• Quyana to Nicole Crosby at Highland Academy Charter School

    Nicole Crosby is a true force of nature! She is always positive, professional, organized, and consistently inspires her colleagues. She goes out of her way to set others up for success, and works tirelessly behind the scenes to provide a safe and productive learning environment.Ms. Crosby has strong relationships with the students at Highland Academy and supports them in meeting their goals. She always remembers to celebrate the good things going on with our students, and builds leadership capacity with them.She truly models the way for everyone who has the pleasure to work with her.Quyana, Ms. Crosby! You are amazing.Amelia Johnson, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Melissa Belt at Airport Heights

    Melissa is an intermediate special education teacher. Melissa works very hard to give her students the best academic experience. She has a way of making her students feel very important and special. She goes above and beyond to meet her student's academic/emotional needs. Melissa is a very talented and gifted teacher.Pamela Martin, peer teacher

  • Quyana to Megan Mucha at Fire Lake Elementary

    Mrs. Mucha does so much for her students. And she has immersed herself into our Student Council. Putting in a lot of time and effort with the kids, helping to make our school a safe and happy place.Laurie Nusbaum, School Secretary

  • Quyana to Sandra Buchwald at Fire Lake Elementary

    Sandy does so much for her students. And she has immersed herself into our Student Council. Putting in a lot of time and effort with the kids, helping to make our school a safe and happy place.Laurie Nusbaum, School Secretary

  • Quyana to Donna Young at Lake Hood Elementary

    When you walk into Ms. Donna’s room there is this amazing, powerful energy that circulates the room. The children are smiling, fully engaged, and the interactions between Ms. Donna and students are always positive and encouraging. Ms. Donna has a very special gift when it comes to her teaching style. She builds a strong rapport with the students not only in her classroom but throughout the school. Children's faces literally light up when they see her coming. They know she genuinely cares about each one of them and makes each one feel valuable. It is such a joy to see how students thrive in her classroom. Ms. Donna is an invaluable asset to the teaching profession and is admired for her enthusiasm, authenticity, hard work and love of her job. We are so PROUD of you!MojoB, Colleage

  • Quyana to Courtney Dresser-Bardwell at ASD Transportation

    Thank you, Courtney, and our amazing transportation team for moving mountains. Your super quick response in getting a bus over to Chinook in regards to a specific student was so helpful. You are amazing and we appreciate your dedication. You make a difference and are appreciated!Chinook Team, Peer

  • Quyana to Kirby Kauffman and Justin Somaduroff at Kirby-West High. Justin- South High

    Justin and Kirby contributed greatly to our combined South, Service and West bands intensive workshop this past weekend. They are always putting students first and without their organization and preparation this event would not have been possible. They are true professionals and our district is fortunate to have them.Christopher Lubken, colleague

  • Quyana to Nina Bingham, Rocehle Turner, Tamara Gagnon at Hanshew Middle School!


    Nina, Rochele, and Tamara have been extremely dedicated and hard workers. They serve the families, students, staff, and community every day from our front office at Hanshew with a smile and grace. They are kind, considerate, and professional which is not always returned. We appreciate them and applaud their dedication to ASD and Hanshew Middle School. They are the face of our school and they represent us well! Thank you for all you do for all of us, we appreciate you so much!Lakhita Hodge, supervisor

  • Quyana to Franklin Pinchbeck at Maintenance CP&C (Senior Locksmith)!

    We want to thank Frank for being such an amazing and professional locksmith. Every time we put in a work order for a new key or repair, Frank is always prompt, professional, and courteous. He goes above and beyond to educate us about out school locks and even spent time training our new BPO on the magnetic lock door system. He is such a kind and patient person and we appreciate him at Hanshew Middle School!Lakhita Hodge, Colleague


  • Quyana to Cycelia McMorris, Deborah Badertscher, Crystal Heath, Scott Bauer, Abel Peca-Medlin, Josh Gumlickpuk, Colette Moring, and Kelly Byers at Hanshew Middle School!

    Thank you for an amazing job planning, preparing, and executing Hanshew's first annual career exploration! This committee was instrumental in making the career expo a success! With the support from Corey Allen-Young, Joe Zawodny, and Mayor Dave Bronson, we had over 35 businesses/organizations, including the Municipality of Anchorage departments, and our school business partners to participate and share insights with our middle schoolers about their selected careers fields. In addition, we had former NFL player Nathaniel Rivers and former NBA player Mario Chalmers to talk to students about the academic, behavioral, and athletic grit it takes to be a professional athlete!Lakhita Hodge, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Darcie Sherrick at 21st Century Program

    I want to thank Darcie Sherrick, Administrative Assistant for the 21st century Program. I have had the pleasure of working with Darcie this school year on several occasions as I offer after-school training to 21st Century teachers. She is such a gem; always positive, ready to lend a hand, and gets things done! I recently presented at the 21st Century Symposium for teachers after school and Darcie was incredibly helpful with getting materials ready, room space, set up and anything else I needed. She works above and beyond her work day and goes the extra mile to make the 21st Century Program run smoothly. Thank you Darcie!!!Audrey Drew, Code.org CSF Facilitator

  • Quyana to Wonder Park Staff Secret Santa at Wonder Park

    Through all the trials and tribulations that Wonder Park Elementary staff, students and parents have experienced these last few months, the spirit of the generous community continues to grow within our hallowed halls! With gratitude and heartfelt thanks, we the teachers of Wonder Park wish we knew who our Secret Santa was! This kind soul brightened our day, so that we can continue to do the same for our students!Lisa Johnson, 2nd grade teacher

  • Quyana to Priya Lindeen at Bear Valley Elementary

    Mrs. Lindeen has created an amazing learning environment in her classroom. Her positive energy is contagious! Our son knows that she has his best interest in mind and she has high expectations of him, with layers and layers of support and encouragement.Thanks for everything you do to provide a positive learning community, Mrs. Lindeen!! We feel lucky to be on this journey with you!Jim & Ayme Johnson, Parents

  • Quyana to Shane Noyes at Homestead Elementary

    Mr. Noyes is an exceptional super substitute teacher for Homestead Elementary. He comes in everyday, with a smile, ready to support classrooms. He is truly a team player, going above and beyond for our school. Mr. Noyes helped with snow removal during the snow days by bringing his own snowblower from home, clearing our path to school. We can always count on Mr. Noyes to do what's best for kids, staff, and families at Homestead Elementary.Aimee Kahler, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Haley Hakala at Alaska Native Cultural Charter School - CITC Riding the Waves SEL - Prevention Coordinator

    Haley Hakala engages Alaska Native Cultural Charter School students (5th-8th grades) in rich culturally relevant social emotional learning every week. She has a unique bond and connection with our ANCCS young adults. Haley inspires and teaches students to self-regulate their emotions, work together as a school family, build coping skills, and give back to others using traditional values of respect, caring for others, and "upteq" (getting ready) for life. Haley offers after-school, Native craft opportunities for students and parents, including making jewelry, fur ornaments, and qaspeqs. Haley also focuses on the 8th grade students, helping them prepare for high school with an understanding of who they are, where they come from, and how to be confident, Indigenous students regardless of where they go to high school. Haley is loved and respected by staff and students at ANCCS! Quyana for your passion and dedication to our students and school!Danielle Riha, Middle School Math Teacher - 2019 Alaska State Teacher of the Year - National Finalist

  • Quyana to Erin Leighton and Julia Tantillo at Lake Hood

    Ms. Erin has been such a wonderful and positive addition to our Lake Hood team. She is friendly to everyone and is a wonderfully collaborative colleague. She has embraced many school-wide projects and has shared many of her own amazing ideas. Ms. Erin has a dynamic personality and her students respond positively to set up for success mindset! The students and teachers at Lake Hood are very fortunate to have her as a part of our team!

    Mrs.Tantillo is new to our Lake Hood team, however has blended in seamlessly with her many talents! Mrs. Tantillo is extremely welcoming to everyone and builds positive relationships with staff and with her students. When you walk into her room you can immediately feel the positive energy that comes from her fabulous learning environment. She has been wonderful to collaborate with and really brings out the best in her students. We are so grateful to have her here and to see the inspiring progress she makes with her students.- MojoB, Colleague

  • Quyana to Sandra (Sandy) Roys at College Gate Elementary, Indian Ed. Student Support Specialist

    Sandy is a shining light at our school. She makes it her goal every day to bring a smile to the students and staff around her, and has been a huge support for me as I transitioned to librarian this year. Her words of encouragement and enthusiasm for her job as a student support specialist are inspiring and helpful during the dark Alaskan days. We are so grateful for Sandy!Kelly Anderson, K-6 Librarian

  • Quyana to Afa Ulufanua at Student Services - Bettye Davis East High

    Afa is working hard to provide for our students in his work as a Security Guard. He is our Samoan ambassador and helps with translations and anything we might else need for any student. We thank him for his work! Quyana!Janeen Wilkins, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Tiffiney French at Bear Valley - 1st Grade

    Mrs. French has gone above and beyond in supporting and building a rapport with our son. She is always so positive and has created a cohesive and engaging learning environment. He loves school, his teacher, and his classmates, and this is all because of her positive energy. We are so lucky!Ayme Johnson, Parent

  • Quyana to Lynn Roering at Transportation

    Ms. Roering provided amazing, kind, and thorough collaboration. She also went above and beyond in her support for our school in our most recent need of field trip transportation.Melissa Bassham, AA - Huffman Elementary

  • Quyana to Kasey Callison and Suzie Mauro at Homestead Elementary

    Kasey and Suzie are always going above and beyond for our students, families, and staff. They are both kind, helpful, and make the front office an inviting place for everyone at Homestead Elementary.Aimee Kahler, Principal


    Quyana to Eric Elliott at Government Hill Elementary

    Mr. Elliott is the epitome of a perfect teacher. He does the work of 4 teachers. He teaches a combined class of language immersion 2nd/3rd grade and does it proficiently in both languages - English and Spanish. That is one person covering two grades and two separate languages. Anyone visiting his class or seeing him in the school hallway will instantly notice how much students adore him. Parents love him too, because kids look forward to learning and attending school since he makes it fun for them. He always advocates for what's best for his students. He volunteers by staying after school several days per week to run a chess club for students. Scores of students sign up for it. Recently, there was a mix-up on a chess club sign-up form, and it was accidentally overbooked by dozens of students due to its popularity. Gracias, Mr. Elliott, on behalf of all your students and their parents.Christopher Sis, Parent
  • Quyana to Bernadette McLaughlin, Laura Eastham, and Morgan DuClos at Turnagain Elementary School

    Bernadette McLaughlin is a patient and caring first grade teacher at Turnagain Elementary. She is in her first year serving our students; yet her enthusiasm and dedication to helping students step into their potential has had a positive impact on our learning community. Her calm and consistent demeanor continues to contribute to her success in developing the classroom climate and foster relationships with students. She is a reflective educator that strives to maximize her professional skills and strategies - know we value and appreciate you. Thank you, Ms. McLaughlins for helping our Turnagain Tigers R.O.A.R.!

    Morgan DuClos is an exceptional Migrant Education Student Success Coach, who continues to be an asset to our learning community. She is diligent with her family communication, forming intentional relationships, and supporting students throughout their learning journey. Morgan is that caring adult whom students trust, and go to for support and kind words of encouragement. We are fortunate to have your positive influence on our students. Thank you Ms. Duclos for your continued dedication to our Turnagain Tigers!


    Laura Eastham is a dedicated and innovative sixth grade teacher at Turnagain Elementary. She continues to contribute her time, energy and talents above and beyond. Ms. Eastham focuses on building students’ leadership skills and strong habits of mind. She utilizes hand-on learning projects, infuses technology instruction, and assists students with planning for their futures. Thank you for continuing to provide multiple opportunities for our sixth graders to develop into the strong and confident scholars they are today. You are helping our Turngain Tigers transform into future-forward students, who are preparing themselves for continued and future success. Thank you for making the learning journey a memorable, enjoyable, and meaningful experience!- Christine Dennis, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Julie Sataella at Government Hill Elementary

    I am a weekly volunteer at Government Hill Elementary School, and I am always impressed by Ms. Santaella’s dedication to her staff and students. I notice that she is rarely in her office, but is usually either in the halls greeting or helping students, on the play ground or parking lot interacting with parents and students, or in classrooms supporting teachers and their students. When my youngest grandson started Kindergarten, he was thrilled to get to have lunch with the Principal and felt so special. That’s what she does for all her students, and we are so lucky to have her!Andi Nations, Grandparent and volunteer

  • Quyana to Thomas Johns and David Whiting at Purchasing

    Both David and Thomas came quickly to the rescue helping me with some Business Plus assistance. Thomas had a smile during the entire impromptu training. Both are outstanding and appreciated!Heather Philp, peer

  • Quyana to Julie Santaella at Government Hill Elementary

    I am consistently amazed by how dedicated Principal Santaella is to her job. She is an excellent communicator, providing information through various channels to make sure it reaches students and families effectively. She demonstrates a deep commitment to making Government Hill a wonderful school and community. She works hard to get to know the students. She is always coming up with creative ways to make the school a stronger community. She can often be found outside in the mornings, no matter the weather, making sure students are getting where they need to go safely. For example, this morning she was the crossing guard. I will never forget something she did for one of my kids a few years ago. He forgot his lunch at home and was upset about it. In the midst of everything that was going on in the cafeteria, she somehow saw what was happening with him, invited him to her office to eat his hot lunch with her, and called me to let me know and so I could talk to him. We are so fortunate to have Principal Santaella at Government Hill!Lara Nations, Parent

  • Quyana to Jim Anderson at ASD Ed Center

    Quyana to ASD CFO Jim Anderson for his tireless efforts and sympathizing with so many who are affected by the cost-reductions recommended to the ASD School Board. It is not easy to visit each devastated community who are at-risk of losing their beloved neighborhood school. I saw a man speak passionately to families and community members at the recent Nunaka Valley Town Hall. The District administration should be proud that someone like Jim is (unfortunately) stepping up to be the face of the District's dire fiscal situation.Anonymous, Community member

  • Quyana to Julie Santaella at Principal, Government Hill Elementary

    Principal Santaella does an A+ job keeping parents educated about what is going on at Government Hill Elementary and at ASD. She uses various communication channels and is highly accessible. She regularly responds to parent and student concerns or questions within minutes, even outside of school hours. She recently offered various solutions to something our daughter brought up and let her decide what solution would work best for her. Her caring and responsiveness benefits students and parents and is greatly appreciated.Christopher Sis, Parent

  • Quyana to Carol Tucker at Ptarmigan Elementary School

    Her motherly approach inspires me as a newly hired teacher . She's a fantastic instructional Coach and so willing to help anyone in any aspects. When she asks "Are you okay?" was my fave line from her. Grateful for her kind treatment to everyone in our school.

    Love Joy, peer

  • Quyana to Juselandrea Tajale at Ptarmigan Elementary

    Ms. Tajale or Ms. T. Rea is a patient and caring Resource Teacher at Ptarmigan Elementary. She is in her 2nd year serving our students, but the expertise in the area of behavior that she brought with her, has positively impacted our school culture. Her calm and firm demeanor sets the example for how all staff members should interact with students displaying challenging behavior. She is a team player that works with all staff to ensure the needs of our students are addressed. She is a reflective educator that always wants to be better. Thank you, Ms. T. Rea, for all you do for our students.Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Quyana to Kelly Ramey at Ptarmigan Elementary School

    Her administration , wonderful supervision and dedication has inspired me to teach kids. She's the best Role Model to all teachers, students and parents. Am grateful because I learned many things I need to know since everything is new to me here in ASD.Love Joy, peer

  • Quyana to Lenna Michener at Ptarmigan Elementary

    Thanks for being an excellent Mentor and for guiding me on the right path. She taught me everything that must be done as Special Education Resource Teacher. It's always inspiring to work with her. Forever grateful having her as my fantastic Mentor.Love Joy Galarpe, peer

  • Quyana to Randi Crouch at Finance Admin Assistant

    Randi is a great asset to the accounting department. Her willingness to help is always appreciated when you have questions about how something is done. She even shares tips and tricks to make some of the processes a bit easier. Thank you for all the help you have given me.Tonya Quiett, Peer

  • Quyana to Lindsay Weingartner at Hanshew

    Our son recently told us during a weekend that he was looking forward to going to school on Monday. When asked why, he said that he loves Ms Weingartner’s class. She is obviously an awesome teacher to make a teen look forward to school!Bill Richardson, Parent

  • Quyana to Lynn Roering at Transportation

    Thank you to Lynn for always having a great attitude and working so well with us with all the changing sports schedules and getting us buses on such short notice.Chelsea Hunt, Peer

  • Quyana to Jamie Hobson at 21st Century Coordinator at Ptarmigan!

    A big “thank you” to Mr. Jamie Hobson, our 21st Century Coordinator at Ptarmigan,for going above and beyond his job description to help out around school during the day. He is often called on numerous times a day to help students’ regular their behavior. He is willing to volunteer to cover in the office, at recess, and even at dismissal when we other staff members are out. We truly appreciate all the ways Mr. Jamie helps our students and staff at Ptarmigan Elementary.Kelly Ramey, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Arleta "Dodi" Malloy at Tudor Elementary

    Quyana to Dodi Malloy at Tudor Elementary. Dodi is our Instructional Coach and Data Guru. Students and staff alike know that they can come to Mrs. Malloy and get assistance with whatever they may need -- from testing, data collection, teaching techniques and more. She patiently works with students when not being called to help with behavior issues or student assessments. Thank you Dodi for your commitment to Tudor Elementary.Gail Patarini, Tudor Staff

  • Quyana to Tiffiny Hatcher at Scenic Park Elementary

    In the fast-paced world of the front desk, Tiffiny Hatcher (Scenic Park) always takes the time to gently and supportively guide me through any hiccup that comes my way! I appreciate her and learn from her in every interaction. Thank you Tiffiny for holding your students, parents, teachers, school and other ASD team members! You are amazing:-)Colleen Morris, peer

  • Quyana to Amy Bonertz at Anchorage STrEaM Academy, Counselor

    Quyana to Amy Bonertz for her amazing skills as school counselor extraordinaire. Amy does way more than most counselors in middle schools. She not only schedules all our students, she also plans all the Social Emotional Lessons for our advisors, counsels students on academic and social issues, runs the Sunshine Committee, directs traffic before and after school, monitors students during school-wide lunches, serves as our 504 coordinator and testing coordinator. All these jobs and she always has a smile and superior attitude of service. Bones is simply amazing! STrEaM is lucky to have her.Sylvia Biondich, peer

  • Quyana to Heidi Frost, a parent at ASD

    Heidi always makes time to help when we have activity within our Indigenous class here at Wendler Middle school. Quyana Caknek from the bottom of my heart for always helping our program be where it is at today.Rosa Luhrs, Student Support Specialist

  • Quyana to Heather Huddleston at Ptarmigan!

    Mrs. Huddleston is a dedicated professional for not only our students that struggle with Speech and Language issues, but also to our staff. She meets weekly with the Ptarmigan Special Education staff to ensure we are meeting students’ needs and properly conducting Special Education meetings. She willingly shares her knowledge with staff and even took on an additional responsibility of mentoring a student intern. She is a Speech and Language Provider that you want your student to have if they are struggling in this area. Thank you Mrs. Huddleston for all you for the Ptarmigan students, families, and staff!Kelly Ramey, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Tessie Canada at Ptarmigan!

    It is almost hard to know here to being outlining what an amazing educator that Mrs. Canada is. She is a dedicated and strong teacher at Ptarmigan Elementary and the students she works with not only make gains but become more independent and begin to see the benefits a strong educational foundation. She communicates with parents and helps them see that together as a team their student can achieve anything. Ptarmigan Elementary is fortunate to have Mrs. Canada on our staff!Kelly Ramey, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Katrina Mulholland at Denali Montessori

    Thank you for your supportive & positive attitude that gives kindergarteners such a wonderful start to their school journeys!Krista Rice, Parent

  • Quyana to Donna Yeates at Fire Lake Elementary/ School Cafeteria Manager

    Donna is a part of our school's Sunshine Commitee. She has taken on the responsibility of providing our Sunshine Snacks for the staff. She does this on her own time and refills and re-stocks drinks and snacks every week. We appreciate all that she does for our students and staff. She is always making sure that everyone is fed! We appreciate you Mrs. Donna! Fire Lake Elementary Sunshine CommitteeLaurie Nusbaum, School Secretary

  • Quyana to Allison Buckley at Chugiak Elementary

    Ali shows up EVERY day with a smile, positive attitude, and ready to give ALL of her 1st graders a chance to shine. She has created an inviting classroom community where her students feel cared for, seen, and inspired to persevere. Ali's sincere joy and passion for teaching creates a wonderful ripple effect amongst colleagues. What an honor it is to work with her!Sharyl Steiding, peer

  • Quyana to Cristina Yambao at Human Resource Department

    Shoutout to Ms. Cristina Yambao for her never-ending support not only for the Filipino community, but also for the ASD community. She always works above and beyond, a great multi-tasker, and made a positive impact on many people. We are lucky to have you!JA, parent

  • Quyana to Andrew Schweistal, Carol Turner and Suzie Spackman at Chugiak ES- Specialist

    Our specialists do so much extra! Thank you for the early morning choirs, planning art contest at a local business, and for organizing the Bicycle Education Program trailer to bring bikes and scooters to kids. This makes happy kids who are proud of their efforts. Thank you.Beth Senchantixay, colleague

  • Quyana to Allison Erickson at Chugiak ES

    Organized an after-school homework club for some of our students who needed it most.Beth Senchantixay, Colleague

  • Quyana to Neal D. at Transportation

    Neal took the time to write a "Good Conduct Report" for one of our students who had excellent behavior on the bus. With the many things on a bus driver's plate, taking the time to acknowledge the positives is greatly appreciated. This allowed our school to be able to celebrate a fabulous young lady!Kristina Peterson, Principal

  • Quyana to Jim Bell, Dave Little, Imtiaz Azzam, Joel Carter, Morgan Hooe, Shanita Randolph at Service High School

    The above-named administrators and security were instrumental in the safety of our school during an active bomb threat received on Wednesday morning. They were faced with many obstacles and unique circumstances but the incident was resolved quickly.During the incident, they communicated with staff in the building immediately with updates to share with our students to keep everyone calm. They were all well-oiled machines that worked seamlessly with APD to secure the building and all students and staff.We are so proud of them.Chelsea Galloway, Shayne Wright, Peer

  • Quyana to Tad Wellman at Counselor, Bartlett High School

    Mr. Wellman has been incredibly supportive for a few things we have needed for my son over the past few years. He always calls back quickly, has bent over backwards to help with class selection, and has helped guide us through forms for a study abroad as well as a military request for Senior Deferment. While he is now no longer my son's counselor, he still took my call and got me to where I needed to go, with documents sent the same day. I don't think people get enough credit for the good things they do, and I just wanted to take a minute to share my appreciation and gratitude.Shannon Jones, Parent

  • Quyana to David Hall at Chinook

    Thank you, David Hall, for all of your hard work and dedication coaching Chinook Cross Country Running Team, Coordinating South ANC Jamboree, and being an amazing emcee at the Jamboree event. You make a difference!Lori Rucksdashel, Principal

  • Quyana to Alyson Giammalva at Ptarmigan

    A big thanks to Mrs. Giammalva, our Librarian, for sharing her gift of literacy by teaching both a Reach for Reading group and a WIN group. Her knowledge and experience is just what our students need to grow academically.Kelly Ramey, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Chris Fortaliza at Rilke Schule German School

    Chris cares about students and works hard to keep our school beautiful, clean and safe. We all notice how carefully he maintains our hallways and stairwells throughout the winter, keeping them safe and dry. We appreciate his attention to detail. Thank you, Chris!Sasha Ringgenberg, Peer

  • Quyana to Brian Rios at Bus Driver

    I would like to thank Brian Rios for doing an amazing job with our kiddos! Brian has made a positive impact with several of my students over the past month. He always has a positive attitude, a smile on his face and is very patient and kind. Thank you Brian!Joni Hedman, Teacher

  • Quyana to Chad Robinson at Maintenance

    This morning has been a but chaotic, Chad has been really patient as we navigated the start of the day and stepped up by making sure staff were able to get into their assigned duty stations. THANK YOU CHAD!!!Elizabeth Tupper-Wilson, Peer

  • Quyana to Joe Balogh at Maintenance-CP&C/Key Shop

    Joe is the first one I call when there is an issue with our employee door fobs at the school. With the recent remodel and new system, there were many glitches in the system. Joe was/is always patient with all of my emails and phone calls. Believe me, there were/are many phone calls and emails! I appreciate you Joe. Thank you.Therese Carroll, Peer

  • Quyana to Paul Harris at Ptarmigan!

    Mr. Paul Harris truly is a team player. As our BPO he does an amazing job cleaning and sanitizing our school. Each task that you ask him to complete he does quickly, completely and with a positive attitude. He is the example of what a BPO should be in all schools!Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Quyana to Benjamin Bryant, Mike Vander Lugt, Veronica Cosme, Sandra Johnson and Kristen Malaiva at Bus Transportation!

    Quyana to our wonderful ASD bus drivers (Benjamin Bryant, Mike Vander Lugt, Veronica Cosme, Sandra Johnson and Kristen Malaiva) that drove us to Arctic Valley for our annual blueberry field trip in August. They were very friendly with our staff and students! We appreciate all that you do! -ANCCSSheila Sweetsir, Principal

  • Quyana to Sally Laret, Registrar at Eagle River High School

    Sally responded quickly and courteously to a Friday afternoon request for records. At the end of a busy day, she was there, in person, to help staff, parents and students. Thanks for your dedication and efficiency, Sally.Nancy Bale, Whaley/ACT Nurse, ASD Staff

  • Quyana to Matthew Ivacic at SRO at South High

    Thank you for helping me with my car problem. My car would have been stuck at the school if it wasn't for your help. Also, thank you for being kind and keeping our school safe : )Alaina Escobedo, Assistance Cafeteria Manager

  • Quyana to Ron Benton at Ptarmigan Elementary School

    Quyana to Mr. Benton! Thank you for your continued support with HM screeners, ELL support, before and after school support, and just a positive attitude!! You make such a huge difference at Ptarmigan Elementary school.Staff, students and families are so lucky that you chose Ptarmigan Elementary School!Carol Tucker, Peer

  • Quyana to Rick Stone, Ken Colley, John Lewis, Jamaal Siah, Matt Ivacic at South High School

    Rick Stone, Assistant Principal, his security team: Ken Colley, John Lewis, and Jamaal Siah, along with South SRO Matt Ivacic, have made a diligent effort to make sure students arrive at school safely each morning and also depart safely. Every day, despite the conditions, they are out welcoming parents and students to school and it has made a significant difference for our students and families.Luke Almon, Principal

  • Quyana to Tracy Pifer at AK State School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    A heartfelt THANK YOU to Tracy Pifer for her efforts above and beyond to help a new family. Without her assistance, it would have been impossible for us to communicate effectively with our new family. Her care and energy resulted in a beautiful introduction and connection with our school, for our student and her parents.Colleen Morris, peer
  • Quyana to Andy Ratliff at Accounting Dept!

    Andy Ratliff is an outstanding asset to the Anchorage School District. He always answers questions and helps to train and generally assist us in a very time efficient and clear manner. He is consistently kind and considerate. Andy makes the complicated subject of how ASD accounting operates almost enjoyable for the non-accounting focused employees. We would not know as much or understand nearly as much without his constant help and guidance. Thanks for being amazing, Andy!Sylvia Field Biondich, Peer

  • Quyana to Chad Garner at Ptarmigan Elementary School!

    Thank you Mr. Garner for your support in getting curriculum out to teachers. I appreciate your willingness to jump in to help organize and count materials. I am looking forward to a great school year!Carol Tucker, Peer

  • Quyana to Katherine Greene and the IT team at IT Team

    The team helped us run a successful offsite registration that ran seamlessly due to their support!Jessie Nesset, Principal

  • Quyana to Curtis Bushey at IT!

    Curtis came to my new location, set up my computer, added all the extra apps (I am now using a Mac). Curtis was very patient and kind as he taught me how to access things. Curtis was amazing! ASD is very blessed to have such a wonderful addition to our team!Elizabeth Tupper-Wilson, Peer

  • Quyana to Jeremy Henry at Muldoon Elementary BPO

    Quyana to Mr. Jeremy, who has jumped in to his new BPO role and never stopped running. He is quick, helpful, and friendly, but most of all enjoys interacting with students, even reminding them to eat healthy and make safe choices. He has gone above and beyond his job description to connect with students and make them proud of the work they are doing and their school. Quyana for your patience and enthusiasm - the kids and staff notice and appreciate you.Bethany Zimpelman, School RN

  • Quyana to Lisa Bunag at Alpenglow Elementary!

    Lisa Bunag became our Building Administrator at the end of April this year due to an unforeseen crisis. She performed extraordinary service for the entire school and staff during that time. She not only fulfilled the role of Principal, but also continued to carry out her assigned responsibilities as our school Librarian and Building Tech Coordinator. Her compassionate care for the children, teachers, staff, and community was exemplary. We felt supported and knew we were in good hands through a particularly busy and stressful time of year.Krista Petersen and Therese Carroll, Registrar and Admin Assistant

  • Quyana to Doreen Joyner at Lake Hood Elementary

    Ms. Doreen has been our ray of sunshine throughout the past 2 years. She's always smiling, greeting staff, students and families. She takes extra tasks in her stride, completing her role flawlessly. She is a gemTrudy Hoyt, peer

  • Quyana to Jeff Rowland at BPO Chugiak

    Jeff is a rather new edition here at Chugiak Elementary. In his short time he has already made a positive impact on students, teachers and our community. His kind and friendly attitude permeates through all his work. He consistently goes above and beyond to support all us here at Chugiak. We are so fortunate to have him on our team!Julie Hinkle, teacher

  • Quyana to Dustun Blevins & the Warehouse Team at Warehouse!

    Dustun Blevins and the team at the Warehouse have worked very hard this year to make sure that equipment is moved around the district in a timely and efficient fashion. Dustun's communication has been very clear and the truck drivers have been punctual, helpful and efficient. They are some of the "unsung heroes" of ASD!Philip Walters, Gruening MS band teacher