• Quyana to Anne Paley, Emily Rascoe, and Katy Bakker at Special Education Department

    Thank you to our wonderful B-Team for creating a fantastic training on the Positive Approach to Student Success (PASS) program that was delivered during the cross-district November 12th Professional Development Day! Your knowledge and support for the PASS program has been essential to its success in our Middle Schools. The Special Education Department is fortunate to have you part of our phenomenal B-Team!

    - Pamela Momany, Assistant Director

  • Quyana to Information Technology at ASD

    I'd like to thank the people at IT.  Everyone I talk to is always very patient and helpful.  Regardless the size of the problem their willingness to work through it with me is always positive.  You guys do an amazing job. 



    (Thank you)

    - Sheila Sweetsir, Principal

  • Quyana to Kara Cravens at Northern Lights ABC

    Quyana to our Administrative Assistant Kara Cravens. You always go above and beyond to meet the needs of the staff, answering unending questions even when you are so busy. Your attention to detail and organization skills are outstanding. You have been such a great resource here at our school. THANK YOU!


    - Ngozi Njoku, School Nurse

  • Quyana to Ben Gordon at IT

    Quyana to Ben Gordon. Last Thursday I had a slight mishap with my computer. My computer did not survive and I was in desperate need to have it replaced. By Friday morning Ben had brought me a new computer and by Tuesday morning my salvaged data was back on my new computer. It couldn't have been a smoother process and I am super appreciative.


    - Lara McDonald and Saundra Senior, Peers

  • Quyana to Brody Ward at Information Technology

    Brody deserves a huge thank you from Alaska Middle College. We have just started a new school on the main UAA campus, which means we have no ASD server and we are also dealing with UAA IT. There have been a multitude of issues from the student's chrome books to printing capability. He has come in on more than one occasion with nothing but patience and an intent to get the job done right. Brody's goal has always been student and teacher focused. He has come back and communicated with us over and over because he wants technology to work correctly to support the staff and students. The IT department is so lucky to have someone like Brody who shows us that IT is there to support us in any way we need to serve the greater student population. What a great IT guy!


    - Janel Walton, teacher

  • Quyana to Jessie Sharpe, Adrienne West, Nathan Hartman, Maria Humecky at Debarr Heights - Special Schools

    I was so impressed today watching the lesson that you presented.  It was engaging, positive, meaningful and got every student involved.  You work with a difficult population and I was so impressed with the lesson and your positive interaction with the students.  I am so proud to be your colleague!!


    - Tracie Ashman, Peer

  • Quyana to Jeff Chisholm at S.A.V.E. High School

    I don't know how he does it but Nurse Jeff serves as a liaison between school staff and community health care providers, make health care assessments several times a day, and provide information and resources to students that are in transition. By the way, Nurse Jeff also finds time to hand out Band-Aids, cough drops, and ice for students & staff and is our go to guy for transportation issues. You are appreciated!!


    -Ron Brown, Principal

  • Quyana to Charles Stafford at Denali Montessori Elementary School/Music Teacher

    Charles Stafford is an important member of the Denali Montessori Elementary School Community. He is an excellent music teacher whose skills/talents reach all of the students at Denali. Working with Mr. Chuck, as the Life Skills students I work with call him, he shows to be a caring and compassionate music teacher. He also writes his own music and does a wonderful back-to-school night program, Winter program as well as working with all students from grades 2-6 at lunch to perform in our school choir.  Mr. Chuck needs to be recognized for his wonderful work he does each and every day. Thank you "Mr. Chuck" for all you do each and every day.


    - Penny Seliger, Peer

  • Quyana to Joe Balogh at Maintenance

    Thank you Joe!

    I appreciate your quick response in setting up access to Kennedy for our new I.T. staff and your willingness to bring over master key sets whenever needed!

    You always have a pleasant demeanor and an eagerness to help. Thank you for everything that you do for ASD! You are amazing and a joy to work with!


    - Lisa Hall, Co-Worker

  • Quyana to Russell Gates at Begich Middle School Tech Support

    Thank you, Russell Gates, for generously and enthusiastically rushing to the aid of everyone in Begich Middle School. Your kindness and technical knowledge keep our school running like a well oiled machine!


    - Sylvia F Biondich, peer

  • Quyana to Lisa Young at Academic English Learners

    Quyana to Lisa Young with the Academic English Learners Department! Lisa is an incredible problem-solver, day-saver, Jill-of-all-trades who is constantly and consistently helpful in the kindest of ways. She is such an essential part of our team, and makes the logistics possible for us to do our jobs. We don't know what we'd do without her!


    - Jessica Minguez and Janice Scott, Colleague

  • Quyana to Kaity Williamson at Service High School

    My child loves this teacher so much. They come home everyday taking nonstop about Mrs.Willy did this and Mrs.Willy is amazing.

    I am so glad to know that my child is taken care of at Service High.


    - Anonymous, Parent

  • Quyana to Terri Wurm at Orion Elementary

    Quyana to our School Nurse Terri Wurm. Mrs. Wurm comes to school every morning smiling, and the positive vibe she exudes is instantaneously contagious. Having 40+ years of nursing expertise, we are so fortunate to have her here at our school. Working within close proximity of her office is such a heartwarming experience, as I get to see her treat each student/staff member with flawless expertise and compassion. We love you Nurse Wurm!


    - Heather Patufka, Administrative Assistant

  • Quyana to Marcus Wilson at Elementary School Education

    For the last 5 years (at least), Mr. Wilson has led a Boy's Group that started at North Star Elementary, where he was the principal. The group taught young men and boys how to respectfully conduct themselves when dealing with children, authority and senior citizens. I recently spoke with a fellow student at West High who still participates in the group. As a student who has great respect for him and what he is doing, I would like to recognize Mr. Wilson for his effort, dedication and contribution to the young men and boys of my generation.


    - Monica Sutton, Sophomore, West High School

  • Quyana to Tamera Flores at Fairview Elementary

    Quyana to Tamera Flores for putting students first! I had the pleasure of working with Tamera as part of a team to develop a plan for a complex situation. Her knowledge of individual student needs, the patience and love that she brings with her everyday, and her commitment to the success of every child in her classroom made her a critical part of the team!


    - Paige Petr, peer

  • Quyana to Andre Toliver, Jon Ticket, Greta Ingram, EJ Eduarte at Dimond High School

    We are so incredibly lucky to have Andre Toliver, Jon Ticket, Greta Ingram, and EJ Eduarte as our security staff! They set such a positive, fun, and caring atmosphere for our students as soon as they walk in the door. Students enjoy them so much and make such great connections with them. For some of our students our security staff are the reason they come to school. Thank you for making such a difference in the lives of so many and for making Dimond a place our students want to be, you are amazing!


    - Dimond High School Staff

  • Quyana to Erin Meyer, Sarah Black, Deanna Crabb, Kaitlynne Conary at Spring Hill

     Thank you for creating a wonderful, supportive environment for all your students. It is truly a joy to visit your classroom!

    - Dale Forman, Behavior Analyst

  • Quyana to Ernesto Ting at ASD Education Center/Publications Department

    Quyana to Ernesto Ting at ASD Education Center in the Publications Department.  I put in a request to have some vocabulary cards printed up for our second grade teachers and within 2 days they arrived at our school! I was so impressed with the quick completion of our request! Thank you so much Ernesto!


    - Kimberly Buskirk, Aurora Elementary Administrative Assistant

  • Quyana to John Darrah at Grounds Department

    The staff at Bayshore Elementary want to thank John Darrah, our groundskeeper, for keeping our campus looking great!  We appreciate all the extra attention he gives to keeping our grass looking great and our trees and bushes trimmed.  We appreciate all you do!

    - The entire staff at Bayshore!

  • Quyana to Ms. Starr at Alaska Native Cultural Charter School

    Quyana to Ms. Starr for Yupik Dancing (yurak) for her brain breaks. At first I would watch her class Yupik Dance. Eventually I started dancing along and what a spiritual healing. I get tingles every time. Today was boys vs. girls dance battle. How fun! Keep up the spiritual healing Ms. Starr!!!

    - Jennifer Tom, SpEd Clerical and TA

  • Quyana to James McDonald at Mears

    I would like to thank Mr. James McDonald for staying late after returning from a middle school basketball game to help my daughter and I try and find her phone.  He was so kind and helpful to us and I really appreciated it.  He is also an amazing basketball coach and the kids seem to really love the game!  Thank you Mr. McDonald! 

    - Kathy Tatakis, parent

  • Quyana to Jennifer Haldane at Labor/Benefits

    Jennifer is a strong, supportive leader!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed working for Jennifer in the Benefits Department.  She is always willing to listen to my recommendations and values my input.  We worked well as a team and together were able to quickly resolve problems that arose within the department.

    I greatly appreciate Jennifer's support and willingness to be available to her staff despite her busy schedule.  She encourages and recognizes her staff's value and makes a point to share that with them.

    I admire her strength and leadership!

    Thank you for all that you do!
     - Elizabeth Vollstedt, Co-worker

  • Quyana to Dee Parsons at Benefits Department

    Dee Parsons is fantastic!

    Working in the Benefits Department can often be stressful and that is never apparent when talking with Dee.  Dee is always cheerful and helpful and goes out of her way to provide excellent customer service at every opportunity!

    Dee is a huge asset to ASD.  She knows everything that there is to know about Benefits and her level of service to ASD employees is insurmountable!!

    Thank you for all that you do!

    - Elizabeth Vollstedt, Co-worker

  • Quyana to Sabra Peterson at Benefits Department

    Sabra can do ANYTHING!

    Sabra is one of the hardworking members of the Benefits Team and anytime I needed help with a project, Sabra was always there to provide me assistance!  She is the hidden gem in Benefits!  I appreciate Sabra's knowledge, experience and support and know that she can successfully accomplish any task that comes her way!

    Sabra--It was a great pleasure being able to work with you and I want you to know how appreciated you are!!

    Thank you for all that you do!

    - Elizabeth Vollstedt, Co-worker

  • Quyana to Nan Yoon at Benefits Department

    Nan Yoon is the Retirement Guru!

    Nan is such a fantastic, dedicated worker.  She is THE expert about all things retirement and will do whatever is in her power to assist employees and co-workers!

    I was privileged to be part of the Benefits Team with Nan and cannot express how much I appreciated all that she did for me, for the Team and for ASD!

    Nan is the best and that's a fact!

    Thank you for all that you do!

    - Elizabeth Vollstedt, Co-worker

  • Quyana to Julian Bertmaring at Information Technology

    Julian is a godsend to the Benefits Department!

    Over the years I have had the opportunity to work closely with Julian on Benefits/IT/Payroll interfaces.  He helped me learn to think outside of the box and realize that by changing my perspective that I am able to see so many other possibilities!

    Julian has never turned away my requests for help and more often than not has offered additional solutions that the Benefits Department had not even considered.  He is always conscious of how other projects and enhancements will impact the Benefits team and tries to mitigate that impact.

    I am very lucky to have worked with such a great co-worker.

    Thank you for all that you do!

    - Elizabeth Vollstedt, Co-worker

  • Quyana to Katie Rutledge at Payroll

    Katie is an outstanding asset to ASD!

    I had the privilege of working closely with Katie on a day to day basis and as team members on various joint Benefits/Payroll projects.  Katie's knowledge and expertise is unparalleled and it is amazing to see her in action!

    Additionally, Katie's compassion and willingness to help is evident to all who have the opportunity to interact with her.  I can not thank Katie enough for the support and guidance that she has provided me over the years!

    Thank you for all that you do!

    - Elizabeth Vollstedt, Peer

  • Quyana to Ernie Ting at Education Center Print Shop

    Over the past four years I have worked with Ernie on a variety of special communication projects; Open Enrollments, Vera Whole Health Clinic, Mobile Mammography, Flu Shot Clinics, Totem Conferences, etc. and I've also worked with Ernie on coordinating regular print jobs for the Benefits Department. 

    Every time I would submit a request to Ernie or ask for his input on a project, he was always willing to help and offer great advice!  Ernie does everything with a smile and I was always amazed at how quickly he would get my projects done! 

    Ernie always provides excellent customer service to his co-workers!

    Thank you for all that you do!


    - Elizabeth Vollstedt, Co-worker

  • Quyana to Carol Tucker at Ptarmigan Elementary

    I would like to give a huge thanks to Carol Tucker our Instructional Coach at Ptarmigan Elementary. We held our first Data Meetings of the year yesterday and I was impressed with her organizations skills along with her dedication to support our teachers and students as we meet the diverse needs of our school. She is truly making a positive impact on how we care for and educate all students!


    - Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Quyana to Lynn Roering at Transportation

    Lynn has gone above and beyond making sure that all of our bus requests are done correctly and in a timely manner. I always know we will be taken care of when Lynn is working. She knows how to do her job very well and I will be forever grateful that she finds a way to help me out no matter what the situation is! Thank you Lynn, you are very much appreciated here in the district :)


    - Paige Haider, ASD Employee

  • Quyana to Tsi-yaa Cuny at Romig Middle School

    Tsi-yaa has been a positive part of my daughter's school life and a positive influence on her as she goes through life's challenges. There is an understanding between them and that is what my daughter needs. Thank you for being there, Tsi-yaa, and for bringing sunshine to the school. Life is a little bit better for my daughter because you are there for her. You're the BEST!


    - Dora Mea, parent

  • Quyana to Sarah Hotchkiss at Human Resources

    Sarah is so responsive. She and the HR team have done a fantastic job of supporting the hiring process!


    - Chris Opitz, principal, Huffman Elementary

  • Quyana to Andrew and Roland at ASD Carpenters Shop

    There was such wonderful communication and service when working with the Carpentry Shop on a replacement part for an adaptive seating system, and the quality of the workmanship was amazing. Thank you so much.


    - Carol Samuelson, physical therapist for ASD

  • Quyana to Julie Ellison at Risk Management

    Julie worked hard to make it possible for ASD students to go on a special field trip to a Nike missile site!


    - Ivan Hodes, teacher

  • Quyana to Wendy Pondolfino at South High School

    We appreciate your strong leadership and vision for South Anchorage High School.  Thank you for your support and professionalism.

    - John Lewis, Rob G. Ken Colley, Annette Tilbury, Rick Stone, Staff

  • Quyana to Anchorage School District!

    I am in Colorado, because my wife is in the hospital. I want to thank the ASD for providing benefits that work. Our benefits are a lot better than school employees have in Colorado. Thank you ASD.


    - Danny Reynolds, Teacher Assistant

  • Quyana to Mary Andrus at Mears Middle School

    I would like to say thank you to Mary Andrus, Administrative Assistant at Mears Middle School, for always welcoming us with a warm smile and helpful disposition. I now have a third child attending Mears and I appreciate how dedicated she is to making things run smoothly at her school. She likely gets overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities she has in her role, but she never shows it. Thank you, Mary! You are doing a fabulous job!


    - Misti Maisey, Parent

  • Quyana to Caren Flaten and Julie Vincek at King Tech High

    This is a long overdue thank you to Caren Flaten and Julie Vincek at King Tech High! For many years Caren, and more recently Julie, have assisted me in my role as a counselor placing students into the programs that best meet their interests and needs. It's hard to convey with words just how talented and dedicated these two are. Thank you Caren and Julie, here's to a great year at King Tech High!


    - Sarah Lahn-Roberts, S.A.V.E. Counselor

  • Quyana to Jennifer Huvar at Service High School

    Jennifer participated in a behavior training 2 summers ago and created a powerpoint for teacher assistants. We are now using that powerpoint in our new to district TA training. Thank you Jennifer!!!

    - Anne Paley, SPED Coordinator

  • Quyana to Corrine Hewitt at HR Staffing and Operations

    Corrine was a great help to me as an Assistant Principal and is now an extremely valuable resource for me as a new Principal. She is helpful, kind, and understanding every time I've reached out to her-which is often! Her patience is unwavering throughout the numerous questions I've had. Thank you Corrine. You are greatly appreciated! Quyana!


    - Helena Batman, Peer

  • Quyana to Joy Chastagner at HR

    Joy is always amazing. She processes our HR changes quickly and efficiently! No matter the time of year she's always smiling and helpful.


    - Andrew Chlup, District Employee

  • Quyana to Katherine Jones at Information Technology

    Thank you to Katherine! She has a wealth of knowledge and has been an integral support to us at Mears while building our master schedule. I appreciate her quick response and her positive attitude. We always feel confident in her ability to assist us in our many technical challenges. She manages and juggles all the calls the entire district makes to her with ease. Thank you SO much for making our work so much smoother!


    - Michelle Keller, Counselor

  • Quyana to Jason Jno-Lewis at Information Technology

    Jason bailed me out of a tough "tech situation" once again today.  I honestly can't count the times he has helped the staff at our school or me personally with tech issues.  He provides this service with a smile on his face (you can even hear it through the  phone) and without even a hint of disdain when the issue turns out to be super simple or obvious.  Many thanks to him for all the tech guidance and rescues over the years.  :)


    - Laurie Fredrick, teacher

  • Quyana to Stefanie Alexander, Alyssa Logan, Paul McDonogh, Brandi Portie, Kristi Senden and Stephanie Thornton at Chugiak High School

    My utmost appreciation to all of you for making this a great school year for my son. Matthew always shares with me how his day went and what he learned in each class. Our conversations are enjoyable and informative and I'm grateful for everything you did to educate him so well. He has thoroughly enjoyed all of his classes and he absolutely loved being Ms. Thornton's student aide. Thank you all for a fantastic junior year; we appreciate you very much and hope you have a great summer!


    - Barbara Green, parent

  • Quyana to Heather Jones at Chinook Elementary

    Special THANKS to Heather Jones, Principal of Chinook Elementary! When one of the Dimond HS kilns went belly up during the first week of Summer Academy, I contacted Heather to see if we could use her kiln to bisque fire some of the ceramic work. She welcomed us with open arms and even worked us in around a class in her art room. Students in ASDSA walked their artwork over from Dimond and loaded them into the kiln - the firing went off wihtout a hitch, and Heather became our hero. Heather, your team spirit is clearly showing!


     - Mary Wilts, colleague

  • Quyana to Lindsay Fagrelius at Begich Middle School

    Thank you to Lindsay for bringing Begich students to help at Susitna's field day. The students were respectful, engaging, and helpful to our students on a rainy outside day. Thank you for sharing your great role models with us!


    - Diane Hoffbauer, Principal, Susitna Elementary

  • Quyana to Kristi Senden at Chugiak High School

    Quyana to the amazing and phenomenal Kristi Senden, for deftly coordinating and managing the German American Partnership Program (GAPP) trip to Germany for the students fortunate enough to go. There is so much work involved in setting up this type of event, from managing the hosting of the German exchange students, to handling every aspect of the trip to Germany for her students. Frau Senden's ability to strategically plan such an event is truly impressive. I feel so fortunate my son is able to go on this memorable, educational and culturally enriching trip. I extend my deepest appreciation to Frau Senden for everything she has done to make this trip possible, and for being such a great teacher. It amazes me how well my son is able to speak German, and I attribute that to her expertise in teaching German, along with how engaged she is with her students.


    - Barbara Green, parent

  • Quyana to Clarinda Vandegrift at Wendler Middle School-Special Education

    I am very grateful to Miss Clarinda Vandegrift for being such an amazing and dedicated teacher in Life skills Class. Her creative strategies, unwavering patience and persistence has encouraged my son to do very well and progress a lot academically. Miss V has high expectations of her students no matter where she meets them. She is generous to spend her own money to provide more and better materials for her students. Thank you for your amazing gift of teaching to the Life Skills class Miss V. We will always be grateful for the time.  


    - Maria Del Rosario, Parent

  • Quyana to Wendy Pryor at Ed Center, Custodial

    Wendy is absolutely amazing. She keeps the Ed Center looking spotless and her dedication is inspiring. Myself and coworkers talk about how amazing and thankful we are to have her at the Ed Center. She goes above and beyond time and time again. We see her outside cleaning the grounds, inside scrubbing off old tape or dirt, making sure all areas are spotless for employees as well as members of the community. She is meticulous with her work and we all appreciate her. On top of her tireless work she always greets you with a warm smile and greeting. The Ed Center is truly blessed to have her. Quyana Wendy for ALL your hard work! We truly appreciate you!


    - Meaghan Petrunic, peer

  • Quyana to Scott Kober at Kasuun Elementary

    For 14 years, Mr. Kober has directed and produced a school play for Kasuun Elementary. He spends nearly every day after school for almost 2 months working with students for a school play. It exposes Kasuun's students to children's theater at an early age and in the case of my two boys, it sparks an interest in theater. Thank you Mr. Kober for sharing your passion of acting with Kasuun Elementary!


    - Candice Powers, Parent

  • Quyana to Sandie Nelson and Robyn Davis at Northwood ABC Elementary School

    These two front office staff members always ensure teachers and support staff have all the resources necessary to be successful. Their warm greetings in the morning to students, staff, and parents makes the Northwood community feel like a family.


    - Kevin Harris, Teacher

  • Quyana to Katherine Clawson at Professional Learning

    Our PEAKS District Test Coordinator, Kathy Clawson, is INCREDIBLE!!! She was very knowledgeable and responsive to answer questions and resolve issues immediately during PEAKS testing. She is skilled in educating Building Test Coordinators by offering several trainings and even one-on-one refreshers to ensure we follow procedures. Kathy impressed me with her attention to detail and ability to juggle inquiries from all the Building Test Coordinators across our district. But what I appreciate the most is her calm, approachable demeanor as she always took the time to reteach me step-by-step, even when the answer was right under my nose!


    Thank you for appointing Kathy as our test coordinator! I look forward to working with her for all our testing needs.


    - Joyce Sperry, Counselor, PEAKS Building Test Coordinator

  • Quyana to Shawnee Vanderpool at Susitna Elementary

    Shawnee has repeatedly offered exceptional music opportunities for our students. She is organized and creative, and she encourages students to take risks and support each other. Thank you, Shawnee!


    - D. Hoffbauer, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Nicole Lamb at Denali Montessori

    Nicole has helped my child to realize her full potential without judging and setting her up for failure. Nicole has established such an environment in the classroom that my child runs to school everyday, happy to be there to discover what new things she will learn that day. I applaud Nicole and her assistants for making my child's kindergarten year a real pleasure. Nicole, much success in your future endeavors!


    - Ciesta Williams, parent

  • Quyana to Shawnee Vanderpool at Susitna Elementary

    Shawnee has repeatedly offered exceptional music opportunities for our students. She is organized and creative, and she encourages students to take risks and support each other.  Thank you, Shawnee!


    - D. Hoffbauer, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Troy Christenson at South Anchorage High School

    Mr. Christenson is truly an exceptional teacher. When my daughter talks about school and her current classes, he is always at the top of her ?story? for the day. She loves the way he engages his students in learning, how he listens to them and adjusts according to their needs, how he encourages civic discussions, and how he respects each of them. While the workload in AP US History is not for the faint of heart, his teaching has provided them with a solid basis for success.


     - Marie Ochadleus, Parent

  • Quyana to Saundra Senior at ASD Online

    Ms. Senior goes above and beyond the call of duty to help my son with his online math class! She is always available to answer questions and her patience is limitless. The math is challenging, but my son enjoys it because of Ms. Senior.


    - Eric Elliott, parent

  • Quyana to Barbara Williams at Kasuun Elementary School

    2nd Grade Teacher Barb Williams went the extra mile to support her student who is away from class for the end of the school year. Each student (and Barb herself) created cutouts of themselves as a way to show the student that the whole class is with him and supporting him during his absence. The gift, delivered by School Counselor Kim Duke, boosted this student's progress and he was so very pleased and excited.


    - Janice Banta, CSF Transition Counselor

  • Quyana to Assistant Principal Bennetta Orchitt at Romig Middle School

    Miss Orchitt is such a pleasant and unassuming educator. I met her in the school lobby while dropping off my daughter's class project tri-fold. On her way to the next class, my daughter, with her arms full of bulky books, folders, and the tri-fold was helped by Miss Orchitt. Miss Orchitt helped carry some of her things. Talk about lending a helping hand! Quyana to you, Miss Orchitt for the big and small things you do for the students.

     - Krista David, Parent

  • Quyana to CARRIE CHRISTENSON at Frontier

    Carrie Christenson is an ASD person who "get's it." Education of students is the reason ASD exists. Student focused, education supportive. As a taxpayer, I'm pleased that she is in ASD.


    - Rchard Poage, Parent

  • Quyana to Jahna Pollock and Staff at Bowman Elementary

    Mrs. Pollock and her incredible support staff cannot be thanked enough for allowing us to work along side them for the majority of the 2017 school year.  Their dedication to the classroom and students was truly inspiring to witness. Everyone's tireless efforts helped ensure the students' growth, achievement and ability to function as independently as possible. In addition, a special thank you to Principal Freeman and the administrative staff at Bowman, for working so openly with us.


    - A Perfect Fit AK

  • Quyana to Virginia Wade and Krystal Price at Mount Spurr Elementary

    A very big thank you to Mrs Wade and Mrs Price for being so hospitable to our staff members who had the great opportunity to work alongside them both. Their classes were an absolute joy to be a part of. Thank you, also, to Principal Schildbach, and the Mount Spurr Elementary staff, for all of your help this school year. Both women went above and beyond, every day, to meet the needs of each of their students.


     - A Perfect Fit AK

  • Quyana to Barb Patterson at Eagle Academy Charter School!


    Ms. Patterson, you are the person behind the scenes. Your dedication to your job is amazing. I know that most, including myself, have no idea what all you tackle on a day to day basis and I want to thank you for EVERYTHING, seen and unseen. You are on it, from keeping the hall tiles dry, opening car doors and greeting children as they arrive, grading papers, helping kids understand better the material that is being taught, holding baby chicks to warm them up and giving volunteers tasks to help the class out, to name only a few. I know there are many, many more things you do daily that go unnoticed, but believe me when I say I appreciate YOU so, so much.


    - Barb Krafft, parent

  • Quyana to Mr. Kottre and Ms. Kairaiuak at Alaska Native Cultural Charter School!

    I want to say a HUGE thank you to Mr. Kottre and Ms. K. for all that they do for the kids every day. They not only work hard in the classroom, but they do so much to orchestrate big things like the 5th and 6th grade camp.  As a chaperone, I did a small part and it made me really thankful that they were there. 


    They're truly extraordinary teachers who really care about our kids.


     - Millie Taylor, Parent

  • Quyana to Hanshew Staff at Hanshew

    Thank you for honoring and recognizing the hard work your students and families put in to achieve academic excellence. We appreciated our pancake breakfast that the staff all chipped in to make and serve!


    - Jennifer Witter, parent

  • Quyana to Don Roberts at ACT

    Don Roberts is a great Teacher. He loves and respects his students and staff who work with him. He is dedicated to his job and has a positive attitude that rubs off on the students and staff. It has been a pleasure to work for him.


    - Becky Buzzell, co-worker

  • Quyana to Tarna Armstrong at East High School

    Ms. Armstrong is an amazing collaborator and has the best interest of my daughter in mind! As my daughter's advisory teacher, we are so grateful to be able to work with Ms. Armstrong  all four years. We so appreciate your help and your follow through. Thank you, Thank you!


    - Gretchen Malone, Parent

  • Quyana to Shari Seltzer at Ptarmigan Elementary Special Ed

    Shari is a valuable asset to the special education department at Ptarmigan. She is very efficient, works hard, and is a pleasure to work with. Her job is not easy. Besides the paperwork, Shari has the difficult job of scheduling and rescheduling all the SpEd meetings. She often has to make numerous calls in order to contact parents and then frequently has to reschedule if the meeting is cancelled. She perseveres in a difficult job and does it with excellence. She is very much appreciated!


    -Sandy Traini, Peer


  • Quyana to Lisa Healow at South Anchorage High School

    Lisa recently navigated Anchorage's first ever AP Research class through complex and authentic research, supported by College Board training. Her passion for students, and making sure they are ready for the rigor of college research expectations, gave students structure and a kind and compassionate mentor. She did exceptional work in this ground-breaking program, for and with her exceptional students.


    - Larissa Wright-Elson, colleague

  • Quyana to Katherine Clawson at Assessment

    A big kudos to Kathy Clawson for her excellent work as district test coordinator. In my experience, Kathy is thorough, knowledgeable, detail oriented and responsive to our building needs during the state assessments each year that I have had the pleasure of working with her. Kathy does a phenomenal job of training principals and site coordinators so we are able to carry out the testing in a professional manner in our individual sites as well as the district as a whole. Thank you for your early mornings and late nights preparing for and during the lengthy assessment window.


    - Heidi Packer, Principal

  • Quyana to Jose Pabon at BVI

    It has been a pleasure to have "Mr. Jose" working in our building over  the past two years. Jose enters with a smile on his face and a positive attitude every time he is at Bayshore. He is truly a delight to be around. He modifies curriculum and accommodates to meet the needs of our students, supporting the classroom and resource teachers. Thank you Mr. Jose for your work to move the needle for students.


    - Heidi Packer, Principal

  • Quyana to Deb Greene at STEM - Science

    Our class would like to thank Ms. Greene for her wonderful support in our science lessons. The students were engaged, love learning and can't wait to see her again!


    - Marilyn Doore, 6th Grade Teacher

  • Quyana to Maria Clyde at Abbott Loop Elementary School

    I just wanted to say that Maria is great at doing her job as Family Coordinator. She works perfectly with families. She helped me a lot -- and I mean a lot -- through the whole year. She is GREAT! Just wanted to say a short word about Maria Clyde and hope that she continues her loving help to all families. Thank You :)


    - Venus D, Fuavai, Volunteer Parent

  • Quyana to Mischell Anderson, Brian Yim, Tamara Higgins, Jeff Keller, Brett Roth, Natalia Sears, and Peter Mandel at Dimond High School

    I just wanted to send a note of thanks to my son's teachers and counselor. We have had some very stressful times over the past few months and had to leave the state causing my son to miss school. I am very grateful to all of his teachers and his counselor that helped him to stay on track with his school work. Thank you all so much for truly caring about my son and allowing him to focus on what he needed to while he was gone.


    - Katherine Tatakis, Parent

  • Quyana to Rosa Luhrs at Wendler Middle School

    I would like to thank Rosa Luhrs for helping my niece at school. I am very grateful for everything that you have done for her.


     - Rachel Jimmy, Aunt

  • Quyana to Veronica Kaganak at Alaska Native Cultural Charter School

    I would like to recognize Mrs. Kaganak for her dedication, hard work and leadership at ANCCS. Her passion for teaching is remarkable and she makes sure she goes out of her way to help her students succeed. She works hard both in and out of the classroom and makes sure to bring the Alaskan Native Culture to each and every one of her students. Thank you Mrs. Kaganak, your hard work does not go unrecognized. We appreciate everything you do for ANCCS.

    - Sally Casey, Parent

  • Quyana to Amy Vail & Kelly McNaughton at Secondary Education

    Amy and Kelly work tirelessly to train and support secondary office staff through lottery season. They are always cheerful and gracious and I appreciate their perfectly positive personalities. Especially now, at the height of the first lottery for next year, I wanted to take a moment and recognize them.


    - Sylvia Biondich, colleague

  • Quyana to Roxane Brown at Reliant Transportation

    This morning a huge bull moose was browsing close to the bike path where students enter Mears. Thankfully Roxane showed up out of the blue just to check on things. She then drove over to the drop point in the neighborhood to warn parents to drive around. Thanks for all you do Roxane!


    - Jennifer, Security Specialist

  • Quyana to Doug Weimann at Kasuun Elementary

    Through Camp Internet Extreme, Mr. Weimann provides a safe haven for kiddos who often feel they live in a world where they don't fit in.  I appreciate the time and energy Mr. Weimann invests to create an environment where being quirky isn't just okay, but is honored and appreciated. For all that you do...THANK YOU!


    - Sharyl Steiding, Teacher & Auntie

  • Quyana to Aspasija Strezoski at Abbott Loop Elementary


    Quyana to Aspasija Strezoski, our cafeteria manager. Aspasija is a dedicated staff and an awesome staff member, who is caring and professional. She is kind both to students and her colleagues. She will be sadly missed by both students and staff at Abbott Loop Elementary. Aspasija's last day at Abbott Loop is March 23, 2018. We wish her well and success at her new work environment.


    - Hamimah Bjorkman, colleague

  • Quyana to Stacy Miller and Kristina Gwynn-Dobler at ASD ischool!

    Quyana to these wonderful ladies at ASD ischool for exceptional teachers and leaders! Every time I have had a question about the iSchool procedures and processes, I was met with a prompt response that was professional, patient, kind, and supportive! I appreciate Stacy and Kristina for all of their hard work and dedication to make online learning a possibility for our students. The West High School students have experienced great academic success due to our counselors and the iSchool team working cohesively!


    - Lakhita Hodge, AP

  • Quyana to Debbie Svendsen and Ben Richardson at Trailside

    Thank you to entire staff and faculty of Trailside Elementary with special recognition to Debbie Svendsen and Ben Richardson for hosting an epic Math and Science Night on March 8! The number of community resources and volunteers that were tapped to provide a truly memorable evening for our kids was amazing. The love and dedication that every staff member put into this event should be commended. This was certainly a high impact event! Quyana!


    - Paige Petr, parent

  • Quyana to Johanna Utterback, Brooke Hesse, Michelle Yoon, April Christianson, Judy Friar, Brian Walker, and Chris Brehmer at West High School Counseling

    Quyana to the West Anchorage High School counselors for doing an amazing job supporting students and staff this school year! They have gone above and beyond scheduling classes, spearheading presentations for our Senior Seminar Series, Hosting workshops for FAFSA, College Readiness & Searches, and Financial Aid just to name a few. I really appreciate them and our students are flourishing because of their altruism and attention to detail!


    - Lakhita Hodge, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Robert Tejada at Willow Crest


    Thank you to Robert Tejada for bringing the best and working hard every day! He always meets the expectations of keeping our building clean and orderly. Besides doing his job as custodian, he goes above and beyond. He volunteered transporting the Willow Crest basketball players to another school during the basketball tournament on the weekend. He also donates snacks for the players. He is friendly and he knows most of our students' names and encourages them to get work done and to participate in sports. Truly Willow Crest is lucky to have him.


    - Nancy Garcia, Peer

  • Quyana to Katie Croft at Airport Heights

    Thank you Katie for energizing student learning at Airport Heights. Your tireless efforts and dedication to "Exploration" class have made a huge difference for our kids and the school. From gardening to coding to Science Fair and much, much more... Airport Heights is a better place because of you.


    - Michael Webb, Principal

  • Quyana to Leslie Hannam at Airport Heights

    Thank you Mrs. Hannam for bringing 21st Century Learning to life at Airport Heights. Our library has truly been transformed into a multimedia center and meets the needs of students at many levels. Students have access to coding, maker space activities, homework help, and of course BOOKS! The Airport Heights library is a great place to hang out and learn thanks to you.


    - Michael Webb, Principal

  • Quyana to Michael Guintu at Benny Benson Secondary School

    Michael is Benny Benson's new BPO. I can't tell you what an amazing addition to our school he has been. Our alternative school has amazing students that many times need extra positive attention and good role models. Michael fits this role perfectly. He keeps our school in tip top shape. He stands by the door and greets students every morning. He spends lunch time with our students engaging with them in positive healthy interactions. He knows most of our students names and is always encouraging them to get work done and to participate in classes. He always volunteers for school activities like our Thanksgiving Feast or delivering ice cream to our classrooms with great attendance. Michael goes above and beyond his job duties to make Benny Benson a welcoming, safe, clean and wonderful place for our students to learn. Thank you for all you do for our students, Michael, you are amazing.


    - Maria Hernandez, Student Wellness Advocate - Project AWARE

  • Quyana to Mr. Keith Miller at 21st Century Program

    I wanted to thank Mr. Miller and his program for being a source of enrichment in my kids' life. Thank you for always being kind and understanding.


    - Stacie Khan, Parent

  • Quyana to Ava at Willow Crest

    Ava is greatly appreciated. She went out of her way to make sure my kids were safe in the school.


    - Stacie Khan, Parent

  • Quyana to Mrs. Oliver at Willow Crest Elementary

    Mrs. Oliver is a kind, patient, and understanding teacher. A truly rare gem. I really miss her. I hope my kids get to be her student next year.


    - Stacie Khan, Parent

  • Quyana to Ernesto Ting at Publication Services

    A huge thank you to Mr. Ting for printing all of the Olympic READ posters. Every time I came back with a new request he was super efficient and helpful. The posters were amazing and helped libraries all over the district help support reading and our Alaskan Olympians!


    - Wendy Leseman, parent

  • Quyana to Elizabeth Odell at Hanshew

    Elizabeth Odell is a great example of a teacher that tries to reach all of her kids! She is excited about teaching her students to learn. I always hear new things she is doing and new activities. She is teaching students to be life-long learners! Love you Liz!


    - Leah Zumwalt, Teacher

  • Quyana to Megan Gatlin at Anchorage STrEaM Academy

    Megan Gatlin goes above and beyond in her dedication to the staff, and current and future students of Anchorage STrEaM Academy. From the start she has invigorated and supported the teaching staff with amazing ideas and suggestions. This past quarter she has reached out, with current STrEaM students, to local elementary students to invite them to attend. Her positive attitude and desire to teach make her a shining star in the ASD galaxy!


    - Sylvia Biondich, peer

  • Quyana to Megan Gatlin at STrEaM Academy

    Mrs. Gatlin is the Project Coordinator and serves on the APC for STrEaM Academy. Her efforts bring our mission and vision to reality. Recently Mrs. Gatlin has coordinated school tours and brought groups of STrEaM students to local elementary schools to present to prospective students about our program.


    - Adam Mokelke, principal

  • Quyana to Andrew Schweisthal and Melissa Ingram at Chugiak Elementary PE

    Thank you for going  above and beyond and giving up planning time to spend time and help out with some of our kids who benefit from a "break" and spending one on one time with adults.


    - Beth Senchantixay, teacher

  • Quyana to Nate Normandin at Dimond High School

    Thank you to Nate for being an amazing role model for our teenagers to stay active with running and xc-skiing and to make healthy choices that will stay with them through their adult lives! He encourages and supports all of his athletes as a coach.


    - Jennifer Latva-Kiskola, parent

  • Quyana to Kathy Rowe at Wendler Middle School

    Thank you Kathy Rowe! You surpass all expectations when it comes to helping students in need. We greatly appreciate the extra time and energy that you expend! It does not go unnoticed and surely our school is better because of it. You rock!


    - Kristi Bryers, Colleague

  • Quyana to Howard Mozen at Begich Middle School

    Whether it's a student, a colleague, or a friend, Mr. Mozen is the biggest champion of them all. His patience is extraordinary, his kindness is genuine, and his joy of life is infectious. I'm so honored to have had him as a mentor, as a colleague, and now as a friend.


    - Teeka Ballas, peer

  • Quyana to Madison Rosser at Begich Middle Langauge Arts

    Ms. Rosser goes above and beyond for her students and co-workers. Her upbeat attitude is infectious and her "love what must be done" has inspired many of her students. You won't find more of a team player.


    - Tricia Windowmaker, teacher

  • Quyana to Jeffrey Shepherd at Eagle Academy

    Jeffrey, THANK YOU! You have been a key player in James' success with multiplication and division. Thank you for including me, his mom, in being involved in his learning. I believe that checking and monitoring his homework is a key to him succeeding and me knowing exactly what is going on in class. Thank you again for all your encouragement this year and getting him theough this math transition.


    - Barb Krafft, Parent

  • Quyana to Beth Vongemmingen, MA,LADC,LPCC at Government Hill / Orion!

    Ms. Beth has been, not only an amazing resource and support for my family, but she has encouraged me for the last 6 months. Her guidance and input have been invaluable. I appreciate her and the job she is doing!


    - Mariajose Stewart, Parent

  • Quyana to David Doering at Maintenance

    A heartfelt thank you to David for his timely and professional service yesterday. When my chemistry classroom reached 78 degrees, the environment was not conducive to learning. David responded immediately, made appropriate changes to help cool the room immediately and fixed the problem in a timely manner - all while being incredibly respectful of the instruction that was occurring in the meantime! He worked to not disrupt the classroom environment, and followed up on additional testing when the classroom was empty. Today we are all in the lab, and comfortable!


    - Lea Bouton, Teacher

  • Quyana to Carol Cyr at Alpenglow Elementary

    Mrs. Cyr has stepped in to support our school in a time of need. She has given her best daily to students, parents, and faculty and by her presence she has assured that Alpenglow continued to "GLOW." Thank you for the incredible job well done!


    - Alpenglow Staff

  • Quyana to Sheri Ymbert at Creekside Park Elementary

    Sheri presented at the Alaska Statewide Special Education Conference (ASSEC) and rocked it! I am so proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone to share her behavior tracking system with educators all over the state.


    - Kari Pool, Special Education Department Chair

  • Quyana to Beverly Hardesty, Jamie Wolfe and Laurel Olsen-Piscoya at Taku Elementary

    A big thank you goes to Beverly Hardesty, Jamie Wolfe, and Laurel Olsen-Piscoya of Taku Elementary. They volunteered numerous hours organizing our 100 days of school celebration. This school-wide event had all of our students engaged in various learning stations and having a wonderful time.


    - Kelly Ramey, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Audrey Drew and the Ed Tech team at Ed Tech

    Our ASD Ed Tech department is AMAZING! If I call in they coach me over the phone. They come in and fix equipment that is broken and promptly get it up and running so I can teach and my students can learn with technology. Recently Audrey Drew came in and taught all my second graders how to access their google doc accounts and how to word process a poem complete with images. The kids so impressed me the following week with remembering how to log in and access their folder and document.

    Ed Tech Team thank you so much for empowering all of us!


    - Gretchen Hopkins, Teacher

  • Quyana to Collin Hawkins at Operations

    Thank you Collin for serving as Bayshore Elementary sub BPO for the past semester. Your skill set, institutional knowledge and humor made you loved, appreciated and admired by all. You will be greatly missed.


    - Heidi Packer, Principal

  • Quyana to Kris Hinrichsen at Chinook Elementary Open Optional

    Mr. Kris is an outstanding teacher. He has the skill to discipline, build shy children's confidence, to learn, and the children love him as their teacher. He was at his student's memorial service at chinook in the evening to support the family and spoke very professionally to channel 2 news who covered the event. Kris goes the extra mile as an educator. Quyana to Mr. Kris!


    - Roger A. Monson, Parent

  • Quyana to Joey Kottre at Alaska Native Cultural Charter School!

    We wanted to thank our awesome teacher for being so amazing. He is funny, creative, nice, and helping. He makes class light up with excitement, and he is so fun. He really cares about his class, and is very caring. Other students coming into the 6th grade would be very lucky to have him as their teacher. This past year has been one of our best years and are very happy to have been in Mr. Kottre's class. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    - Jelise Walker and Sasha Jones, Student

  • Quyana to Col. Rick Strickland and SMSgt. Jeffery Ullom at West High School


    I can not say enough positive things about these two gentelmen and the program that they run. My daughter entered their program as a painfully shy freshman. They have created a supportive learning environment that allows kids like my daughter to feel like they can step out of their comfort zone and try new things. My daughter has not only become an active participant and leader in the JROTC program, but she's carrying that confidence over to her other classes. These men go over and above to look out for their cadets and I am eternally grateful for their dedication to their students and their program. Outstanding!


    - Laurie Rodgers, parent

  • Quyana to Tammy Bailey at Mountain View Elementary


    As our new school nurse Tammy has gone above and beyond to support classroom teachers, school staff, families, and students in a plethora of ways.  Her compassion, supportiveness, and professionalism are exemplary and I feel fortunate to work with such an amazing person! :-)


    - Elliot Stiassny, Special Education Teacher

  • Quyana to Carol Tucker, Allison Showers-Chlup, Tanya Young, Kathy Everett and Bobbi Lafferty at Instructional Coaching


    This school year as been a year of growth and change! These professionals have collaborated to provide incredible support and knowledge to all of the Instructional Coaches. Their positive attitudes, willingness to adapt and expert knowledge needs to be recognized and praised. I am a better coach because of this team.


    - Jennifer Blome, Instructional Coach, Russian Jack Elementary

  • Quyana to Jill Hess at Child in Transition!


    Jill (and the CIT team) have worked and supported our school, students, and families during more challenging times.  She has been flexible, kind, and supportive when connecting families with additional resources and to the services that CIT provides for families in our community.


    - Elliot Stiassny, Special Education Teacher

  • Quyana to Martin Lang at Eagle River High School

    Leads staff to create an appropriate learning environment at the school which is greatly appreciated.


    - Richard Poage, Parent

  • Quyana to Marilyn Otero at Bartlett High School

    Just wanted to take a moment to thank Marilyn Otero for displaying outstanding customer service skills while doing her job as an Activity Clerk and Cheerleader Coach at Bartlett High School. As I watch and listen to how Marilyn interacts with students and families I'm amazed how she's always able to overcome any obstacle thrown her way. Her knowledge of state and ASD policies related to sports/activities helps keep us in compliance with the Alaska School Activities Association. She provides first contact with families wanting to get information about sports/activities/clubs at Bartlett, and is always willing to help our families navigate eligibility paperwork, and registration requirements. Former students return to share their thanks and appreciation for all that she has done for them. Thank you for setting a great example.


    - Ron Brown, activity principal

  • Quyana to Brody Ward at ED Tech

    Brody came before school on the day of our MAP testing and got 60 chrome books going again after a failure the day before. He had us up and running in about 30 minutes!


    - Beth Calabro, teacher

  • Quyana to Tammy Stewart & Lisa Horstmann at Dimond High School

    As the Administrative Assistant at Dimond High, I'm not often out sick. I was so sick at 2:30am yesterday, I knew that I couldn't make it in. When last checking on teacher absences and there were only a few subs coming in. Our FDCC, Tammy Stewart, is my back up as well as covering her own job. It looked like an easy day for Tammy... then the Avalanche hit, literally for Tammy and Lisa Horstmann, our Attendance Secretary. The rock slide in Girdwood delayed another 4 teachers arrival. Some may not realize when 1 teacher is out, without a sub, that becomes 5 additional periods for staff cover. The Girdwood rock slide delayed 4 teachers and without subs available, equals 20 additional periods for other teachers to step in and cover. That is quite the job to coordinate from the AA's office. Tammy, Lisa, Maria, and 16 Dimond Teachers stood in the gap yesterday. 


    A huge QUYANA to the front office ladies as Tammy and Lisa covered my job and Maria Picon-Gomez, reception, had to cover her job and Lisa's. They stepped up to the plate and hit a home run to cover all the bases needed to keep the teacher's supported and front office running smoothly. That is quite the team and I appreciate their efforts and support. Dimond Clerical and Teachers are GOLDEN! 


    - Denise DeVille, administrative assistant

  • Quyana to Stacy Miller at iSchool

    What can I say about Mrs. Miller who runs my son's English class in iSchool? I'll start by affirming that she always goes above and beyond no matter how many emails I sent her. Switching a student from any learning situation where they can sit in the back of a classrooom or just "get by" to iSchool is a wake-up call. Time management, due-dates, and class work require a higher level of attention to detail. Comprehension, structure knowledge, and understanding of Literary English is one thing, but putting all that into writing, or an essay, is a whole different animal. Mrs. Miller ensured that we always had the tools we needed to grow in English. She wasn't teaching our son what was needed to pass this semester, she was teaching him the skills and knowledge of English and writing he is going to need in college. She held him to a high standard yet proved time and time again that she was a skilled educator by the way she corrected mistakes and guided him to higher education. My son has stated that "I've learned more about writing and English this semester than the last few years of school." That statement is all that's needed to express the thanks we have for Mrs. Stacy Miller.


    - Michael Waszak, parent

  • Quyana to South Anchorage High School Show Choir, Swing Choir, and Jazz Band at South Anchorage High School Music Department

    I would like to give a big thanks to the South Anchorage High School Jazz Band, Swing Choir, and Show Choir for putting our school into the holiday spirit by holding a wonderful performance at Taku Elementary. Several students shared with their teachers how amazing and talented they were. Thanks for spreading holiday cheer!


    - Kelly Ramey, principal

  • Quyana to Angie Jensen at Lake Hood!

    Miss Angie goes out of her way daily to make a connection with all of the students at Lake Hood. She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the students at our school and is a positive role model for students and staff. She is an awe-inspiring counselor.


    - Lisa Hanson, peer

  • Quyana to Janel Walton at Bartlett High School!

    A friend and I attended the opening night performance of Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde and found the production to be spectacular. The hard work and talent displayed by the staff and students was evident in this phenomenal night of theater. Please extend my gratitude to Janel Walton, the students, and everyone involved in offering this opportunity to Anchorage. I continue to enjoy the valuable contribution high schools make to the arts, and I am inspired by your dedication.


    - Antavia "Tavie" Hamilton-Ochs, Only Love

  • Quyana to Joyce Webster and Thornton Stanley at Operations

    I really like how Joyce Webster and Thornton Stanley have opened up an ongoing dialogue in taking care of our department's custodial needs. Because events occur late at night when the IT team is not present, they are very professional in letting us know about events we might not otherwise know about. It makes my day job much easier. I really appreciate that. And I really appreciate their kindness. 


    - Heather Hutchinson, peer

  • Quyana to Ginger Moser at ASD Ed Center, in Human Resources!

    I am happy to have had the chance to work with ASD and one person made my last few days of retirement easy even though I was leaving ASD.  A few days before I was to retire I had surgery.  She offered to take care me in her home while she was working.  Now I know why they call this department Human Resources as she went above and beyond like a family member. 


    - Lola Long, Peer

  • Quyana to Drea Whiteside-Ferrell at ANCCS Cafeteria!

    We are SO Fortunate to have Drea working with our staff and students.  She has an incredible ability to connect with kids and let them know that she is an adult who cares about each child individually.  She sets up Chess and plays with kids who have finished lunch, she makes AMAZING works of art and decorates the cafeteria with them, allowing classes or kids to earn them.  She has a huge presence and makes the cafeteria a happy and fun place.


    - Staff and Students, ANCCS