into their assigned duty stations. THANK YOU CHAD!!!Elizabeth Tupper-Wilson, Peer

  • Quyana to Joe Balogh at Maintenance-CP&C/Key Shop

    Joe is the first one I call when there is an issue with our employee door fobs at the school. With the recent remodel and new system, there were many glitches in the system. Joe was/is always patient with all of my emails and phone calls. Believe me, there were/are many phone calls and emails! I appreciate you Joe. Thank you.Therese Carroll, Peer

  • Quyana to Paul Harris at Ptarmigan!

    Mr. Paul Harris truly is a team player. As our BPO he does an amazing job cleaning and sanitizing our school. Each task that you ask him to complete he does quickly, completely and with a positive attitude. He is the example of what a BPO should be in all schools!Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Quyana to Benjamin Bryant, Mike Vander Lugt, Veronica Cosme, Sandra Johnson and Kristen Malaiva at Bus Transportation!

    Quyana to our wonderful ASD bus drivers (Benjamin Bryant, Mike Vander Lugt, Veronica Cosme, Sandra Johnson and Kristen Malaiva) that drove us to Arctic Valley for our annual blueberry field trip in August. They were very friendly with our staff and students! We appreciate all that you do! -ANCCSSheila Sweetsir, Principal

  • Quyana to Sally Laret, Registrar at Eagle River High School

    Sally responded quickly and courteously to a Friday afternoon request for records. At the end of a busy day, she was there, in person, to help staff, parents and students. Thanks for your dedication and efficiency, Sally.Nancy Bale, Whaley/ACT Nurse, ASD Staff

  • Quyana to Matthew Ivacic at SRO at South High

    Thank you for helping me with my car problem. My car would have been stuck at the school if it wasn't for your help. Also, thank you for being kind and keeping our school safe : )Alaina Escobedo, Assistance Cafeteria Manager

  • Quyana to Ron Benton at Ptarmigan Elementary School

    Quyana to Mr. Benton! Thank you for your continued support with HM screeners, ELL support, before and after school support, and just a positive attitude!! You make such a huge difference at Ptarmigan Elementary school.Staff, students and families are so lucky that you chose Ptarmigan Elementary School!Carol Tucker, Peer

  • Quyana to Rick Stone, Ken Colley, John Lewis, Jamaal Siah, Matt Ivacic at South High School

    Rick Stone, Assistant Principal, his security team: Ken Colley, John Lewis, and Jamaal Siah, along with South SRO Matt Ivacic, have made a diligent effort to make sure students arrive at school safely each morning and also depart safely. Every day, despite the conditions, they are out welcoming parents and students to school and it has made a significant difference for our students and families.Luke Almon, Principal

  • Quyana to Tracy Pifer at AK State School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    A heartfelt THANK YOU to Tracy Pifer for her efforts above and beyond to help a new family. Without her assistance, it would have been impossible for us to communicate effectively with our new family. Her care and energy resulted in a beautiful introduction and connection with our school, for our student and her parents.Colleen Morris, peer
  • Quyana to Andy Ratliff at Accounting Dept!

    Andy Ratliff is an outstanding asset to the Anchorage School District. He always answers questions and helps to train and generally assist us in a very time efficient and clear manner. He is consistently kind and considerate. Andy makes the complicated subject of how ASD accounting operates almost enjoyable for the non-accounting focused employees. We would not know as much or understand nearly as much without his constant help and guidance. Thanks for being amazing, Andy!Sylvia Field Biondich, Peer

  • Quyana to Chad Garner at Ptarmigan Elementary School!

    Thank you Mr. Garner for your support in getting curriculum out to teachers. I appreciate your willingness to jump in to help organize and count materials. I am looking forward to a great school year!Carol Tucker, Peer

  • Quyana to Katherine Greene and the IT team at IT Team

    The team helped us run a successful offsite registration that ran seamlessly due to their support!Jessie Nesset, Principal

  • Quyana to Curtis Bushey at IT!

    Curtis came to my new location, set up my computer, added all the extra apps (I am now using a Mac). Curtis was very patient and kind as he taught me how to access things. Curtis was amazing! ASD is very blessed to have such a wonderful addition to our team!Elizabeth Tupper-Wilson, Peer

  • Quyana to Jeremy Henry at Muldoon Elementary BPO

    Quyana to Mr. Jeremy, who has jumped in to his new BPO role and never stopped running. He is quick, helpful, and friendly, but most of all enjoys interacting with students, even reminding them to eat healthy and make safe choices. He has gone above and beyond his job description to connect with students and make them proud of the work they are doing and their school. Quyana for your patience and enthusiasm - the kids and staff notice and appreciate you.Bethany Zimpelman, School RN

  • Quyana to Lisa Bunag at Alpenglow Elementary!

    Lisa Bunag became our Building Administrator at the end of April this year due to an unforeseen crisis. She performed extraordinary service for the entire school and staff during that time. She not only fulfilled the role of Principal, but also continued to carry out her assigned responsibilities as our school Librarian and Building Tech Coordinator. Her compassionate care for the children, teachers, staff, and community was exemplary. We felt supported and knew we were in good hands through a particularly busy and stressful time of year.Krista Petersen and Therese Carroll, Registrar and Admin Assistant

  • Quyana to Doreen Joyner at Lake Hood Elementary

    Ms. Doreen has been our ray of sunshine throughout the past 2 years. She's always smiling, greeting staff, students and families. She takes extra tasks in her stride, completing her role flawlessly. She is a gemTrudy Hoyt, peer

  • Quyana to Jeff Rowland at BPO Chugiak

    Jeff is a rather new edition here at Chugiak Elementary. In his short time he has already made a positive impact on students, teachers and our community. His kind and friendly attitude permeates through all his work. He consistently goes above and beyond to support all us here at Chugiak. We are so fortunate to have him on our team!Julie Hinkle, teacher

  • Quyana to Dustun Blevins & the Warehouse Team at Warehouse!

    Dustun Blevins and the team at the Warehouse have worked very hard this year to make sure that equipment is moved around the district in a timely and efficient fashion. Dustun's communication has been very clear and the truck drivers have been punctual, helpful and efficient. They are some of the "unsung heroes" of ASD!Philip Walters, Gruening MS band teacher